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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. ProHdawg

    ProHdawg New Member

    From the day I went and traded in my k65 for a blackwidow tourney edition, I knew I would never use another keyboard. Still going strong 3 years later! Thanks Razer!
  2. argus

    argus New Member

    Setting up my first Razer Naga, and realizing how much I had been missing regarding response time and dpi from my mouse. I could just use little movements rather than skating my hand constantly across the mouse pad.
  3. mo-iro

    mo-iro Active Member

    The best memory I have is the april fools anouncement for the flying mouse, that was very awesome
  4. ch6_6

    ch6_6 Member

    Been using Razer Orochi for around 2 years, not bad experience but it is not suit for wireless gaming. Anyway still planning to buy a Razer keyboard and headphone, would definitely visit your Razerstore in Bangkok next month when travelling there. Hope there is a store in Malaysia soon!
  5. SchlumpfSpielt

    SchlumpfSpielt New Member

    I first heard about Razer a few years ago when a friend told me about it because he wanted to buy a Mamba. (He's still planning) First. I was like 'WTF is that?!? I've never heard of that!' As I digged deeper inside the products, I was amazed by this Razer Chroma RGB thing and the Razer Blade (That thing with the touchscreen-trackpad) because I've never seen something like this before. After me deciding not to buy a Razer Ouboros although it's a great mouse, I haven't heard anything about Razer for a very, very long time.

    But this changed during CES 2017. I have to admit that project Ariana was awful. Even the videos almost made me puke so I don't want to see how that would feel in real life.
    BUT project Valerie was just amazing!
    Although the Rezar Prejoct Volervie (you all know who built this!) was awesome, the original project Valerie was something nobody would have expected. Just awesome.
    And that's my story with Razer. I hope you're all doing well (and that the next Blade is an awesome product, I just want to buy it)!
  6. ysojelly

    ysojelly New Member

    That feeling when....you buy your first mamba....and instead of opening it, just look at it sitting on its sexy stand...
  7. Justin8327

    Justin8327 New Member

    I enjoy using the Razer Orochi that I have brought. Gaming is much more convenient with the awesome features in it!
  8. Brainsurge

    Brainsurge New Member

    My first Naga purchase and how it made WoW pvp that much more enjoyable
  9. JohopeDRM

    JohopeDRM New Member

    My first Razer product is pretty new. It is my Razer Deathstalker. I bought it last year when I was still building my gaming rig. The best memory I have with it is pretty hard to describe. It was when I was playing cs:go and I alt+tab'ed, by accident, to my desktop. I was pretty damn angry, but I managed to live till I got back in the game. I was blessed, by luck, because I actually managed to clutch that round 3v1 :D
  10. HumbleOdin_no_id

    HumbleOdin_no_id New Member

    Grabbing my first keyboard set and spending the night testing out all the different lighting profiles for various games, totally sick feature that probably distracted me more than it should have those first few weeks after setting it up! Haha.
  11. Exkyu

    Exkyu New Member

    10 years ago when I bought a counterfeit copperhead in Bangkok.

    Then bought the real stuff hours later because I was so impressed with it.
  12. chroma143

    chroma143 New Member

    The only I have with Razer is when I bought my First Razer Deathadder Chroma.
    using it in FPS game like Special Force 2 is very great and awesome and still I am using it for playing that certain. Sometimes I also use it in playing Dota2.

    I hope everyone would be happy for the result. Thank you @kajira, @Lafar, @Destrok, and @Firebat246 for this community :)
  13. My favourite moment would be when i first set up my Blackwidow Chroma, Naga hex V2 and kraken v2 up and played my first game (won that by the way). Thanks for making gaming much better Razer!
  14. Little_Gamer

    Little_Gamer New Member

    When I heard of razer in the first place, a whole new world opened for me
  15. Blooregarde

    Blooregarde New Member

    I recently purchased a Razer Mamba Tournament Edition and my game play in Rainbow Six Siege is phenomenal. Alongside my purchase of the Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma and I absolutely love them. I can hear everything and it's crystal clear. It may just be me, but while using the microphone with my Kraken in Ventrilo, my friends note that my sentences end abruptly so they don't hear the last 1-2 words of my sentences at times. Ever since having both, all my gaming moments are favourite moments. I may purchase a Blackwidow Chroma in the near future depending on my budget. Also can't wait for the wireless Lancehead!
  16. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    My greatest memory has to be the unboxing of my 1st ever Razer Blade. It was the 4720HQ with a 870m. I was really excited to finally buy myself a high end laptop, I actually took a day off work to make sure I was home when it got delivered!
  17. enigmatictheory

    enigmatictheory New Member

    My best experience with Razer actually made me love it more, I was playing H1Z1 and with earbuds, I couldn't exactly hear footsteps but with the Adaro I had at the time, I managed to hear the footsteps and kill the dude trying to eliminate me, leading me to my first win. I can't exactly express how much I like the headphones in words because I love it a lot, it allows better sounds than a lot of other headphones. I got it 2 years ago and even though its broken, I didn't throw it away because of all the memories.

    As of now, I've bought the Razer Kraken and I'm planning to get more Razer items despite my tight budget because of the quality and mainly because of the support that Razer is willing to give to people like me who have issues with their gear. Can't thank you guys enough.

    Thank you to @kajira, @Lafar, @Destrok, and @Firebat246 for making Razer Insider better.
    Last edited: May 23, 2017
  18. Willima

    Willima New Member

    My greatest Razer memory will have to be when I got a BlackWidow Ultimate for my birthday. I plugged that baby into my computer staight away, and played games with it until the sun went down. I still use it and have never had any problems with it. It's so nice to have good quality accessories. Thank you, everyone form Razer.
  19. VacaJairo20

    VacaJairo20 New Member

    I remember the first time I put the Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 in my ears, I was blown away by the quality and the awesome Razer Synapse, so since then I bought the Razer Blackwidow X Chroma and I am very happy with it, as it is my first machanical keyboard, and the Kraken was my first headphone that I could really play with quality. So there`s no doubt that I will try to make a full Razer set if I have money. Thank you Razer and Inseder mods for your amazing products and a great place to be part of.
  20. MyNameJason

    MyNameJason New Member

    My most epic moment was when I got my blackwidow x chroma tournament edition, and I already had a deathadder chroma but didn't know about chroma integration so when I got into overwatch and saw the lights change from menu to each character I used I had a mini explosion in my head.... I am also guilty of staring at the lighting more than the screen those few matches
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