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  1. Poolguy69_no_id

    Poolguy69_no_id New Member

    Wow, i remember when I was a kid playing on our Razer naga setup, the mouse was so smooth and it made tanking on world of warcraft such a breeze. And healing was nearly fun, but the lightup keyboard was just the icing on the mega gaming cake. Keep putting out quality gaming gear!

  2. sabbykat

    sabbykat New Member

    I have been using a borrowed computer for the past year because I can't afford a new one that supports gaming right now. Additionally, I've always had cheap peripherals because...well, because I did not understand the quality behind more expensive products, like Razer.

    I first saw the shiny Blackwidow Chroma keyboard when my boyfriend was on the razerzone.com looking at some headphones he wanted to pick up. After heading to the website, I followed the shiny links to it's home on Razer where I learned that the clicky sound I was so in love with was due to mechanical switches--and that Razer was a master of these switches...didn't take long for my aspiration to have the Blackwidow Chroma Keyboard were voiced between long, hard sighs. But this memory does not stop here! Nay!

    About a week or so later, my boyfriend told me that he decided to let me use his credit card to finance that very same keyboard! He ordered it, and it arrived within a day or so...the real memory here was when I opened the shipping box and felt the quality of the box that held my new obsession. I ran my fingers across the box and was a bit surprised to feel the texture of the box. It felt cool, and soft--yet firm and unyielding. I could only imagine how awesome that keyboard inside this box was going to feel. I poked at the keys through the little window on the box--they responded to my touch like no other keyboard had before--click. It wasn't just a sound...it was a feeling...a state of being...quality...I was feeling quality...and it was finally MINE to enjoy!

    As I gently opened the box, I was in awe that it had it's very own holder for the literature that came with the keyboard in the lid. I forced myself to read through it all, knowing that if I waited until I had the keyboard hooked up, I'd never get around to reading it. Every couple sentences was followed with long, side glances at the shiny plastic cover that laid between me and my Blackwidow Chroma keyboard...I ran my fingers across all of the textures and wondered how much thought went into the packaging? How many people notice it? How many people appreciate it? Yes...I got THIS excited over a BOX! Over the fact that I now owned something that came in such a well thought out package...I owned the XP of that box...and I was never going to be the same again.

    I pulled her out of her new box, and hooked her up. Then I stared for what seemed like forever at the brilliant lights...I remembered the brilliance of twinkling little christmas lights when I was a kid--how bright and beautiful and MAGICAL they were...how nothing had ever been able to replicate that amazing feeling I had staring at, and thinking about those lights --until that moment when my Blackwidow lit up my desktop.

    Then...I navigated towards facebook using my Razer Abyss...I clicked the textbox to let the world know what was on my mind...
    Click...Click, click...Click. click click click click...they clicks came faster as I quickly mastered playing my new instrument of peace. It was a melody I had dreamed of since the first time I heard the click, clacking of an electric typewriter as a child--but BETTER! More intense, more clear, more pronounced...more...better quality than I'd ever imagined. I don't know if I am addicted to posting, typing, or my fine Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard--probably a bit to all three. But the ONLY thing I appreciate more than the sound and FEEL of my keyboard is the sound of my granddaughters laughter. Thank you Razer! For the XP of quality that comes with my Razer products. Keep it up!
  3. xBane_

    xBane_ Member

    The day razer bought nextbit. Although i dont have any razer products, i've been in love with them since i found out razer exists. My current phone is a Nextbit Robin, and i'm very excited for what is to come with razer in the mobile industry.
  4. AvengedGaming

    AvengedGaming New Member

    I'll never forget that day back in 2013 when I dropped a mug full of beer on my almost new razer Cyclosa... thank god it has little holes to help cleaning... I still have Cyclosa, but a few months ago it started working really bad (keys not working very good, or the worst for my gaming, pressing W once, writes like 6 times W).
    Well, that's it, good luck to me ;P
  5. Yacapla990

    Yacapla990 New Member

    Pour mon premier razer mémoire, il est assez simple, j'ai pu découvrir chez un ami le tartarus.J'ai plus tard était en magasin, où j'ai passé en revue le tartare et j'ai découvert la marque razer. Good luck to you.:sourire_:
  6. I've been saving all year to hopefully buy a Razer Blade, but I still remember when I saw it in person for the first time and decided there and then that this is something I have to have.
  7. Purelyluck87

    Purelyluck87 Active Member

    My fav color always green, still remember i saw a razer orca headset at retail store probably around 7 years ago, immediately i bought it, that's my first razer product. After that it just get worse, my razer product get more and more now. Razer for life !!
  8. takethetu

    takethetu New Member

    I ordered a Razer Blade, 2 days later it got $250 off + $100 steam card bundle. FML
  9. haackmike

    haackmike New Member

    The day i switched to all new razor gear, from my new razer mamba tournament edition mouse, to my chroma mouse pad, to my kraken headset and my tournament keyboard. It was like Christmas :santa: for a geek :no_good:. I bought everything one after another, and working for a tech company, all i do is sell hardware every day. But this day was different. When i got home from work :briefcase: after a dull day of selling the same old workstations and basic keyboard/mice combo packs, I opened my front door and my gf :woman: had brought all my boxes inside and stacked them on my office chair. As i went to sit down, and login for work, i spun the chair around to find all my new gear, and i have never grinned :grin: so hard in my life. I slowly unboxed each piece of top of the line razor gaming gear and slowly but surely set everything up. I hit up the site and registered my new gear and find all this awesome :raised_hands: software that i didn't even know was available and for free! Next thing i know im changing settings, dialing in my mouse for cs :bomb:, changing my color mapping for fps games and it felt like the corsair gear :hankey: i came from was antique :floppy_disk:. I slowly but surely starting playing and 8 hours and 4 red-bulls later :clock3: i had all my gear perfect :innocent: and started blowing away :rocket: my enemies with lightning speed :zap:. Honestly, the razor gear made my gaming experience :100: times better and finally gave me something awesome to come home to day after day. As i progressed, i kept buying :moneybag: new and more advanced razor gear to the point where im sitting and typing wearing a razor hoodie :cool:, with my kraken headphones on jamming to music :guitar:, that is enhanced by the razor audio configs i can control. Big shout out to the #razer elite developers and engineers for making gaming fun again:smiley_cat::heart: and for creating such :fire::fire::fire: products that i love to buy and enjoy.
    Razer Fam! :v:
  10. pfafl

    pfafl New Member

    Playing MMO with Naga, endless satisfaction.
  11. CriticCat_no_id

    CriticCat_no_id New Member

    I remember getting my first RAZER Viper for Christmas. It was pretty special because we didn't normally get gifts like that, but even though we had tbe slowest internet you could get at the time, gaming on my PC felt legit mouse.

    I still remember playing Tibia, an old mmorpg, until 3am with it. Good times.
  12. Rad.WIcked

    Rad.WIcked New Member

    I Need The Laptop For Gaming :)
  13. Daffychuy_no_id

    Daffychuy_no_id New Member

    My very first razor product was actually the late 2016 razer blade that I was gifted for my birthday! It was an impressive machine, good job razor!
  14. carnich

    carnich New Member

    My first memory of Razer was learning that the logo and its colors were taken from a local snake here; the boomslang.

    Then I discovered how much you did for fellow gamers. Amazing work.
  15. Anonaly

    Anonaly New Member

    Best Razer Memory is probably my first attempt at soldering when I realized my friend's broken Logitech G7 had the same laser as my broken Razer Copperhead so I soldered it in and gave my copperhead new life. It still works 10 years later.
  16. The day I saw my friend with a Razer Blade Stealth (OMG THAT RAZER CHROMA). The worst would be the day that I realized I couldn't afford one. :frown_:
  17. unodojo

    unodojo New Member

    Hi !!
    My best Razer memory is probably when i got picked randomly on June 22nd and won a Razer Blade that i couldn't afford :)
    Seriously though, it's when I first made a beat in FL studio on a Razer Blade at my friend's place !
  18. Ice4322

    Ice4322 New Member

    Just built my first gaming PC. There was no better choice than to go with a Blackwidow Chroma keyboard bundled with an Abyssus mouse to fully take advantage of my newly built beast of a computer. Razer will continue to be my brand of choice for anything and all things gaming.
  19. My first experience is seeing the sick Chroma lighting. That alone inspired me to get Razer products to make everything cooler :cool_:
  20. iDunno24

    iDunno24 New Member

    For me it had to be the first time I ever received my Razer Kracken pro, using them for the first time was great the sound was fantastic and the headphones are still super comfortable!, to this day I still use them for gaming when I got them I instantly adored them.
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