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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. GlassWizard

    GlassWizard New Member

    My first Razer experience was getting the Razer Orbweaver! Oh boy was I a razer fan from that point onwards :D
  2. leocj11

    leocj11 New Member

    The first keystrokes on my BlackWidow Chroma... oh me oh my. Team Razer ftw
  3. Redvyte97

    Redvyte97 New Member

    Getting the Razer Deathadder 3.5g in 2010 which still works perfectly today. :)
  4. PhantomFragger

    PhantomFragger New Member

    Bought my first Deathadder and never looked back
  5. Pas20cal

    Pas20cal New Member

    After finding the Razer Blade Series, MacBook totaly lost it's attractiveness to me. Apple realy should have a look on Razers notebooks, to see how to build proper ones for people who want to be productive.

    KARIOQ New Member

    I brought the diamondback when it was on sale. I thought, meh. It was the best purchase I made. The crappy wireless mouse I had was very bad compared to the diamondback. The moment when I plugged it, and wave light effect was amazing. I love my diamondback mouse.
  7. Hempthusiast

    Hempthusiast New Member

    My best Razer moment is when I started to stream with my Razer Seiren and purchased the Gunnars' RPG Gaming Glasses, because it meant I only needed the webcam still to release to complete my full green Razer set-up; then I went travelling so won't buy it for now on. (Maybe in a razer store someday? Hehe)

    I also put everything you say on facebook as good moment because you know how to talk to us gamer and every post is a light in the darkness for us in the real world.

    Also, seeing movies with Razer gears.
  8. son2boy

    son2boy New Member

    still remember when I first bought my deathadder in 2010 in my country, Indonesia where the cost of pc gaming gear like a fortunes. i saving my money like 10 months before i can bought it. and i really love it. that was the 1st gaming gear that i had. and i got my 4.5k MMR in dota 2 sea server because of that back in 2011. what a quiet achievement for myself, especially when play with a shitty network from my country.

    now i live in Japan, getting the mamba TE, blackwidow X chroma, and goliathus for everyday campus task and gaming.

    and i will keep spending my money with a new gear of razer that i like.

    thanks for making a really great gaming gear.
  9. Elstealthed

    Elstealthed New Member

    My fondest memories would have to be getting my first razer product - The Razer Naga, the feeling of finally owning a piece of Razer loot thanks to my brother working in a secondhand store but still it was immense and amazing. Unfortunately it was a second hand one due to limited money from being between jobs that was already slightly damaged ( the internal weight was loose/splitting and eventually snapped off) but was worth it all the way. Then, this Christmas my brother got me a razer goliath to be proudly center piece of my desk, just need to get another razer mouse to use on it now XD
  10. Sukkubus

    Sukkubus New Member

    I got the cable of my Razer Naga Epic Chroma replaced without any question. BEST customer service EVER!!!
  11. Xyluun

    Xyluun New Member

    I just remembered the first time I bought a Razer product.
    It was the blue Razer Naga at this time ! I was playing a lot World of Warcraft and i rediscovered the game with all the shortcuts this mouse gave to me !
    I never changed this mouse and I always kept playing with a Razer Naga !
    Now I have the Chroma one and i like the changes in the design you gave to it !
    Keep going on this track i believe in you :D
  12. duall3r

    duall3r New Member

    My first gaming mouse was Copperhead. It is still alive, though left click is almost dead.
    So much gaming memories back there, so many journeys in virtual worlds and headshots made.
  13. Crucifix

    Crucifix New Member

    First time using the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 Stealth edition after using a laptop keyboard. Felt milestones better than my laptop and much more natural than the green keys.
  14. I had my first razer product not long ago, about 6 months. i had bought the razer kraken 7.1 headset. i remember counting the days for it to arrive at my home and when it did i actually almost cried! ahah i danced and jumped i was a proper happy girl! everything looked so perfect, i tried them on i felt like i was in another world. it was the most amazing feeling actually feeling like u are inside the game and music and out of this world. my friends got tired of me saying how much i loved it ahah
  15. Justinvdw123

    Justinvdw123 New Member

    My very first was the razer kraken 7.1
    My second was the razer ortnata chroma :)
  16. Ufuk_no_id

    Ufuk_no_id New Member

    I dont have any razer products. But my childhood was all about dreaming to play with one of them. If i get this one i am sure i can have a lot of good memories..
  17. KaiJRock23

    KaiJRock23 New Member

    First gaming mouse was razer naga, a lot of fun in world of warcraft.
  18. Dommorak

    Dommorak New Member

    Moving from an unnamed 'included with your new pc' keyboard to my first Razer Lycosa, way back in the day. I still remember the day, walking to Futureshop with friends, walking home, setting it up, playing Data and WoW for the whole weekend. Since then I have continued to upgrade, good times.
  19. drog117pro

    drog117pro New Member

    My greatest memory was definitely when Razer arena held a 5v5 Dota 2 Online Tournament. Despite losing the first round, i still had a lot of fun. From there, I learnt a lot like teamwork makes the dream work... Hopefully, i will get to win this Razer Stealth Blade and buying more Razer products soon!
  20. Cleanurpants

    Cleanurpants New Member

    First Razer product I ever got was the deathadder, and I'm still using it today :D
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