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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. charparodar

    charparodar New Member

    My first ace on cs go was using Razer DeathAdder Chroma, Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma and Razer Goliathus Medium Speed Edition :big_grin_:
  2. Aquatation

    Aquatation New Member

    My first and best experience with Razer was at the Gadget Show Live 2011 (Like CES for the UK).

    There was a Razer stall, with keyboards and mice in long rows and some people throwing free L33T Packs to the crowd. I managed to catch one.

    I didn't know what Razer was then, but I sure am glad I do now.
  3. raaoul

    raaoul New Member

    Probably my first ever razer product that I bought in mid 2015, its Deathstalker Stealth edition. I love it so much and end of the year of 2016 it broke :frown_:. Bought Abyssus 2014 edition a month after I bought deathstalker. Then, last month I got my blackwidow chroma TE and kraken pro. I saved all of the "love letter" from min-liang tan. Very happy to join the cult, looking forward for next product.
  4. manfre98

    manfre98 New Member

    i got the razer blackwidow x chroma a couple of months ago, i'm still in love with it! ^^
  5. R4ND0MX1ST

    R4ND0MX1ST New Member

    My first razer product was the Razer Kraken Pro V1 a year or so back and I've been in love with Razer since. I then bought the Blackwidow Chroma and the Mamba and they changed my gaming experience forever. Been playing much much better since I upgraded.
  6. jfang

    jfang New Member

    The first mouse I've ever gotten, the razer naga molten edition. It is one of the things that made gaming a real part of my life and since then ive been razer faithful.
  7. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    That's hard to pick just one memory D;
    Thanks for the chance, and here is ONE of many stories with Razer.

    One day I was out with my Fiancé, walking around in the City and going into diffrent stores.
    We ofcouse went into an electronic store, and looked around.

    AND HOLY MOLY! I spot with my eye a Leviathan!
    I have never seen one sold directly from store, only that one.
    I empty my wallet and sold my kidney, and then I had the wonder.

    Lucky for me, my Fiancé was kind enough to carry it for me all the way home, taking the bus, and walking in the rain xD And he covered the box with his jacket :heart:

    I'm only lucky lady~
  8. vicmac11ve

    vicmac11ve New Member

    I dicovered Razer playing league of legends and watching the LCK streams! Love for the first time *.*
  9. Quann

    Quann New Member

    Started following razer's news after the release of razer blade 2016 and always wanted to buy 1 yet cant afford it.
  10. I love my razor deathstalker
  11. tonyr1012

    tonyr1012 New Member

    Definitely, first razer mouse I got, which is still working like a charm 8 years later. Now I have the full setup of Chroma devices all on spectral cycle :D
  12. Broganc

    Broganc New Member

    when i ordered the h440 razer editon and a razor death adder elite and they worked perfectly.
  13. MrShekelshtein

    MrShekelshtein New Member

    Let me tell you of how I got initiated into the cult of Razer.

    It first started back in 2011, when Battlefield 3 came out. I was doing decently well with my off the shelf wireless mouse (which was wayyy too heavy for it's size and ergonomics), but my team kept saying that I shouldn't play as a sniper. I took that as a challenge, since I was a decent shot, but I felt that my peripherals were holding me back. I knew that I had it in me, but how do I unleash my potential? And so I purchased an Imperator BF3 edition mouse. That thing instantly upped my game and unleashed my skill in both shooter and strategy games (I'm a big StarCraft fan). It's still alive to this day, serving my friend really well in his competitive endeavours.

    Fast forward six years. I'm sitting here with a Deathadder Elite, a Blackwidow Ultimate, a table-sized Goliathus mat. These bad boys brought me to diamond 1 ranking in Rainbow Six Siege, pre-season rank 1 in hero league on HOTS, Diamond league on Overwatch. I'm watching movies with the thumping bass of the Leviathan, burning some calories on the run with my Nabu, all to the tune of some crispy tunes, thanks to my Hammerhead Pro v2s. Even my girlfriend joined the club with an Abyssus and a set of Kraken 7.1 v2!

    Thank you Razer for uncovering a whole other level of enjoyment I can etch out of my games. I love the enthusiasm and the way you approach your consumer - you truly stand by your motto:

    For Gamers. By Gamers.
  14. NightShade6171

    NightShade6171 New Member

    The day I got my Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2 and my USB headset for my birthday
  15. wookie9699

    wookie9699 Member

    Seriously my first razer product was the Naga 2012 it was the first and only gaming mouse I've ever bought. I say only because it still use it today and it still works great, I've never had an issue with it. I seriously love Razer products so much.
  16. NickOnTheVideo

    NickOnTheVideo New Member

    I remember buying my first razer product the kraken. Beautiful fantastic headsets with amazing mic and flawless audio quality
  17. Kashyap973

    Kashyap973 New Member

    The triple display behemoth aka 'project valerie' was a bold and stunning idea which had everyone's head turning.
    I was awed by the concept and the work gone to design such a elegant and stunning design.
    Keep up the good work and looking forwrd for your future projects
  18. Fixedsys

    Fixedsys New Member

    I have Blackwidow X Chroma, an Abyssus V2 and a Kraken 7.1 V2. I would love to win that Razer Blade Stealth to complete my Setup :)
    Last edited: May 22, 2017
  19. EVN02

    EVN02 New Member

    I bought my first razer product used. It was a 3 month old razer blackwidow chroma 2014. It is still my keyboard, and i wouldn't switch it for anything. It's perfect
  20. LiGhTniNg92

    LiGhTniNg92 New Member

    Razer for Life, Razer till Death.
    Been using it since 7 years never failed me and always the best gaming gear.
    I love you Razer!!~
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