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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. sh4nner

    sh4nner New Member

    The day I bought my Razer DeathAdder, my first gaming mouse.
  2. My big memory was the day I bought Razer Lycosa.Man that was good.
  3. BardanSkirata

    BardanSkirata New Member

    Checking the mail and finding my first Razer purchase, the newest Naga, and ripping the package open. That mouse changed the way I game.
  4. retroammoGreenSheen022

    retroammoGreenSheen022 Active Member

    my most memorable experience is Razer is not buying a product. but when i attended the store opening here in manila. SM north edsa. i was one of the people who did an overnight to get a free kraken pro with a signature of our beloved CEO minliang-tan, Alodia and Ashley. Our CEO was about to visit the site where the new store will open and was surprise that the Fans are all over the place the night before the opening of the store. then ta-da!! he treats us with PIZZAAAAAAASSSSS. a lot of pizza box came and he gave it to his fans as a sign of appreciation to us. damn i got at least 5slices :D then waited with my friends. i love Razer products. but i fell in love with how awesome our CEO was. Business is business. but his love to his Fan is something we can treasure. something that will keep us buying such great products. How committed he is in bringing great gaming peripherals for us to use. How he gives appreciation to the R&D team behind the razer office door who innovate their products. how committed his team in doing their Job. if i am given a chance to be part of Razer company. i will gladly accept it with my whole heart. to be working with Razer. for me is a great privilege as an IT guy and as a gamer. #teamRazer #forgamersbygamers #razer #minliang-tan
  5. pingms

    pingms New Member

    My greatest razer mermory is when i got my headset, finally being able to play games with sound while the headphones were so comfortable i wear them for hours. I became a razer boy :heart:
  6. AUCAGaming

    AUCAGaming New Member

    I bought a razer Naga years ago when Burning Crusade came out for WoW, was pretty adament on being one of the best hunters in my realm... gotta say, keybindings on the side of my mouse made the day, i only used 4, but thay was 4 less shift+(enter letter here) that i had to pop off. Ive biught several razer mouses since only because im addicted. I now use a Deathadder for Overwatch, feels so right.
  7. Just bought my game first time with Razer zVault at Gamersgate with discount. Definitely a great platform to purchase more games in future. Good work Razer.
  8. darren robert_no_id

    darren robert_no_id New Member

    Maaaaaan, it'd have to be my first clear of the Black temple with my Razer Naga, having the hotkeys on the side of the mouse made me go from zero to hero. Maybe I was just a noob, maybe I still am. Razer stopped me from getting kicked from the guild :D
  9. First testing out Razer Cortex
  10. Gryphus1

    Gryphus1 New Member

    My best memory would be the first time I felt a Razer Deathadder and thought that a mouse had been designed specifically for my hand.

  11. Gregorovich94

    Gregorovich94 New Member

    My best memory is easily when I was at the Razer stand at Gadget Show Live UK exhibition where I got to see the mind blowing razer hydra with a sneak preview of the unreleased Portal 2. Two very great things working together, and it convinced me to get my own hydra!

  12. Razer DeathAdder OG edition. Those good times.
  13. hkris96

    hkris96 New Member

    When I first told my brother that paying over $100 on a mouse is useless...
    Using DeathAdders ever since. :heart:
  14. Incidamus

    Incidamus New Member

    My favorite Razer memory? That's an easy one! My girlfriend, who I have now been with for almost 4 years, asked me what I wanted for Christmas. This was the first year of our relationship so of course I reply with the casual ornery answer of "You don't have to get me anything, I'll be okay." that kind of thing. Now of course, I was planning to buy her something, and their were SEVERAL products to hit my eye. However, I didn't say anything. Well Christmas comes around and it turns out this girl has done her research. She tweaks me out with a brand new Blackwidow TE Chroma. Blew me right out of the water. I bring it home and plug it in, everything is working things are going great. Then the next day my friends come over and I'm playing with this godly keyboard in "Ripple" mode with an MMO custom mod over top of it; a couple weeks later. They're using it too. Now to top this story off, we turn around and we get to Valentine's day, and this girl drops $1XX on a pair of Kraken Chroma's as well. She says "I want to get you the whole set." Talk about marry worthy. Razer for life!
  15. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    I think I just found my own nick from the picture, yay :heart:.
  16. EpiCGoD

    EpiCGoD New Member

    Always heard about how great Razer products are but never got the chance to own one, so I saved up a year worth of pocket money and bought a Razer Mamba. That was 5 years ago, and I never looked back. The comfort, performance and ergonomics are top notch!
  17. jiawei_1997

    jiawei_1997 New Member

    My very first razer product was a black widow chroma . Back then when i saw the trailer of the product the only thing in my mind was "oh dayum son i want it man " however being only a student i do not have the financial capability of purchasing it. Hence a deal had to be made with my dad for 3A for my final prelims exam( singapore "o" level prelims are hard man ) in exchange for the back widowchroma. i studied hard and play hard too( moon face ) and manage to barely manage to achieve the 3A and i got it :D .
  18. Veteran007

    Veteran007 New Member

    The time I had saved up enough money to buy myself a laptop. But of course, I needed a mouse. I didn't really need to look for one, because I knew I was getting a Razer Deathadder. So I bought it, I am still using it and loving it. But I still remember the feeling when I heard that not long after, you updated the Deathadder to have rubber grips. But damn, that mouse is still rocking it though, thank you for that.
  19. I asked for a mousepad for my birthday, got the razer firefly, love ya dad lol
  20. LCCDerek444

    LCCDerek444 New Member

    Mine is the first time I discover a razer mouse on random in the internet when I'm still in secondary school and just fell in love with it and want to buy it so bad that I start saving money to buy my first razer mouse, which also let me to start noticing computer hardware.
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