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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. PM14511044012037

    PM14511044012037 New Member

    My first and best memory is getting that awesome naga mouse it's the best for mmo!
  2. Ragegamedude

    Ragegamedude New Member

    Opened my new keyboard, turned on and it was beautifull :3 i love chroma stuff
  3. BabelShallBurn

    BabelShallBurn New Member

    Every day I can use my Razer gear and game!
  4. Naga Hex, it was such a nice in between from having 12 buttons or on some mice just 2. Personally having those 6 buttons made me better at mmo's and mobas.
  5. Italian_Narwhal

    Italian_Narwhal New Member

    The first time I had heard about Razer was actually from an ad saying that I could earn points for playing games and I was immediately hooked. My first Razer product was an Abyssus, I chose that mouse because it was cheap enough that if I didn't like the mouse I wouldn't be too upset, but I wasn't. I liked the perfect tracking of the mouse but I knew something wasn't right, the glide was a bit rough even though everybody else said it was great, hen I realized it all of them were using mouse pads made for a smooth glide. So I decided to get a Goliathus Speed to complete my setup as of then. Thank You Razer and I hope you continue doing what you're doing and never stop improving!
  6. Vokhon

    Vokhon New Member

    I have to be the day that I bought my Razer Deathadder Chroma. This thing is a beast and is on its best performance till now. I also go the Firefly mouse pad which looks so nice. I do need a new laptop but still saving up.
  7. Nanolfo

    Nanolfo New Member

    The Naga Molten was the first Razer product I have ever owned, it was very influential for me.
  8. JokerGG

    JokerGG New Member

    I discovered Razer brand from Swifty playing WoW with Razer gear, where he introduced a lot of stuff from Razer. I was so exited from Razer Naga mouse !
  9. Retri7

    Retri7 New Member

    The day i won a razerblade stealth on a 500k giveaway with a jokers comment! ahah The day i first layed my and on the deathadders curvature, a bittersweet moment both of joy and regret for not buying one earlier. :D
  10. BeardedLemons

    BeardedLemons New Member

    Had to be when i unboxed my original Blackwidow Chroma and the first time i pressed the clicky key. The hair on my arms stood up I was in awe and ill never forget it. Also was very fun trying out Synapse for the first time and getting to know how everything worked and how to control all the lights its all so intricate and the possibilities are truly endless.
  11. RainingSkillz

    RainingSkillz New Member

    Ironically, it would be when my first pair of Razer Hammerhead's broke. Customer support was extremely easy to work with, and I had a replacement pair in no time. That kind of customer service is fantastic.
  12. DominusXIII

    DominusXIII New Member

    My greatest memory of razer is probably the time I first saw and felt the blackwidow's green switches. They made such a satisfying click that I bought it right away.
  13. xirexs96

    xirexs96 New Member

    I switched from ASUS to the new Razer Blade with GTX1060 and I can say that It was the best decision of my life. I can basically bring my laptop to anywhere like my friends' place and play games there. Not to mention that I also bring it to school and it doesn't take much space in my backpack!
  14. Muffl3d

    Muffl3d New Member

    Something I remember very well is seeing the Blackwidow which is what got me into liking Razer products ever since. I remember my friend having one and I just fell in love with the flawless design and the feel there was to it. He later got the Blackwidow Chroma and just gifted me his old keyboard. I kept using it until it broke earlier this year. I'm hoping to get another product soon! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  15. IDGamerLife

    IDGamerLife New Member

    When I First Got The Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 I Was Impressed How Good The Surround Sound Is With Big Drivers And Bass Boost. A Thanks To You Razer!
  16. 150304471

    150304471 New Member

    The first time I used Razer Cortex and In League of Legends I got caught up in a huge teamfight and for the first time it went smoothly with no lag whatsoever and I was so surprised!
  17. Dial13

    Dial13 New Member

    When I got the Utility Backpack and headphones. Love them, keep up the great products. Great quality!
  18. nagaryuz

    nagaryuz New Member

    Mice from Razer Lachesis to Razer Tron to Razer Taipan and now Mamba TE (for my desktop) and Orochi Chroma (for my laptop)
    Keyboard from Razer Anansi to Razer Blackwidow Chroma
    Mouse pad from Razer Goliathus to Razer Firefly Chroma
    Sound system using Razer Leviathan

    I guess I'm pretty much a hardcore fan (despite being a poor student last time), supporting Razer in the early years simply because of its sleek design and pretty looks. Until now, it is more than just a brand for peripherals. There are even laptops now which I am aiming to get, Razer Blade Stealth. Quality wise, most of the products I've mention are actually working fine (Except for Lachesis, the rubber finish sorta melted off). I have only change it because of the prettier new models.

    Hoping one fine day I will be everything Razer. :heart:

    ALFAKLIDE New Member

    And here's my little story,

    I was 16yrs old, a pro gaming aspirant and was looking for a laptop for college, after about of month research i typed, "slim gaming laptops" and RAZER was on top, and i was hooked the moment i looked at the CHROMA effect on your website, and i thought of buying it even before i saw dat logo, but then it dawned upon me that GLORY came with Price, and i have been saving since then, and RAZER doesn't sell in INDIA as well, so it's been hard.
    But i am thankful that i got to share my feeling to you guys, and i am glad i have hope that one day i will be able to afford a RAZER laptop, but now it's seems to be next to impossible. I think i have to leave my passion to be a games developer just because i can't afford the necessities, life's cruel, typing this from an under performing half broken Acer laptop which shuts down everytime i start CS:GO, And lags even on Assassin's Creed 1.
  20. Grimalkin88

    Grimalkin88 New Member

    Getting My First Razer Product the Razer Naga Epic, only mouse I will ever use now
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