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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Rose up in rankings in a game by about ~100k after switching from my old keyboard to my Razer Blackwidow green switches- was impressed how well it performed, and still is
  2. farazsheikh_no_id

    farazsheikh_no_id New Member

    I used to borrow razer stickers from my friends who could afford your peripherials and put them on my cheap mouse and keyboard just to have that razery feel! AH OLD TIMES.

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  3. KrissyBlaze1313

    KrissyBlaze1313 New Member

    My husband introduced me to Razer. I love my chroma keyboard and mouse. I have the Nabu watch we I love since I'm hard of hearing it lets me know when I have messages or phone calls. It is definitely important to me and thank you guys for.making such awesome products.
  4. villeDesirefresh331

    villeDesirefresh331 New Member

    I remember the first computer I built when I was a kid. I had a 7850 and an core i3 processor and I remember the entire time I was buying the products I was thinking, "shit this is way more expensive than I wanted it to be" :eek_: And anyway, I'd forgotten a keyboard because I was so concerned with the hardware of the computer and as I was in the line buying the parts, I just picked up this 5 dollar keyboard I saw. The shit sucked, straight doodoo. Broke within a couple months and I finally had the epiphany that I was going to invest in a good keyboard. Took my pompous ass down to Walmart and I bought the Razed Blackwidow AND GOD DAMN THAT SHIT IS SO MUCH BETTER. Even my mom was like, "I love typing on this thing, I need one for work." Anyway, thanks for making great products, I'd love a laptop for college, desktops can be a hassle, THANKS!
  5. helbrass

    helbrass New Member

    Showing my age, but buying my first Razer mouse The Boomslang, had to import it to the UK but was worth it, was the first 'gaming' mouse as back then you had poor microsoft or logitech mice as an option. Thanks Razer
  6. bebobay

    bebobay New Member

    The first time I bought a Razer product was around five years ago when I bought my Kraken 7.1 headset, which I've been using ever since. I've gone though three computers in the past five years, but kept the same headphones, and they still work great, and are still in (mostly) perfect condition!

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  7. MadstonMagic

    MadstonMagic New Member

    Holy crap! 500k already! Congrats you all over there at Razer!
    Let's get to another 500k!

    I was changing my mind between buying the Hammerhead v2 or the Kraken Pro eSports.
    The hammerhead would have been more convenient while on the bike, in a train etc.
    But the Kraken, god, it has such a nice sound coming out of it!
    Such a good Bass/Base and surround sound, I'm really loving it. The mic is a good quality too, which makes talking to your teammates so easy. Clean and smooth, both the design and the quality.

    If I had money to buy the Hammerhead, I would definitely buy them too!

    Good luck there at Razer and Razer Insider,
    And have fun with all the gear people!

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  8. Niio14

    Niio14 New Member

    My best moment with Razer gear was when I first got the Naga, and got used to it, I was slashing people to bits in WoW after that.
    To this day I can't (and won't) play WoW without my beloved Naga, thank you Razer for this amazing mouse!
  9. robojjlee

    robojjlee New Member

    The best moment is when i got all the razer gear i wanted using my own money. I was happy to complete my setup. I got the razer kraken 7.1 chroma, razer deathadder, razer blackwidow X chroma and razer overwatch mousepad :D i would love to have the laptop for sch. :D
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  10. Udoroth

    Udoroth New Member

    It had to be Project Christine. Such a shame it never came (Giggity) to market. :slightly_sad:
  11. Ryvaldus

    Ryvaldus New Member

    I've ben using Razer mice for over 10 years, so all of my PC gaming memories are tied to them, but this year my mechanical keyboard (Corsair K70) started hurting my wrists. Enter the Ornata. The low rise keys, perfect travel time and my first RGB experience combined to make one happy customer. Then I fired up Overwatch. Yahtzee!
  12. darthNater33

    darthNater33 New Member

    My older brother first got some razer gear and it looked awesome. He let me borrow is Kraken, and I got the blackwidow chroma, 2 razer deathAdders. I have spent hours trying out different themes and getting the audio visualizer chroma app working. Sigh of content
  13. skady45

    skady45 New Member

    My first kraken headset, died after 1 year of use :'(
  14. razvanilin

    razvanilin Member

    My story with Razer started recently when I bought a Razer Blade. It's like one of those weird love stories from the movies when a dork is stalking this super hot student from his school and then he manages to score.

    Well to translate it in my terms, my bank account was almost empty and I was waiting to save enough money to get it. Meanwhile, I was stalking threads here in the forum to learn more about the laptop. After a couple of months I scored, finally got the laptop. Oh, and I'm not a dork... that was just part of the example story ok? :cool_:
  15. StarReaper

    StarReaper New Member

    My first Razer product was actually the Razer Deathadder Transformers edition, totally caught the eye of everyone in my class!
  16. Kevinas321

    Kevinas321 Member

    First time i go my blackwidow chroma. I was so overwhelmed by all the possible combinations of lighting and how you even could connect it to programs. Amasing.
  17. KingSlayerofDemons2

    KingSlayerofDemons2 Active Member

    Had to be when I had a windows vist laptop dual processor and I used cortex to run all my games with my naga hex and lycosa keybored that are still running hard today.
  18. Powerbruce

    Powerbruce New Member

    My first Razer Naga Molten edition change my way to play to Guild Wars 2! And also with other games like Overwatch and the Witcher 3
  19. CanoeKid

    CanoeKid New Member

    My favorite memory with razer gear is when I got my first Naga. It is still my favorite mouse I have ever used. I would venture to say that the more gear I buy from Razer the better my experience gets. I now have a croma keyboard and Naga and a pair of Kraken pros.
  20. shadownash

    shadownash New Member

    using razer gear i enhance my skills playing dota 2.
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