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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. 70984

    70984 New Member

    It all started from Razer Abyssus Mirror Edition, simple yet swift and deadly accurate. Now, i own the Naga Hex V2 and Black Widow Chroma, never felt so OP in my life.
  2. bryan_chang96

    bryan_chang96 New Member

    for the first time i laid my eyes on the logo.. i knew i have to get em all.. still cant afford a blade but.. one day.. one day i shall
  3. DarkFlameBEN

    DarkFlameBEN New Member

    I got the blackwidow chroma stealth and it DIED from some rain. So i had bought a new one.
    I got the deathadder chroma but my cat ate the wire...... so i bought a new one...
  4. 112358132133

    112358132133 New Member

    The day when i bought Razer Blackwidow Chroma.
    Oh man it's such an awesome keyboard
  5. lost4ever264

    lost4ever264 New Member

    When I got my all Razer setup! I use a naga hex, kraken, kabuto, and to round it all out, the blade!
  6. PastorTeacher

    PastorTeacher New Member

    the day I got one of the very first Razer Blades ever made in 2011 (Geforce 555m) and Min-Liang Tan called me to ask how I liked it!
  7. HipsterDino

    HipsterDino Member

    My first Razer product was the Razer Naga League of legends edition. It help me actually get better at the game and have been enjoying Razer Products ever since! Thanks for everything!
  8. rueben1000

    rueben1000 New Member

    my first razer product was the mouse. that started everything man... good times...#Chroma
  9. J017Rogue

    J017Rogue Well-Known Member

    I would've thought we were way over 500k haha
  10. hitMintCreamweb508

    hitMintCreamweb508 New Member

    The day when I tried to make an autoclicker using a programmable key on my keyboard which then crashed my computer.
  11. Ast3r10n

    Ast3r10n New Member

    I still remember when I first put my eye on a Razer product. It was a first edition Razer DeathAdder, which my cousin - and long time tech/gaming expert and counselor - bought. I was absolutely stunned by its sleek looks, design, and comfort. It was absolutely AMAZING.
    Of course Razer made even better products by now, but hey, I was a kid looking at his cousin's brand new shiny mouse (with LEDs, which weren't so common those days).
    After a while, when my cousin decided to sell his DeathAdder for an upgrade, I was first in line to buy it. It became the faithful companion of a thousand battles, my first true gaming mouse. I played mostly Halo and Warcraft 3 back in the day.
    When I, too, decided it was time for an upgrade, the same DeathAdder went into the hands of my best friend, where he stayed until just a few months ago, when it finally decided to claim its well deserved rest.
    Rest in peace, my old friend.
    In loving memory of DeathAdder. :heart:
  12. sdstochastic

    sdstochastic New Member

    My best Razer memory is the first Razer product I ever owned: my Razer Orcas, which I won in a random drawing on the Razer facebook page. I've been a die-hard Razer fan ever since, adding new products to my collection whenever I can afford them. I've had two Razer Nagas (the first one for 6 years before it died on me), and just got a Blackwidow Chroma V2 with yellow switches, which is one of the best things I've ever bought! (There's a Razer hard mouse mat under there too, though I don't remember what that one is called...you don't make it anymore)

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  13. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    The day my Kraken 7.1 Chroma V1 arrived, I remember being in the other corner of the country and then my family sending a photo of the package through WhatsApp while I was dying to get back home and receive it.
  14. RamenOmen

    RamenOmen New Member

    Probably would have to be when I first bought my Razer Blade, all previous computers I owned were small notebook/netbook laptops, so gaming was annoyingly slow on them, I saved up money myself when I was in high school and finally got enough money the first year of university almost 3 years ago. I never owned such a powerful pc before, taking it out of the box was something I won't ever forget, I still keep the laptop box haha.
  15. Đorđe_no_id

    Đorđe_no_id New Member

    My first time having anything from Razer. (AKA the best brand for gaming equipment ever!!!) Was when one of my friends gave me a Razer sticker. The first thing I did when I got home was to go to my laptop and just slap it on there and man, it's so shiney!!! And when I play games I always look on it to cheer me up.
  16. AlejandroHCM

    AlejandroHCM New Member

    I've been all my life playing with cheap hardware (keyboard, mouse, headset) untill my brother bought a new Razer mouse and he gave me his old one he was the one that joined me to this Razer addiction. Sadly, since I started using the Razer device and enjoyed its sensibility, I can say that since that day I'm truly addicted with Razer, I do have today headset, mouse mats, mouse, and keyboard. And I want update em, cause they're not that new. But I gotta say that, in quality they're still pretty high.

    I'm not usually saying this kind of things, or even joining to forums but I had to say that the Razer hardware is probably the best I've ever tried. Thanks for this quality on your device and I hope Razer keeps it up.

    Congratulations reaching the 500k fans and I hope it goes even better this year.
  17. Stryker67

    Stryker67 New Member

    I think my first Razer product was a mousepad, and I keep Razer because of their high quality. I have a pair of Kraken headphones and the new Leviathan camera, and both are terrific.
  18. mingray981

    mingray981 New Member

    My first ever Razer product is the Razer Electra headphone. Until now it is still the best sound quality headphone that i have. Thanks Razer for giving me the best experience in gaming. :smile_::smile_:
  19. NeqqerTron

    NeqqerTron Member

  20. linusquek

    linusquek New Member

    My very first Razer product, was 3 years ago when I got the Black Widow Ultimate 2013. I had just build my own rig and I wanted something different. I was using a wireless keyboard, a free gift from when I bought a TV box. The feel was immensely different. The build, materials, quality, wire, everything was so smooth and sleek. It was also my first mechanical keyboard experience (Clicky click). 2 years ago, I then bought the Deathadder Chroma. The logo was RGB (my very first RGB product) and was a huge jump from my then Armageddon Aquila X-5. When you've been using a cheap mouse for years and finally ascended to a quality one, you can definitely feel the difference. It was also my first time using Razer Synapse then (I didn't use RS for my BlackWidow, I know I'm missing out) I realised you can actually customise every single button on it. It was so cool and I can customise everything to fit my needs.

    Just last year I actually upgraded from BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 to BlackWidow Chroma to fit the chroma lightings on my Deathadder Chroma. That was also actually when my mouse start to go funky for a while. I then upgraded my Deathadder Chroma to my current mouse which is the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition. Right now the lighting is now set to sync between one another and it looks freaking awesome! I love it. I know many other brands now have the RGB setting but I do not think I will shift to another brand because these few years, Razer has come a long way together with me. I am actually looking forward to get a Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 so my desk will be completed and my chroma lighting will synchronise beautifully. Razer will always be my favourite brand.
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