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  1. gabbu9

    gabbu9 New Member

    One of the most memorable moments from Razer has to be Project Valerie. It was so cool seeing a triple monitor laptop. Razer always pushes the bounds when it comes to creative and useful products.
  2. first razer gear was a gear was a 2015 razer blade. My laptop recently broke and I decided I might as well get something I heard was good.
  3. Briar Navia_no_id

    Briar Navia_no_id New Member

    Congrats Razer for 500k Fans and Ive never been owened a Razer product coz i can't just afford one because i love in the philippines and here in my country life is hard specially if you have a big family and unemployed parents, so too much talk about my life, an i wanna be honest and not act like I own a Razer product and put a fake comment but I am a huge fan of your work and hope that 1 million fans will come fast and have a great day...
  4. I could never afford a razor laptop however i did buy a mouse and keyboard once but one of my friends did and i went round to his house and played csgo on it on steam and have always wanted one since
  5. jrbaez01_no_id

    jrbaez01_no_id New Member

    My greatest Razer memory is yet to come, the day I unbox that great laptop of yours.

  6. My first Razer experience was with the Blackwidow Chroma. I remember being in complete awe that a keyboard's backlights could be any color other than a white. Razer was actually my first gaming gear as well, so it was truly an eye-opener when I got ahold of the keyboard. I've used it for two years now and have loved it every day I've had it. I now have the Razer edition NZXT H440 and the Mamba TE as well, which are all amazing in their own ways.

    Thank you for your hard work, dev team. And thanks for the opportunity!
  7. dripandrip

    dripandrip New Member

    My greatest razer memory..well I'm the proud owner of (unfortunately just) one razer product, the razer tiamat 2.2 headset. I've had the headset for about a year now and it has served me very well in that time. My best razer memory is when I bought that headset. I found it at my local goodwill in a box next to the register (I think it was there to get placed in the glass display case). The sticker has the date that the price label was created. Label was printed the day I found it and it was $9.99. I was so excited when I saw the price on it, I was expecting it to cost something like $40+ (my goodwill price gouges now that it's become a popular place to shop). I inspected the headset visually to make sure the cable wasn't damaged and the plastic as well. I didn't notice the mic until after noticing the cable had 2 3.5mm connectors. Checked the mic out and it looked fine. The headset was very clean, it honestly looked brand new aside from some very minor scruff on the plastic that I honestly think happened at goodwill. The ear cushions were pristine, it looks used now that I've used it daily for about a year though it isn't damaged aside from the cushions being worn. After inspecting the headset visually I plugged it into my phone to see if the audio was okay. And it sounded GREAT! I listened to a couple songs using it while I looked around the rest of the store. I didn't find anything else that was worth buying for the price so I bought that and headed home to test if the mic worked.

    I got on the computer and started up League of Legends. Got in q with my friends when they finished their game. I went into their discord and started saying mic check. They didn't reply to me so I was like ah the mic doesn't work. But after a couple minutes I realized there was a mic mute/unmute switch on the cable. I flipped the switch and they heard me no problems. They said my voice sounded clear too. I was extremely happy with my purchase after finding out the mic worked as well. And we played league until late night/early morning (stopped at around 3, 4 am).

    Finding that headset was great for me. Before that I had been using a really lame headset that had a mic that was hard to understand. The audio quality was very poor. It would get tangled in my hair so taking it off was unpleasant. Night and day improvement for me. Without a doubt, that was my second favorite purchase at goodwill. In case you read this far and are wondering what my favorite purchase was: a white Members Only jacket from the 80s. And it was the same size as the one I had! Costed $8.99. I love Members Only jackets. I found my fathers Members Only jacket in middle school and I tried it on and just loved the way it looked (a tad big at the time but I've grown to where it has a very nice fit on me now). I asked my dad what this jacket was, he told me he got it in college and it was very popular at the time. Asked him if I could have it he gave me a big no...asked if I could borrow it and he gave me an okay...I'm still borrowing that jacket ~10 years later :D

    Sorry I got on a tangent there. I love my razer tiamat and my members only jackets. The tiamat has been great to me this past year and it was $10 very well spent. I am looking to save up for the kraken with my zsilver so I can have the tiamat as a backup or pass it on to a friend in need of a headset.

    Thank you @kajira , @Lafar , @njbmartin , @Destrok , @Vaypron , @Firebat246 and @Razer|Gwynbleidd . And Razer and the developers that made Razer Insider happen.
  8. Skitteryscrat_no_id

    Skitteryscrat_no_id New Member

    My greatest moment with a Razor product was with a kraken pro headset, I've tried many headphones but none really fit me and gave me such pristine sound quality to rock out to and put me one step ahead of my opponents.
  9. rhynnyn

    rhynnyn New Member

    My first Razer product was Razer Naga Hex, I bought it specifically for Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft. And that was during my schooling days. Now that I am already working, my collection of Razer gears have been growing real big. I have 2 Razer Naga Hex, 3 types of Razer Hammerhead, 2 Razer Leviathan mini, 1 Razer Sabertooth, 1 Razer Blackwidow and 1 Razer Blade 2013. Call me an addict!
  10. ParmeJohnson

    ParmeJohnson New Member

    I remember getting my Firefly and it really improved my gameplay (with my Mamba) because of how smooth and easy it made playing games.
  11. Pedeadstrian

    Pedeadstrian New Member

    My greatest Razer memory would naturally be my first Razer memory. During the Mountain Dew Game Fuel promotion for World of Warcraft there were various prizes, including Razer products. Naturally I didn't think I would win, but one day while playing Mega Man X8 on the computer I hear a knock on the door. I open it to find a package with my name on it. I didn't order anything recently so I was confused, but I open it anyway to find the Razer Carcharias. Naturally I plugged them in immediately, and I fell in love. Unfortunately I developed tinnitus the following year, and wearing a closed headset such as the Carcharias caused a good amount of pain, so I had to unfortunately retire it early. Now I keep it in my drawer and give a silent nod to it in memory of the short but sweet memories I had with it.
  12. The day I actually touched a Razer product!
  13. yoi55

    yoi55 New Member

    My best Razer memory is when I got my Razer Naga (yes, the original). I was really heavy into World of Warcraft, and it made playing SO much better. I would concentrate on the fight and the world instead of where the number 4 key is lol
  14. MTHusker

    MTHusker New Member

    I had lusted after Razer gear for a number of years before I finally could afford to pick up my first BlackWidow Chroma keyboard. Best keyboard I've ever used! I followed with a Firefly and DeathAdder Chroma. I hope to pick up a pair of headphones this year, and will continue dreaming of one day owning the mug!
  15. Sevoris

    Sevoris New Member

    Browsing the console games at Wal-Mart and my son seeing the same naga I use on the self with the computer accessories. We picked one up for him and he has been MMORPGing with the wife and I ever since. Three nagas now and we are all playing something other than Minecraft together. Hooray for allowing me to show my son how awesome gaming can be as well as how much more efficient the right amount of buttons in the right place can make gaming that much better.
  16. liquidfenixx

    liquidfenixx New Member

    My Razer Mamba TE got me my first pentakill in League of Legends.
  17. IRNinjaz

    IRNinjaz New Member

    I will never forget when my friend gave me her Razer Blackwidow keyboard. I spent the rest of the night just clicking on the keys because of how much I loved the clicky sound. It might drive some people crazy but I absolutely love it. :D It was the first Razer product I ever owned. ^-^
  18. TheJzoli

    TheJzoli New Member

    Got myself the Razer Naga 2014 edition 3 years ago. It was my first product from you, and it's still going strong!
    A quality mouse for sure :)
  19. fuzan1997

    fuzan1997 New Member

    Never own a Razer product....but i always go to Orange internet cafe to play Dota 2 and Overwatch...my performances playing using the Razer product(deathadder and blackwidow x ultimate) was better than using my own gears at my house....thanks for invent the powerful gears razer..
  20. zombies3210

    zombies3210 New Member

    It all started when I needed a new mouse and I found the Razer Naga. Not that long after I got it the mouse broke and I talked to support and they said they could help me out. All I had to do was send Razer my mouse. After I sent my mouse I got an email saying that they didn't have the Razer Naga in stock. However, they said that they are sending me a Razer Naga Epic Chroma. I was very surprised because I got mine for $50 and I got an upgrade for free and I have been using that mouse for a long time now and it is amazing. I also have gotten a few more Razer things... like 2 headphones a backpack and a keyboard. I swear i don't have a problem...

    send help I'm blind from all the lights
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