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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Omega_777

    Omega_777 New Member

    My first Razer memory was when I got my first Razer stuff for Christmas in December 2016. Best keyboard & such I've gotten since.
  2. beaverknight256

    beaverknight256 New Member

    In 2012, i got myself the very first gaming mice from armaggeddon. After about 3 years of using, the left click is no longer working properly and i decided to get myself a new mice. After spending quite some time of researching, i decided to order the razer deathadder. When i first try it, I knew that THIS is then my first gaming mice. The level of accuracy and smoothness is on a different level compared to my previous armaggeddon mice. Still using it and going strong for me.
  3. mooselyWild

    mooselyWild New Member

    When I saw Razers new project Valerie I was truly awed. I loved how Razer was trying to be different that all there competitors with there truly innovative design, even if it was a prototype.
  4. >Me, 16 years old, broke ass, mother unsupportive of gaming
    >Play games on cheap laptop every weekend at my dad
    >Finally gets slightly less potato PC
    >Need half decent mouse and keyboard - still broke ass
    >Enters NAG Mag giveaway, gets Razer mouse and headset
    >Me, 19 years old, still broke ass, but PC is now mid-high end. still using 3 year old kit
    >Looking to upgrade now
  5. Haldol

    Haldol New Member

    The Razer DeathAdder chroma... just perfect
  6. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    Proud to be apart of this community! You guys all rock and your passion for Razer is genuinely appreciated!!
  7. PermeableOne

    PermeableOne New Member

    I got the old Keyboard of a friend and I'm still fascinated how good it is still working after all this time(and plenty of use:D)
  8. Greendrawn

    Greendrawn New Member

    Once upon a time all my headphones broke one after another in an interval of 2 weeks. After 3 days of searching for a new pair to fit all my needs I decided to order the Razer ManO'War 7.1 Green Edition .After all the research I don't think they will have the same fate as the others .
    P.S. Romania could use a Razer Store soon.
  9. MrJJenkins

    MrJJenkins New Member

    The day my first gaming set up became a reality with a second-hand Razer DeathAdder 3.5k and a black widow chroma!
  10. Hardrive33

    Hardrive33 New Member

    The first proper time I get a razer setup with my Abyssus 2014 the kraken pros, a deathstalker chroma and then a mouse mat large. One of the best days setting that up
  11. When I bought my Blackwidow Chroma and Deathadder Chroma of course!

    They really make my set up perfect, changing colours on a daily basis now! Haha ;)
  12. zeebomba

    zeebomba New Member

    Mine would have to be when I first got my razer mouse, since then I've loved razer :)
  13. quazzie227

    quazzie227 New Member

    When I bought my DeathAdder. The Chroma Function purely amazed me.
  14. TastyTortilla

    TastyTortilla New Member

    Bought a razer pro 1.6 back in 2008 or 09 (I think) Hands down the best mouse I ever had. I actually used up it up until it wouldn't register anymore clicks. Wish they still sold em. It's like your first car. I'd buy it again if I had the chance....
  15. xAlcaranx

    xAlcaranx New Member

    Best of CES 2012 - Project Fiona nomination, thanks to which I could grab Mamba 2012 for half the price.
    It still works up to date after some minor issues with LMB clicking twice from time to time. Disassembled and repaired it myself :)
  16. JackFromFarmState

    JackFromFarmState New Member

    Probably when I first saw a Razer video on the good ol YouTubes and I instantly fell in love with all of your products.
  17. Rocco Wu_no_id

    Rocco Wu_no_id New Member

    Looking at all the options to buy my first PC laptop intended for gaming, researching for my first Razer mouse, and watching the awesome customizations.
  18. hifive12345

    hifive12345 New Member

    I remember getting the hammerhead pro ear phones and the first time I listened to them I was amazed by how they sounded. Razer started my love of high quality headphones and got me into pc gaming.
  19. kjoon_k

    kjoon_k New Member

    The Kraken pro i bought 3 years ago still rocking hard providing me awesome audio in gamin mode, never had any regret buying it XD
  20. Alidove_

    Alidove_ New Member

    Razer has always astonished me with its innovation and high quality products. Project Valkyrie's announcement blew me out of the water!
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