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[Giveaway] We are 500K fans strong on Razer Insider!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Mspak1

    Mspak1 New Member

    Quando eu abri a caixa do meu BlackWidow, foi um momento de pura felicidade.
  2. DieselLag

    DieselLag Active Member

    Oh so many memories to choose from, i mean where do i start. i guess it would be the first time i was introduced to Razer and that was when i saw razer products in one of Tom Syndicate's videos and thought dam, that looks like some cool swag. after doing research i realized that Razer made so cool and interesting products for gamers, being a gamer myself i made it my mission to save up enough money to buy a razer mouse. Then at Christmas that year, i opened up a Deathadder Chroma and literally cried with joy, i had never wanted something as bad as that mouse and it felt so good to unwrap it. Much to my surprise, i unwrapped a beautiful Deathstalker Chroma right after and couldn't control my happiness. i ran straight upstairs and plugged them both in, i was greeted with the most spectacular light show i had ever seen. This love for the brand and quality, created a thirst for elite gaming gear to smash the competition and i now have built a comfortable collection of peripherals and other such merch. Razer has not only made me a better gamer but has inspired me to share the cult with my friends, i gave away that first Deathadder that made me so happy to a friend so that he can feel the power i once felt, i also gave away my Taipan to my other friend as hes a lefty;) The only thing i have left to buy is a blade, but soon i will dominate the battleground from wherever i choose...
  3. xXRazer-BeastXx

    xXRazer-BeastXx New Member

    my first razer product was the razer galiathus, which i still use today xD
  4. lucian127

    lucian127 New Member

    My first memory of Razer's expertise is when I went to play with a friend, and he had a Diamondback. I used to play with a old Logitech MX 1000 and it was the revelation of a lifetime. I needed this kind of stuff to perform as I wanted. My blood turned green shortly after that.
  5. Benjamin2016-10

    Benjamin2016-10 New Member

    [Quote = "Razer | Gwynbleidd, mensaje: 349.065, miembro de: 368765"] [ATTACH = full] 443281 [/ attach]
    Aquí estamos, 500.000 fans en Razer Insider! Unirse a las celebraciones y de pie para ganar una hoja de Stealth Razer.

    Hey Insiders,

    Hace tres años, zarpamos en este increíble viaje llamado Razer información privilegiada . Nuestro objetivo era construir un espacio reservado para que nuestros fans más apasionados podrían compartir y discutir. Resultó ser mucho más Razer-Insider se convirtió en una increíble comunidad de amigos se reunieron bajo la bandera de Razer.

    Hoy en día, tenemos más de 500.000 Iniciados, y el foro evolucionado a nuevos miembros mejor bienvenida. Recientemente hemos tenido un rediseño, por lo que es más fácil de navegar a través de las discusiones y accede a la información que desea. También llevamos a zVault Razer información privilegiada y creamos una serie de logros que le permite acumular zSilver diaria. Eso es sólo el comienzo, ya que planeamos en la adición de nuevas características para seguir mejorando su experiencia, algunas muy pronto!

    Por supuesto, este viaje no sería posible sin la ayuda de nuestros mods ejecutivas, así que no te olvides de pasar una nota de agradecimiento a [USER = 714] @kajira [/ usuario], [USER = 1025] @Lafar [ / usuario], [USER = 2234] @Destrok [/ usuario] y [USER = 317537] @ Firebat246 [/ USUARIO] para hacer Razer Insider un gran lugar para alojarse.

    Para celebrar este hito , vamos a regalar una hoja de Stealth Razer . Simplemente compartir su memoria más grande de Razer con nosotros para una oportunidad de ganar. Puede ser cualquier cosa, desde su primer producto Razer o un momento de juego intensa utilizando artes de Razer, a un proyecto CES revelan que impresionado ti. Cuéntanos en este hilo y vamos a seleccionar un ganador al azar el 23 de junio.

    En al millón ahora, GLHF y seguir disfrutando de Razer Insider!

    El ganador recibirá una hoja de Stealth Nueva Razer. Las entradas se limitan a 1 por usuario. Uso de varias cuentas está prohibido. Vamos a elegir un ganador al azar y anunciar que el Razer Iniciado el 22 de junio de PST. Los usuarios no están autorizados a modificar o editar sus mensajes después de la presentación. Si un puesto no respeta Razer Ejecutivas normas de la casa o directrices de publicación, que será considerada nula para este concurso y moderado. Mensajes que no son considerados una entrada válida (es decir, mensajes de reacción cortos como "Yay" o "Quiero ganar!") Serán moderados.

    Si tiene preguntas relacionadas con este sorteo, solicite aquí: http://rzr.to/500KQuestions [/ quote]
  6. ExoIsBacK

    ExoIsBacK New Member

    got razer stuff since 2k13 and its awesome (blackwidow/deathadder/goliathusspeed) i love that gear and would never play without it anymore :heart:
  7. Winchester976

    Winchester976 New Member

    My greatest memory is when i got my brand new Blackwidow back in 2013... I was so hyped and wanted to type anything just for that clicky sound! I'm still using it to this day :smile_:
  8. techWengeDIAMOND286

    techWengeDIAMOND286 New Member

    I used to be a Logitech guy until i got my first Razer keyboard, after that i felt the pure difference in quality, performance, and all-round coolness all thanks to the guys in green!
  9. Winchester976

    Winchester976 New Member

    Are you from future?!
  10. jayden1120

    jayden1120 New Member

    When i got the razer mamba te edition which was fast in cs:go that i couldn't handle it
  11. PenguinArmy

    PenguinArmy New Member

    My greatest Razer related memory was when I finally hit the mile stone of 15 total Razer products purchased and being able to have a full chroma set up
  12. LukyXenos

    LukyXenos New Member

    Has to be when I bought my first piece of Razer gear: Naga Original. Don't think I could ever go back to playing anything without the extra buttons. Hands down the best purchase I've ever made, 5 years on and still working perfectly
  13. BMO515

    BMO515 New Member

    Had to be in an intense game of csgo, let me set the scene were on dust 2 we are 2 down its 1 against 3 I'm ct and the bomb is planted A i'm walking through ct spawn as i come out of ct spawn my teammates start shouting short I turn around and instantly headshot I turn back around and keep walking they come from the site and I instantly mowed them down and defused.

    I'm not even good at csgo but for them few seconds my deathadder chroma took over.
  14. Zeyami

    Zeyami New Member

    Getting my First Razer Keyboard! The difference that a mechanical keyboard makes is amazing.
  15. BigKev

    BigKev New Member

    The first Razer product I ever had was a Razer Diamondback Plasma LE Special Edition. Gaming has never been the same for me since. And that was one tank of a mouse, I would probably still be using it if my cat didn't decide the cord looked like a fun chew toy one morning... :/
  16. Carrel

    Carrel New Member

    The best experience to know that I can play my favorite games with zsilver and my mouse RAZER, ABYSSUS V2, thanks razer :heart:
  17. BubbaDucky

    BubbaDucky New Member

    My favorite memory was clearing my first raid using the orbweaver chroma! It was so intense that my fingers were sweating, but the orb held in there!
  18. shadowtiger502

    shadowtiger502 New Member

    Mt first memory would be ordering my DeathAdder in 2013, it hasn't failed me once in all 4 years.
  19. oddbasket

    oddbasket New Member

    My first Razer product was a Diamondback mouse over a decade ago. I was so impressed with it, I went out and bought another for my brother.

    Till today, my keyboard, mouse and mousepad are exclusively Razer. And both Diamondbacks are still working.
  20. PeanutButter626

    PeanutButter626 New Member

    When I bought Razer Naga Hex and had a League marathon.
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