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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. eggPineGreenleet735

    eggPineGreenleet735 New Member

    that time i got my first Mechanical Razer Keyboard from the Mall, driven home cautiosly on a bike
  2. DutchGamerGrill

    DutchGamerGrill New Member

    When I visited a friend to play games and they had a full razer setup, I never enjoyed playing games so much. It was/is a much better setup then mine (still saving) and since then I've been fan off razer.
  3. Elyseon_no_id

    Elyseon_no_id New Member

    On 1th of april you guys made a video about a floating mouse ( well i think it was a floating mouse or something), and i was like omg i need to buy this this is so cool... and then i looked at the comments of the video and there were lots of people that commented FAKE ... so then i looked at the date of the video and i was like well ... fuck
  4. vhalan_no_id

    vhalan_no_id New Member

    Razer has released some pretty dope things in the past, but project Valerie was probably the coolest piece of technology I have ever seen in my life, and it highlights how far humanity has come in terms of technological advancements. If you look at the laptops/computers we had 10 years, and what we have now (project Valerie) is just awe-inspiring. That is probably the most epic razer moment ever.
  5. Reyiel

    Reyiel New Member

    Best Razer moment? spotting in the middle of a corporate meeting that one of my colleague has a Razer sticker on his notebook, and sharing a knowing smile across the table...never a meeting about revenue felt so long before we could talk freely about it.
  6. Sinferal

    Sinferal New Member

    The day I've come across razer naga 2010 edition, I knew it had to buy it. It brought gaming to a whole new level, the amount of spells I could cast on WoW and Dota just from my mouse! Even til now, I am still using Razer naga!

    THIBAUUUT New Member

    I am a big fan of disco and with the chroma stuff I have, my room is discotastic too. LOVE IT! :globe_with_meridians: (disco Ball)
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  8. Freddy2424

    Freddy2424 New Member

    Too broke to buy any Razer products. But I have had some nice Razer keyboard action from my friend, those clicks were so satisfying.
  9. Hugainz

    Hugainz New Member

    My best experience with Razer was when I bought the first deathadder after buying the tarantulla and started jumping Godlikes (400+units) in CS 1.6 hide'n'seek just like that XD was struggling to get Perfects (350+ units) before that.
  10. Songbird7

    Songbird7 New Member

    My first Razer mouse was the Death Adder. It fit my hand so much better than other mouses I have used and made it more comfortable to game. I have problems with my hands and wrists, so products that sit in them perfectly help me to game for longer hours at a time. This caused me to move on to a Razer Blackwidow keyboard which eventually became the Razer Ornata because of the smaller keyboard and wrist rest. These two things alone have made my gaming infinitely easier!
  11. Technoeuan_no_id

    Technoeuan_no_id New Member

    Probably when i first discovered Razer. It was the Chroma that got me hooked and i finally gave in and last year purchased a Blackwidow Chroma and it has been used and abused ever since! Razer continue to amaze me with their new products, especially Project Valerie, and the power that is inside the tiny blade stealth which i am on the slow grind of saving up for.
  12. I love Razer gear been using it for years and great on work warranty. If it stopped working the guy would fix or replace the item fast and smoothly. thanks for a great product and a Large range of products and services.
  13. Gilgamesh00

    Gilgamesh00 New Member

    One of my greatest Razer memories was when i bought my long-time crush headsetand and my first Razer gear/product, the Kraken wayback 2014. Also, when we went to Bangkok and had the time to visit the Razer store Bangkok and my gf bought me the Razer Utility bag as Valentine gift.
  14. urbanJASPERDeer271

    urbanJASPERDeer271 New Member

    My greatest razor memory I remember when my brother gave me my first ever Razor product which was the chroma mouse which was sick I used to change the wallpaper of my lapotop and then make the mouse color the same every week.
  15. Torombolo

    Torombolo Member

    The Best moment and i love when it happens is when im at work and my co workers are stunned by the RGB lightning, but amazed about the mechanical keyboards, precision mouse and how gaming peripherals not only belong in your house but in your office as well
  16. Nuke379

    Nuke379 New Member

    My first razer product is a pair of Razer Chroma 7.1's and I absolutely love them! The 7.1 surround allows me to hear my enemy's footsteps and their exact direction in CS:GO.
  17. x3001x

    x3001x New Member

    Thats greate have a corsair and im not that happy with it.... cannot wait to get a razer :)
  18. I have my Razer Naga for more than three years now, and I use it to play and to work. I already knew it was great for gaming, but the most magical moment was when I discovered that I could also use it to get my work done faster - meaning I would be able to start playing sooner.
  19. Naughtsilk

    Naughtsilk New Member

    I recently bought the 2017 Razer Blade on 24th April. Today, my Razer family has welcomed a Mamba TE, Goliathus and Hammerhead BT. Looking forward to the stealth joining my family:)
  20. Protato123

    Protato123 Member

    It was almost 10 years ago when I sneaked into my brother's room and played counter strike without his permission. That Razer deathstalker was the first razer keyboard that I ever laid my hands on, now i'm a proud owner of a razer blackwidow and deathadder.
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