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[Giveaway] We are 500K fans strong on Razer Insider!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. LEFToverChicken

    LEFToverChicken New Member

    First time I opened the box of my Copperhead... I was so happy. It died about a year ago ut it had a damn long, good run. From that moment on I was a fan.

    Currently own a full Chroma set (Blackadder, Deathstalker and Kraken) and rock the occasional Razer Hoodie! :)
  2. x9darkknight

    x9darkknight New Member

    The first time I used my friends' razer naga hex was when I fell in love with razer, it was such a comfortable mouse with programmable buttons and you just couldn't settle for anything less. Razer is definitely a first choice for me whenever I need anything. Great job guys!
  3. VDSolo

    VDSolo New Member

    The day when I received a Deathadder mouse from my brother, it was so cool at that time to own one and feels good for it to support as my gaming gear for a long time. #razer #deathader #razer4ever
  4. The only contact i made with Razer is when i borrowed my Friend's Kraken and it felt awesome and i liked Razer since then
  5. dalopez99

    dalopez99 New Member

    I got my Razer Kraken Pro and it became my favorite headset, 'cause it was my only headset
  6. Simply I didn't have any bad experiences with the Razer franchise.

    But, there is one experience that one time I had a extremely dated computer.I still have it to this day; whenever I tried to run games, it had low frames and it was like that for quite a while. Until I'd use the Razer Cortex, it boosted frames, but for a short time after, I'd want to upgrade to a customize gaming rig. So in a nutshell the Razer Cortex help get in to the PC building and made learn more about computers.
  7. aprize

    aprize New Member

    Took me a year to save for Razer Naga , so now I just stare at it admiring , almost afraid to start it ::smile_:
  8. DarkPhysix

    DarkPhysix Member

    Definitely the feeling of opening my first pair of Razer kraken pros on Christmas day as a kid. Sounds kinda cliche but it was a great feeling. Thanks for the giveaway!
  9. cloudsora

    cloudsora New Member

    I've been using the Razer Deathadder and subsequent variants for about almost 10 years now... it's crazy to say that and realize how long it's been. One of a very small amount of mechanical keyboards actually small enough to fit in my desk tray is the Blackwidow Ultimate which I'm very thankful for. Despite them being heavy as hell and the mic breaking on me the Tiamat's is a fantastic headset.
  10. WhiteWolf11

    WhiteWolf11 New Member

    My first razer product is the razer deathadder i love this mouse ❤️,,My favorite razer product has to be the blackwidow chroma i LOVE IT ❤️ and i love showing my friends what can this keyboard do!
  11. MichalDeMidget

    MichalDeMidget New Member

    I got into gaming a few years ago when I built my first computer and I remember starting with a generic 10 dollar mouse and keyboard combo and trying to game with that. Well, eventually I saved my money for the Blackwidow X TE, Deathadder Elite, and Goliath Mouse Pad and it was worth it. They're very comfortable, accurate, satisfying and have very good quality. And the keyboard visualizer is simply amazing. Thank you.
  12. GarakS31

    GarakS31 New Member

  13. linkBistrebyte512

    linkBistrebyte512 New Member

    Probably when I bought my blackwidow chroma v2, my first mechanical keyboard which I loved, so after that I bought the kraken pro v2 headphones and the naga chroma mouse!!! I love everything about razer :D
  14. Oh boy, I would have to say the chroma naga and the blackwidow v2 are what caused me to become a pc fan. The reaction time and adjustable sensitivity clutches are amazing.

    POPSICRACK New Member

    My first razer product was the razer deathadder and I have to say it was the best buy I ever made: D
  16. UltraNova123

    UltraNova123 New Member

    I think my best memory is sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon and using my Razer Naga Hex Chroma to scroll through my YouTube feed and stumbling across a playlist titled "Best Razer creations". So I watched through them all and was like "Oh yeah I'm gonna buy a Razer toaster! and a drone!" Only to find out when i checked for the prices, they were April fools. What I learnt from this, is whoever called that playlist best Razer inventions is just sadistic, and that my Razer mouse has been with me from when i bought Overwatch about a year ago, to today when i am still to bad to get out of silver. xD

    But thanks for making products that let me make buttons to do the cookie clicking for me (Now on 2 Quadrillion. Send help)
  17. Delorei

    Delorei New Member

    Basically I wanted a gaming mouse and gaming headset, but I had really little money. I was at the Campus Party at Mexico 2016 and I found one executive of Razer. Talking to him I told him my issue with money, and he nods, then goes for his backpack and suddenly he gives me the mouse and the headset. I was the happiest guy in the world in that moment, couldnt believe what I had just received. Im still using my Naga and my Kraken to this day, and Im so happy with them. Now just a Blade would complete my set
  18. I've been keeping an eye on the Razer Blade line for a while, and the announcement of the 2017 Stealth at E3 was dope. Your laptops are improving and outdoing the competition with every launch!
  19. checo43

    checo43 New Member

    Well, I remember when I first got my blackwidow chroma keyboard, I was so excited, even though I had not set up the keyboard yet, I was typing in those delicious green switches. I also bought a diamondback, but I've always liked your laptops the most.
  20. mtolano

    mtolano New Member

    Well I would have to say My moment with Razer was when my Razerblade 14 had an issue with the C key. Contacted Razer and even though I am in a remote location they were able to help me out and once they received my Razerblade they fixed it that day and sent it back on its merry little way! SUPER AWESOME SUPPORT AND a good product overall
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