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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Byforce

    Byforce New Member

    A friend came up to me and showed me a Kraken chroma. I've never felt it before, or I've never been so drunk.:big_grin_::big_grin_: The lights hypnotize me, so I decided I had to have one and I surpised with the quality
  2. I remember first getting my blackwidow chroma, i spent at least 20 minutes playing with the lights xD
  3. PRimedKing

    PRimedKing New Member

    The day i got my Razer black widow ultimate and death adder for my setup. felt like a kid in a candy store. now it's trumped by when i got black widow chroma x, mamba te, Firefly, and Kraken
  4. Dracono

    Dracono New Member

    It would have to be my Razer Naga, It completely changed how i play most games. Lately in PU Battlegrounds it saves me so much time being able to use med kits and swap weapons without having to find the keys on my keyboard.
    Thanks for making this Razer!
  5. Olucaron

    Olucaron New Member

    Yeah, it has to be my first mouse - the Razer Mamba. It wasn't just my first Razer product, it was also my first ever gaming-dedicated product. Had always been reluctant to spend so much money, but after hearing everyone talk about how much better it made playing games, I bit the bullet.

    I think the only word that does justice to my reaction once I plugged it in and started up my first game with it (I think it was League) is 'wow'.

    I still use it, along with my other peripherals, and I take it to work with me every day. I'm sold, hook line and sinker.
  6. Burzik

    Burzik Active Member

    All started with Deathstalker, then with kraken chorma, after that i really loved chroma, and for now have deathadder elite and firefly cloth :heart:
  7. butt3rUdd3r

    butt3rUdd3r New Member

    I remember the first time I saw a Razer product. My best friend had a Chroma keyboard and it absolutely amazed me! I started messing around with it and instantly fell in love with the look and feel of the keyboard. I don't have a rig as of now but when I do get one I will definitely get one of those bad boys as my keyboard!
  8. LKF_rzr

    LKF_rzr Member

    When I first got my razer naga limited edition green for my birthday.
  9. Unforgive-in

    Unforgive-in New Member

    Already have a Death Adder Elite. Would love a new Laptop!!

    My best memory was the first movements of my Death Adder. It blew my mind on how different gaming could be with better tech.
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  10. Maizesitesmart498

    Maizesitesmart498 New Member

    I bought the amazing wireless gaming mouse and I am still using it. I hope to be the winner of this great prize.
  11. Well, i own a Blackwidow for like 4 years maybe, and I've spilled coffee on it once!
    Disassembled, washed (water and alcohol), assembled - and it still works!
  12. oh the giveaway is over? Well, the story is true anyway...
  13. hortiSquash

    hortiSquash New Member

    Indeeeeed ! but the past year drone was coolfull too... #been trolled twice

    When i discovered that the Razer Firefly Cloth i always wanted to have was in the Razer zSilver's prices... i'm so near to get it ! PLEASE WAIIIT FOR ME FIREFLYYYYYY
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  14. bobbyhl

    bobbyhl New Member

    My first Razer item was Razer Naga Epic, which fought along me in Dota 1, Dota 2, Overwatch and many other games. After years I now have a full Razer gaming set.
  15. nguyenvubui

    nguyenvubui New Member

    Honestly, my very first pruduct from Razer was the Razer Ferox. Incredible, it's really blow my mind, every thought of having gaming gears of other kind of gears just come to Razer at first. Then i have myself a Seiren, then a Blackwidow keyboard. In the future, i would like to buy more from Razer
  16. HK075

    HK075 New Member

    My gaming life changed when I got a Razer Deathadder mouse. It was just amazing. I was truly happy after a long time.
  17. S_Chiu

    S_Chiu New Member

    I've known about Razer products for a few years now but never got into buying anything really 'gaming' since I didn't game on my Mac. Now that I got a PC for VR use, I'm looking at that Lancehead mouse and a new headset as I've got more free time to game on my PC. Also have my eye on the Panthera for my PS4. Poor wallet.
  18. Darkclaw73

    Darkclaw73 New Member

    Mine has to be my first Razer Naga, the most amazing addition to my gaming, now I have one at work also with a bunch of macros for Visual Studio :smile_:
  19. Balmore

    Balmore New Member

    Was the first time I saw the Naga Epic picture, and thought it was out of this world... had to buy one and I did.
  20. Greensaphire

    Greensaphire New Member

    first ever was my razer chroma keyboard my son set it up to do all sorts of rippling that ended up makeing me so motion sick i lost my cookies.
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