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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. My favorite moment was when I got my first razed mouse the death adder elite, and I played with it for the first time after using the mouse that came with my keyboard I bought, and man, that mouse felt and still feels amazing after using a mouse like that
  2. My first product was the Naga... I bought it to help me play wow. The thumb positioned buttons really upped my game. I really like using it on MOBA's as well. The led is coo too.
  3. It was on the 6th of March, this year. My Razer gear that i ordered, had just arrived. I only had time to look at the boxes, so I had to postpone the real unboxing until evening. Then evening came. I set my Blackwidow V2, my Mamba, the Firefly and also the Man'o War up. And it lit up. The buttons just as tactile and clicky, as I always wanted. The 7.1 sound kicked in. I never thought I would actually belong to a cult. But I did.
  4. EricX_no_id

    EricX_no_id New Member

    First time hear this brand was like in my junior high school. And i got my razer item which is Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard & Razer DiamondBack Mouse when i was enter an university. And i still enjoy using it and the cost is pretty cheap too.
  5. FadEDota

    FadEDota New Member

    The day i bought a 2nd hand blackwidow ultimate from my friend (2016), i spent all my hard earned money for the entire year, but i really want to play with no excuses because my dream is to play on the big stage. The first time i try to press the keyboard is so nice, until now im still using this 2014 blackwidow ultimate and its one of the best purchase (even though 2nd hand) i bought in my life (currently 17 turning 18) haha i always bleed green right from the start and will still be to the end. From dream to reality.

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  6. Ralph Y_no_id

    Ralph Y_no_id New Member

    It started with my very first Kraken Headset which I bought on my 24th birthday. Time do passed very fast but the love of Razer products is always still there! Sadly though, we're a victim of fire which most of my computer peripherals got burned:frown_:. I'm still saving up and slowly build/buy new Razer products from time to time. Winning a stealth could be a dream and blessing. Thank you Razer and more power!
  7. kokuryuha

    kokuryuha New Member

    If I had to pick anything, I would say it would be Razer AFK at the new Irvine office back after you first moved there. Between meeting staff that actually felt like a community instead of being lost in a corporate shuffle, and the Razer Blade Stealth reveal with the Core, it actually felt like a decently personable event. Definitely changed my perspective.
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  8. Baritonelord66

    Baritonelord66 New Member

    My best memory was I got .y first razer mouse for christmas 2 years ago. I got the razer deathadder, i remember reading a yr latet that it was dubbed the beat gaming mouse of the year and i was like, yea i gots the best mouse ever, i love this mouse, so comfortable and cool looking. I also got the razer deathstalker keyboard a few months ago, i love my razer stuff. Wish I could get more.
  9. Dolpgirl

    Dolpgirl New Member

    Oh boy... Where do I begin!

    Well I've always wanted to have Razer gear ever since I heard you had the best peripherals around from many people I follow. Eventually, I saved up wonga for a cheap gaming PC but I didn't have quite enough to get a single thing... A few years past, I saved up more then before, I got the best PC gaming rig around that time and had saved more money then I realised.
    So I bagged myself a bargain, a Razer Blackwidow Chroma, a Razer Naga (woulda gotten chroma but it wasn't available at the time) and a free mouse mat! (Hype on the free mousemat!). My parents thought it was overkill, my brother loved the keyboard, took photos and showed my school mates, they thought I was crazy.

    That was 2 years ago and still going strong today!

    (Albeit the number 4 on my mouse stopped working) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. abraxasroz

    abraxasroz New Member

    I remember the first Razer mouse! I change my online Nick to rozzer because of it
  11. jrplaw

    jrplaw New Member

    Getting my first pair of heads when they first came out. Then having to get them replaced under warranty cause of having them plugged in my phone at work and the cord messing up. They sounded great while it lasted
  12. icewlf

    icewlf New Member

    The feel of using the Blackwidow Chroma for the first time. The enjoyment out of the old-school sound of the keys, and the responsiveness. I've been a member of the cult of razer ever since =P
  13. TearsHoon

    TearsHoon New Member

    The day I received my World Cyber Games prize in the form of a Razer Copperhead and eXactMat X speed~!
  14. portalAshGreygeo487

    portalAshGreygeo487 New Member

    My first Razer product was the Razer Starwars old republic mouse! It lasted me for a good 3 years!
  15. The timeI got keyboard Razer BlackWidow Ultimate was the start of brighter gameplay and night. :D
  16. Bibatak

    Bibatak New Member

    thanks for this giveway ! My favourite Razer moment is when I bought the razer blackwidow chroma : it was my first mechanical keyboard ! a simple revelation
  17. Derphiroth

    Derphiroth New Member

    simply just getting my kraken 7.1 chroma, bringed some light in my life :heart:
  18. Paradox4eva

    Paradox4eva New Member

    Never own a razzer product but some friends own blackwidow mechanical keyboard and deathadder mouse and they carry me in the games :smile_:.
  19. Olofmeister69

    Olofmeister69 New Member

    I used to have this crappy old mouse that was super tiny and had so many flaws, until I bought a DeathAdder 3500. The feeling of getting uppgrades...
  20. toxicdragon04

    toxicdragon04 New Member

    Well i have a lot and i mean a lot of good memories but the best would probably be when i saw the cookie clicker video on the razer youtube channel and as soon as i saw it i did the same thing i set a macro for infinite clicks and just went to cookie clicker(wasted 2 hours on cookie clicker that day).
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