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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. lordrickyz

    lordrickyz New Member

    I like the chroma keyboards so i bought one and I loved it since.
  2. SantiagaTD

    SantiagaTD New Member

    First item from INSIDER GIVEAWAYS and it was Razer Serpent Guardian for Orcs must die! Unchained!
  3. ItsAXMT

    ItsAXMT New Member

    My greatest memory was when i switched from a $10 wireless mouse to the Razer Deathadder chroma to play CS:GO. That mouse fits my hands perfectly but now i have switched to the new Razer lancehead tournament edition because of the side chroma strips :heart:
  4. MillAndre

    MillAndre New Member

    When I saw the video about "Project Mcfly" and hyped up my friends thinking it was real....
  5. brainfuzz

    brainfuzz New Member

    not sure the name of the first product i bought. large bright green headphones and mic with what felt like a 50 foot cord. was nice to have something easy to see. destroyed so many other brands because they would fall onto my chainr and didn't see them til i sat down on them
  6. Menzo6

    Menzo6 New Member

    I do not think I have a specific moment to share. I've always enjoyed the razer products for their quality and enjoyment. I would never replace my Ouroboros with anything else, even if he is becoming old.
  7. ChristoJude

    ChristoJude New Member

    well i always wanted a sponcer so i decided razer as my sponcer so my friend said its lol but i didnt lisen i wanted to be a part of razer now i am having lots of fun
  8. IchBinAnil

    IchBinAnil New Member

    bought my first razer mouse 4 years ago.. now I have a rzr keyboard, mousepad and one of those comfy razer headsets. love it
  9. foleyfactor

    foleyfactor New Member

    got my razer keyboard for university and i've been loving razer products ever since!!
  10. DDD1006

    DDD1006 New Member

    I found razer a few years ago when a friend made me try his Kraken Usb headset.:wink_:
  11. xbladewanderer

    xbladewanderer New Member

    TB to my first Deathadder which actually fit my hand perfectly.
  12. Punjabininja

    Punjabininja New Member

    the day I got my mamba te I couldn't stop watching the wave effect. Thank you razer for making the best products by far
  13. Sheorath_no_id

    Sheorath_no_id New Member

    WOW, thats niiice a giveaway :D thank you for that

    As a young Gamer I had to get a good and reliable gaming mouse so I bought the Razer Abyssus. First of all the Abyssus is still in use and didn't got old. I love the weight, its just perfect and I can't use another mouse so I stick with her ^.^

    But I will never forget the feeling when I first touched my new tool.
    The grip was just soo cool and soft, but after more then 3 Years I would appreciat something new. Maybe someday I will get the Razer Mamba and then I will have this feeling again :3
  14. Rose501

    Rose501 New Member

    Best memory was when they first announced the Chroma line. That was around the time when I was really getting into competitive pc gaming and was looking to upgrade from my basic hardware. I've never looked back after getting decked out with the Chroma line.
  15. Falcone458

    Falcone458 New Member

    Playing Combat Arms alongside my mate, sharing a Razer headset in the process! Nothing like hearing the unique killstreak sounds from that game!
  16. DSwanny

    DSwanny New Member

    Had to be when I got my Razer DeathAdder and was finally able to stop using my $10 laptop mouse!
  17. Michaelguru

    Michaelguru New Member

    well after a long wait an struggles of waiting for my razer headphones, when i have finelly gotten them it was the best gaming experience by far. Thank you
  18. DjZiro

    DjZiro Member

    Project Ariana! That's the one that will change my gamer life!
    Also Project Christine is something my subconscious is eagerly waiting for!!!

    Keep up the good work.
  19. Zachops2

    Zachops2 New Member

    My favorite Razer memory is when I begged my parents to go to the RazerStore SF and I explored the wonderful land of Razer gaming. The staff even gave me a free pin and and a bottle opener necklace. I will never forget that memory. I was so happy because all the best gear was there. And then I bought a shirt. And I love that shirt! And a Razer blade stealth would be Epic! :) #RazerIsReal
  20. zimmerfire

    zimmerfire New Member

    I just built a new gaming computer. When I found discovered that Cortex was able to give me frame rates I was very happy. Soon I found out that I could expand my peripherals because of Razer's currency system. I was hooked right away! I love it here!
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