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[Giveaway] We are 500K fans strong on Razer Insider!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. MghtyJoeYung

    MghtyJoeYung New Member

    Just signed up yesterday actually, heard about you guys from some people on Overwatch, how you guys are giving people an extra incentive to play games by rewarding them. People are going to play the games they love regardless, but the fact that you guys are supporting our love for games is too cool. After my match got over I went and signed up. So this is my best memory, hearing about you guys from the community, you guys really got people talking and I thank you. So great job on 500k guys. You got me for life.
  2. fabfabricio

    fabfabricio New Member

    thank you guys for making such a good things to make gaming experience into a whole new level, i just love my deathadder mouse and goliathus mousepad they just amazing.
  3. Sh3MaN25

    Sh3MaN25 New Member

    I remember the day I got my first gaming pc... my mom helped me buy full razer peripherals: Tiamat headset, Deathstalker Ultimate and the Ouroboros... I guess you could say I have a slight Razer obsession.
  4. Minetrox_no_id

    Minetrox_no_id New Member

    I discovered Razer if my friend gave me his old razer naga, because He buyed a New one !
    After this Moment I bought many other Products from the razer Shop because the mouse and the other Produkts were and are still the Best :heart:
  5. Link847

    Link847 New Member

    My first Razer item was a Death Adder mouse and I still use it to this day! Next on my list is definitely the Razer Man O' War headphones :-D
  6. Kobe Wong_no_id

    Kobe Wong_no_id New Member

    My first ever gaming mouse was a Razer Deathadder 2013, I really loved it. The mouse was just so smooooth
  7. AJoshi

    AJoshi New Member

    The time when the talon exoskeleton was 'announced', and people actually forgot it was 1st april 2011. Sure there were pranks in 2009 and 2010, but the exoskeleton took it to a whole new level of proficiency and mastery in pranks from the side of razer.

    And of course the toaster, for which many of us are still awaiting the press release :)
  8. Mystrust

    Mystrust New Member

    My Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth took me back to my first mechanical keyboard an IBM J2. Still have it in the back of the room but dont know if the PS1 connection can be converted...
  9. Indinthus

    Indinthus New Member

    A tie between switching to full Chroma gear, and getting the Razer NZXT case to complete the classic Razer Green look in the office.
  10. Mr.PicKaChU

    Mr.PicKaChU New Member

    Got a razer blade even before it was launched in Thailand. Flew all the way to Hong Kong just to get the blade. Have always been in the razer cult ever since I bought my first razer product. BEST GAMING BRAND HANDS DOWN.
  11. EmeraldCore

    EmeraldCore Member

    I couldn't aim properly in CS:GO with my small 2 dollar mouse.

    I bought a Razer mouse and can carry my team in Global elite ranking...

    Thanks Razer. :cool_::wink_:

    But all jokes aside the experience with Razer is awesome! Stilling using the same Mouse after 2 years and added the ever so stealthy and cool keyboard and they work together like a well rgb lit machine. Appreciate the amount of giveaways and effort you put in being active with the community, and I wish the best to all the other contestants!
  12. rayken87

    rayken87 New Member

    i think the best moment should be the moment i brought the Razer Krait...around 10 years ago maybe......the first mouse then i can show off to my friend...is 1600 DPI LOL...faster than your microsoft mouse 400 dpi
  13. Divaite

    Divaite New Member

    I got my first Razer mouse as a birthday present, best present ever :)
  14. geoPaleRobinEggBlue893

    geoPaleRobinEggBlue893 Active Member

    Was tight on cash but went ahead and bought the deathadder elite and bw chroma stealth anyways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Was well worth it.
  15. ErrorSnipeZz

    ErrorSnipeZz Member

    ouhh my best moment with Razer.. there were so much but one of the best was just a short time ago after starting the good old game Sacrifice and played it with the Razer Naga. It's so wonderful to play a game with the right equipment (which can only be from Razer :)).
  16. Frosthoof

    Frosthoof New Member

    My favourite moment with Razer?..hmm when our lord and savior @Min-Liang Tan answered my thread of KittyKraken 10k :D..ohh by and the way ..we are still waiting for the pic of it :D
  17. hitana

    hitana New Member

    My first Razer was Deathadder 2013 used it for 2 years then gave it to my lil brother
    then got Deathadder Abyss 2014 white edition used it for one year then gave it to my cousin
    they loved them so much,
    after a few months My brother purchased Deathadder chroma and Blackwidow TE chroma
    and my cousin purchased Blackwidow 2014 and still using the abyss,
    I got Blackwidow TE chroma and deathadder 2014
    best gaming products we love them so much =]
  18. Giacomotg

    Giacomotg Active Member

    I still remember my experience of playing with my razer mamba for the first time, I felt myself like Smeagol and I couldn`t express my feelings enough but say: "MY PRECIOUS"
  19. Shockah

    Shockah New Member

    I had recently got really into PC gaming, always played here and there since I was a kid but typically stuck to consoles. I bought a modest gaming PC with money I got from a summer fast food job that came with a stock iBUYPOWER mouse and keyboard and had them for around 6 months before the keyboard crapped out. I decided if I was going to buy a keyboard might as well upgrade all my peripherals and a friend recommended Razer. 1 Blackwidow Chroma and 1 Deathadder Chroma later and PC gaming felt like a whole different experience I'm not gonna pretend they were as comfortable as a controller but hot damn do they feel right, and perform even better. Also pretty lights, so that's cool.
  20. My first ever setup is pretty much all razer even to the pc case.
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