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  1. Draid730

    Draid730 New Member

    when i bought my first Naga 6 years ago, it was a trusted companion for many LAN parties. it has since then been upgraded to a Naga Chroma and partnered up with a Blackwidow Choma and a Firefly.. because CHROMA :big_grin_:
  2. trojanma

    trojanma New Member

    When I opened my Razer Blade 14(2014) for the first time.
    The gorgeous design was unlike anything I had ever seen.
  3. MOS748 Esq._no_id

    MOS748 Esq._no_id New Member

    My first ever experience with a Razer product was when a friend of mine got a Razer Blade Stealth and showed it to me for the first time. I was taken aback by its size/power ratio. My second jaw-dropping moment during this experience was when he told me he could plug it into an external GPU dock! I had been trying to find something similar to this application for my current laptop a few years back, and I was disheartened to hear it was not possible! (At the time)

    I am currently saving what money I have to buy the Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard. I saw it at Walmart and knew I had to have it. I am also looking into buying myself a Razer Blade Stealth, but maybe I’ll wait to buy it until the results come back from this giveaway! ;)
  4. tgslmk1

    tgslmk1 New Member

    that must be my first ever keyboard that i got ages ago the blackwidow 2014(got it as a pressent from my parents for my birthday, i got the blackwidow and the razer naga) and it still the only keyboard im using and ever ownd
  5. iloverazer23

    iloverazer23 New Member

    I've already owned speed and control edition. Have fun on your gaming mat, fam.
  6. jumbu

    jumbu New Member

    I bought Razer Kraken headphones and son took them herself and then had to afford to buy new ones. Since then, only using Razer products.
  7. pm1102043t01131

    pm1102043t01131 New Member

    Mouse Spectre, Goliathus mousepad, Hammerhead headphones and Ornata crhoma keyboard, all ready to play SCII !!! I lost anyway, but lots of fun with this gear!
  8. chef-gucciness

    chef-gucciness New Member

    When i got the blackwidow chroma and the kraken pros chroma. I spent all night customizing and tweaking everything to my liking.
  9. BananaZ94

    BananaZ94 Member

    10 years ago when i was just a kid,I believed Razer mouse were too expensive and was skeptical of how Razer products perform with such price. One day my Cousin stole a Razer mouse from a Cyber cafe ( should be Copperhead if i remember)

    It was comfortable and cool looking but was still sceptical about what made it so special because of how it costs during those times. But then after 6 Years,remarkably my cousin was still using the same mouse!! it was still working!! and my cousin was still gaming with that same copperhead that he stole from the cyber cafe. Eventually it died at the 7th year of usage. Through those years i have changed countless type of gaming mices. Because of this story, i was convinced to buy a Razer mouse of my own the first time. I had to save alot of money to finally afford a Razer mouse, which is a (Deathadder) and after 4 yearsl , i am currently still using the same deathadder with no issue except the paint wearing off. Ever since, i have used this true life story to convince my friends to get a Razer mouse as it will last you for a lifetime and save you all the trouble of getting a new mouse. Try finding a mouse that can last you for 6 years!!!! Only razer can!!!!! long live the cult XD


    Story tittle

  10. arcluna

    arcluna New Member

    Razer was my savior and made me love computers again. The following is truth and presented without exaggeration.

    I purchased a Dell Studio 1558 right before I entered my masters program in 2010. Through my school there was a great education discount, and a promotion to compete against macbooks, giving you a $1000 off your purchase. I built a powerful computer that was top of the line at the time (for a non-gaming PC) and I was really excited about it. However on day 1 of it's arrival I started having problems. The first issue was a hilarious graphics driver issue that made the mouse pointer become gigantic that lead to a blue screen. Funny at the time, but a sign of bad things to come.

    The months and years succeeding, the laptop was just a nightmare. I had to have the computer serviced too many times to remember. What I do recall are what had to be replaced or exchanged:
    • Motherboard - 10 Times...seriously.
    • Hard Drive - 9 Times.
    • Processor - 3 Times.
    • Heat Sink - 3 Times. (replaced with every processor replacement)
    • Wireless Card - 2 Times.
    • Outside Case Paneling (broken hinge, etc) - 2 Times!
    • Keyboard - 1 time
    • Batteries - numerous times
    • RAM - numerous times

    Basically the CD drive and the monitor were the only components not replaced at least once. I had service technicians meet me at my home and at work. I watched them replace parts and try to turn on the computer only to see it fail and they had to send it off "to the depot facility". Dell replaced the hardware with faulty hardware every time, or as I suspect the computer was getting overheated and causing components to consistently fail. Suffice to say this computer was a lemon.

    Year after year I went through this, talking to very friendly but barely helpful support staff. I even had one manager give me the promise of it the repair did not work they would exchange my laptop for a refurbished yet different model laptop. They reneged on the promise after I received my laptop and it was DOA claiming they said they still had to go through warranty repair and there was no way I could have any other solution.

    The result of all of this was not inconsequential. I had data lost from the lab I was doing research in and I basically had my degree delayed. The only reason I stuck through this was because it was still an expensive computer and after each repair their was a glimmer of hope. Finally the warranty was past and I couldn't take the freezing, blue screens, and strange behavior anymore.

    I researched quality laptops for a few months and instantly fell in love with the Razer Blade Stealth as soon as it was first announced and pre-ordered right away. When I received my stealth, as fate would have it, I did experience an issue. I had to have Razer support help me and have it exchanged. No problem though as Razer support and service was awesome and promptly I had, for the first time in 6 years, a solid performing, beautiful, and most important to me, a reliable computer. I now have a Razer mamba, firefly, core, and man o war. Solid products that have only complemented my stealth and made me enjoy using my computer again. With all sincerity, thank you Razer.

    I've attached a picture for reference of a sample of some of the correspondence I had with Dell via email as corroboration.

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  11. wariorcase

    wariorcase New Member

    I own a Razor firefly chroma mouse pad, chroma mechanical keyboard and chroma wireless mouse. I often have LAN parties with my friends. If I am particularly dominating, then the game is minimized, razer synaps brought up, rainbow effect turned on and all devices synced. My friends and family get the pleasure, nay the privilege of my 'Domination Rainbow Dance', a seasonal specticle only reserved for such occasion. The rainbow keeps rolling while I keep tap dancing on their faces all the way to the gates of Valhalla. A razor blade added to the Arsenal would allow me to more frequently get my 'Bow on and take it mobile, and I shall name it the Roving rainbow.
  12. Jesseoostv

    Jesseoostv New Member

    I absolutly love the ornata chroma which i got for my 15 birthday i was so happy, i will use it till it breaks and then buy a newer one, but never gonna switch. Thanks razer for the amazing products
  13. The day i bought my blackwidow chroma :heart: never been more satisfied with any other keyboard. And i have had my fair share of keyboards. League of legends has a way of killing my qwerf, but i havent had a problem with that thus far :heart: love, me
  14. AkkiFFA

    AkkiFFA New Member

    The day I threw my razer naga (2012) at the wall, to this day I still use that mouse with all its scuffs :heart:
  15. Ghosthog

    Ghosthog New Member

    Lots of years with Razer. My 8 year old Death Adder is still going strong! Thanks :)
  16. Aghonn

    Aghonn New Member

    When i got the Kraken 7.1 Chroma... That was so cool !
  17. PindaPixel

    PindaPixel New Member

    When the Razer Core was first announced, I thought it was the future and now it's here!
    I mean, sure, there's performance loss because thunderbolt 3 is a bottleneck. I just can't wait what the future holds for people who need a performing laptop for work/school that is actually portable, but want or need desktop performance. Though, I can imagine in the a few years or decades, laptops can bring such power on their own without an external device, and I can't wait for Razer to be the first (I know, I sound like a fanboy, because I might be a little :^)).
  18. Ratholos

    Ratholos New Member

    My best memory was my first Naga. At the time, the Molten Edition was the newest one, and I was able to pick it up. At first, I was skeptical, but now, I'm a diehard fan. I held on to it for years now, and I still have it packed away in the box I bought it in. Now I game on a nearly full chroma suite(just need the chroma kraken!). Blackwidow, naga, orbweaver, firefly, all chroma, plus the stargazer, and ripsaw, and I even have a deathadder chroma I got as a gift for attending the Razer store grand opening in SF!
  19. iSikaRiuS

    iSikaRiuS New Member

    So story time...
    Go back maybe 4 or 5 years to when i was 12, im an excited little kid because christmas was coming up and i had just recently gotten into gaming on pc, so i was searching the internet looking for high quality gaming mice, keyboards and headphones. And what do you know... I stumble across 'razer' top of my christmas list goes the razer naga molten, razer anansi, and razer kraken 7.1 got all 3 for christmas and have stuck with razer ever since
  20. Dumbledore97

    Dumbledore97 New Member

    When i started the razer collectioni was sold by the green warm colour. now i want to complete it and make it look like my room got out of space.
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