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  1. tomotopototo

    tomotopototo New Member

    Thanks so much for doing this! As for my first/fondest memory of Razer, back in 2009 I won a Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard from the promotion MT Dew was doing with Blizzard at the time! I loved that keyboard and used for a good long while. Everyone was jealous that I actually won! Now I hope to make them jealous again ha!
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  2. My all time favorite keyboard is the Razer Lycosa! I've been using it for years and it's gone through so much...LOTS of gaming, video editing, streaming, and even an ant infestation!! I literally had ants "moving in"! :eek_:
    I was so attached to my Lycosa that I braved opening it all up to give those ants an eviction notice (a bit of Raid tends to do that :wink_:)!! I let it all dry out and got it all put back together, praying that I didn't just lose my favorite keyboard!
    Years later, folks and I'm STILL using it..battle scars and all!!
  3. I was a poor college kid, but a buddy of mine had some cash and dumped water all over his cheap, walmart equipment. He decided to upgrade and get a Razer DeathStalker and DeathAdder. I remember the first time I touched that mouse - and I was floor by how comfortable and ergonomic the mouse was. I liked the shallow strokes on the DeathStalker. I bought my DeathAdder right afterwards... I couldn't deal with the CM Storm Mouse after that!

    Now I have my Chroma DeathAdder, Chroma Ornata, Deathstalker, Kraken Pro, Turret, Orochi... and hopefully I'll this cool ass Blade Stealth soon. I've wanted one for a while. :smile_:
  4. Rishanthan_no_id

    Rishanthan_no_id New Member

    I can't lie but the first ever gaming mouse I bought was from Razer. It was the 2014 Naga Edition. I still have it lying around due to sentimental reasons. I bought the Deathadder Chroma recently and never regretted that decision.
  5. Mantrax24

    Mantrax24 New Member

    When i bought my first razer product ( Mamba TE and firefly hard mouse pad ), it was so great that i went back to the store the next day and bought an ornata chroma and an orbweaver. Best gaming decision i've ever made, the orbweaver is perfect, the mouse is precise, the mouse pad is quick, and the keyboard feels so great to type on. I'm in love with these products, they are just perfect !! And those RGB, damn it looks good.
  6. mgrawender

    mgrawender New Member

    My best Razer memory was finally getting my Blackwidow Chroma the day it came out and using it with my newly built PC.
  7. Was playing Path of Exile and Razer partnered with them to offer "Razer Footprints", a microtransaction you could download for free and put on your character if you created a free account on the Razer website...I went there and made an account not even knowing what the Razer products were...Upon looking at Razer's product line i went ahead and purchased a Razer Deathadder mouse and since then have also purchased a Razor Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard. I'm a huge fan of Razer products now and won't be looking for anything else for my gaming needs.
  8. Akimaki99

    Akimaki99 New Member

    My best memory is having the Project Mcfly on my rig. It was, and has been the greatest wireless, levitating, bluetooth, mp3 player, otg supported, 4gb ram, with expandable storage, mouse I have ever seen ! I hope I can get this Razer Blade Stealth so I can finally use it together :) Thanks for being awesome, Razer !
  9. StephanPhung

    StephanPhung New Member

    I've always used Razer mice to game, they're what I always chose and will always choose them over any other mice.
  10. PassionateRomp

    PassionateRomp New Member

    My first experience of Razer was when I used to visit my brother in college during the early years of World of Warcraft. He has just gotten the Naga Molten mouse and I remember thinking how awesome it looked and that I had never seen a mouse like that before. From then on I began purchasing Razer products and between gaming and music production I now own Razer headphones, keyboard, leviathon speakers (some of the best speakers i've ever heard), and the Seiren Pro. Will always be a true Razer fan!
  11. Otircam01

    Otircam01 Member

    Everything that happened with project Valarie, from an awe inspiring reveal at CES, I MEAN COME ON. THREE SCREENS ON LAPTOP GUYS. NOW THATS A DOPE CONCEPT/ PROTOTYPE. HANDS DOWN one of the best things at ces.

    And of course the whole fiasco with them getting stolen, and the MEMES, i mean we ALL know Linus snatched it. (or dropped it)

    I know they have a prototype on display at the Razer Store in San Francisco, but i still dont know if they actually got the original prototypes back lol.

    PS i hope they did.

    PSS seriously we all know it was you linus
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  12. Getting my Kraken headset and Deathstalker keyboard was what got me into playing PC games. I love them so much.
  13. Dragsimus

    Dragsimus New Member


    This day, I formally become part of the cult!

    Thank You and keep forward!

  14. maverick262

    maverick262 New Member

    The very first time I wrapped my fat right hand around a DeathAdder, I knew I was a member of the Cult of Razer for life.
  15. sneakyzac11

    sneakyzac11 New Member

    First razer product was my deathadder chroma, i still refuse to change because i love it so much!
  16. WitzyJ

    WitzyJ New Member

    My best moment was when I got the razer naga hex. I was supposed to buy it and then compare it to other gaming mouses (mice?), but I just decided to open it right away. I couldn't stand looking at the box without being able to use what was inside. When I opened it, I got that invite to razer insider, which really opened me up to all the things you guys have to offer.

    (Note: this is not part of the giveaway, I know you can only submit one story, but I wanted to share this anyways )
    I don't know if this counts, but another moment I had was during my graphics shops class, where I was able to make my own razer T-shirt, which looked nice, but I wore it so much that it got faded, and now you can barely see the logo
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  17. Bigdoggies

    Bigdoggies New Member

    When i brought my Razer blackwidow chroma V2 (and the day it arrived) :)
  18. Faizan Saifi_no_id

    Faizan Saifi_no_id New Member

    I don't have the money to buy razer products so never got to use these extraordinary products.
  19. Endracion

    Endracion New Member

    After many years of trying to get in on the CES sales (since the first year of Razer Insider pretty much), I finally managed to snag a Blackwidow Chroma Tournament!

    Love the size, love the lighting!
  20. I just made my first gaming set up about 3 months ago, bought the Razer Chroma Ornata Keyboard, honestly, I am loving it so much.
    Best of the best.
    Gives the best colors and the best touch feeling.

    Also bought razer deathadder chroma, also a god mouse!

    I am stick with razer.
    It's just fantastic, thank you!
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