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[Giveaway] We are 500K fans strong on Razer Insider!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Myl0tt

    Myl0tt New Member

    My Frist razor product was the Sabertooth what a great pice of kit, did manage to break one of the back triggers after a wile due to some intense fps gaming but razor customer service got me back in the fight In know time!
  2. first razer product was a naga hex, and i even replaced it with one of the v2's when it came out, i really liked that mouse and it only got better
  3. namma

    namma New Member

    Gaming it is not just a way to escape reality it is a form of self-expression.
    Gamers we are not just players we are a community thriving and ever-growing.
    your gear is what connects us makes us stronger.
    Razer is all about gaming
  4. KingBlub

    KingBlub New Member

    A friend sent me a Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma for my birthday that she knew I had been saving up for, needless to say, it was the best gift I received!
  5. Ka0mN

    Ka0mN New Member

    Bought the mamba 2012, best wireless mouse at that time!
  6. chaos210

    chaos210 New Member

  7. Jenlex13

    Jenlex13 New Member

    How can I join the giveaway? It will be my first razer product if I won!
  8. First time using Razer mouse and keyboard was the best gaming ever, it got me a few spots up in the ranking on every game i played. The mouse worked great and the keyboard was o so super smooth. It was very hard to stop playing so i quit at 06:30 with some complaining of my girlfriend i went to bed. The next day her sister stayed over for the night and started complaining she couldn't sleep because the chroma was to bright XD

    To sad this came only after 10 years gaming experience pc and console. Wish i bought me first Razer earlier in my life, it probably cost me even more jobs then. Once a gamer always a gamer!!!
  9. used to swear by madcatz mice because my dumbass liked the whole mad "gamer" look bought a death adder and it was my main mouse till I started playing mmos and moba games so I replace it with a Naga in 2014 and that same Naga is still sitting on my desk being used to fuck shit up (mostly get fucked up really) I've been through a lot with this mouse my favorite moment is I was once playing csgo next to an open window I dropped my mouse out the window whilst fucking with it and I had to run down a flight of stairs from my flat i saw it laying there nothing but a scratch on the back where it hit the curb before landing in the grass
  10. Gillagun

    Gillagun New Member

    the first razer product that i bought was the startcraft headset and now i have razer chroma headset and mouse and a keyboard. razer for life
  11. LartenCrepsley

    LartenCrepsley New Member

    im newly arrived to the razer scene. but i love my razer chroma headset:D
  12. FlamingPhoenixX

    FlamingPhoenixX New Member

    In my freshman year of high school (about 2 years ago), I had a friend named Scott and we were both into computers and the one thing he joked about was getting the Blackwidow Chroma because it was really cool and had the RGB lighting but he couldn't afford it. He was a great friend and ended up moving away 3/4 through the year. During the summer I worked with my dad to earn enough money to get parts for a PC, The first thing I ended up buying was a Blackwidow Chroma because of my friend and still have it to this day. I'm even typing this with it! Now I also have a Kraken 7.1 V2 and a DeathAdder Chroma and is loving them all.
  13. Brink0115

    Brink0115 New Member

    My greatest Razer memory would be when I first switched to PC gaming and saw the beauty of the Razer gear. It is what I started out with and I still use Razer for all accessories
  14. kdlsquire

    kdlsquire New Member

    Getting my Razer dog tag engraved with my guilds name and my first characters name in all the online games I play.

    UNSULLlED New Member

    My first Razer was the Deathadder Chroma I researched everything read all the reviews on every website such as youtube, amazon, bestbuy & etc. All I can say it that it remains undefeated for 2 years now I update everything to V2 from my Blackwidow, Kraken 7.1 & Firefly to cloth. I see no big difference between the Chroma & the Elite they are both great mouses. It is a testament to Razer for building a mouse that is build to last & also give you the best gear that gives you an unfair advantage in games. I'm a proud Razer fan boy it seems you can never get enough of Razer it's like you need to have the whole ecosystem that Razer presents to its Chroma. Razer is truly #ForGamersByGamers
  16. ReConcord

    ReConcord New Member

    I bought my first proper gaming mouse from Razer and it was the Deathadder 2013, a superb mouse that excels at every game that you're playing!
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  17. LastOfMen

    LastOfMen New Member

    My first razer's is Hammerhead pro,i think this product is great n cool. When i used it, all of my music get clear n cool bass. So it's make i think it, it's all my story with the razer's product:cool_:
  18. Patri1717

    Patri1717 New Member

    The best memory I have, is getting my Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2. I didn't sleep for 2 days, I was so excited while it was shipped. Turns out it was all worth it!
  19. apehog

    apehog New Member

    My first Razer mouse was amazing. The razer diamondback acid green.
  20. Lagnes

    Lagnes New Member

    My favorite Razer moment was when I played my first CS:GO match with my new BlackWidow and DeathAdder and felt that I had officially joined the PC Master Race.
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