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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. petersutton1

    petersutton1 New Member

    When my guild and I finally cleared Illidan in black temple, World of Warcraft TBC and reaching 4th best guild on our server, powered by the original Naga, fantastically engineered mouse, still use one today.
  2. Nytyx

    Nytyx New Member

    The original Razer Naga, worked flawless; and the Cortex software has aided me on multiple occasions; best lag-reducing software to date.
  3. KrazyAce78

    KrazyAce78 New Member

    Getting my chroma desktop set up with a Blackwidow X, Mamba TE, and Firefly mouse pad. And looking forward to completing it with a Chroma mug when I save up enough zSilver.
  4. Supergeon

    Supergeon New Member

    When I picked up my 2012 Naga, Black widow, Carcharias, and Vespula - all at the same time!

    I've since added the Onza, Sabretooth, Seiren, and Adaro DJ to my PC experience.

    All that's left is a Razer laptop :-0
  5. AMBERMaizeeasy982

    AMBERMaizeeasy982 New Member

    I got into this razer stuff a year ago when i first saw the razer kraken.
    But the most precious moment for me i would say was buying my own Blackwidow Chroma v1 keyboard. That was just amazing. I used to spend hours trying to creat my own lighting configurations. Totally the best thing ever.
    Still use that keyboard to this day. I just love the clicky keys and full spectrum lighting .
  6. DannyTheKitty

    DannyTheKitty New Member

    The first day I bought a Razer product, I had finally convinced my dad to buy me a keyboard. I had heard about Razer before and had been recommended to them by my friend. However, I was instantly in love. Every present now my friends receive, it's a razer headset, a razer mouse, or a razer keyboard. They are my favorite products.
  7. braybray02

    braybray02 New Member

    It had to be my first Razer headset because I used to only use those $17 cheap amazon headphones and I thought that was good until i put on my new headset... Then it was a whole new world
  8. 060104

    060104 New Member

    it was Christmas 2015 and I got a razer Naga limited green edition from my parents.
  9. elplourde

    elplourde New Member

    The day my parents gave me the razer kraken headset back in 2012, i had no idea at the time how huge the razer community was. Thanks razer for all the energy you put into this and thanks for the quality products that you offer.
  10. kiyannz

    kiyannz New Member

    Simple & short. With the Razer Kraken headphones, still experiencing eargasms as of today.
  11. Draco90

    Draco90 Member

    The sensation of the first unboxing with the first Abyssus, the smell of the package, the thrill at seeing the logo light up.. just.. unbeatable... :heart:
  12. Aerdrie

    Aerdrie New Member

    My first Razer product was the Razer Naga. It was a Christmas present in 2010 from my mother and father in law, and on my wishlist because I wanted to play World of Warcraft better. It really only took about a week to get used to, but I simply cannot game without a Naga anymore. I had played computer games with my mouse and the arrows / numpad of a keyboard for a very long time, and my left hand just wasn't up to the task of learning how to hotkey. The Naga helped me get around all of that, and my right hand took over nearly everything, leaving my left to happily just hit the jump button (which helps you dodge, right? lol).

    Throne of the Four Winds came around, and sometime after we were fighting Prince Al'Akir, tragedy struck one day. I may use my scroll wheel too much for zooming in and out, in addition to using it as a toggle for mumble at the time. I spun straight through the axle connecting the wheel to the gears that told the computer I was moving it at all. Of course, I opened it up to see what I had done, thus voiding my 2 year warranty. I saved up some money, and eventually got back to Best Buy to buy the Naga 2014, as well as the Lycosa Keyboard and Kraken headset. Since then I have upgraded to the Naga Epic Chroma, Blackwidow Chroma, and Orbweaver Chroma. But it all started with that one Naga that really helped me learn how to use hotkeys. Thank you Razer.
  13. Hilariously, it's not a piece of tech, or gear, or anything like that; the thing that stands out to me most was when my girlfriend bought me the Tactical Pro Bag and I finally found something that would house my behemoth of a laptop. Before then, every bag I'd ever had would barely work. I opened the box it came it, opened the laptop pocket and slipped it in with room to spare. I'm pretty sure cherubs sang and a ray of pure white light descended from above. On top of that, it even fits my Siren, Kraken, Naga, and mouse mat STILL with room to spare. Now, if it fits the Project Valerie, you'll have outdone yourself. No matter what product I buy from you guys, I'm never disappointed.
  14. Prophet PlayZ_no_id

    Prophet PlayZ_no_id New Member

    The Razer Babu watch reveal was really cool
  15. mikaflyaway

    mikaflyaway New Member

    With Blade, I can finally not feel bad when my wife want me to go with her to her friend's place.
  16. dannybgames40

    dannybgames40 New Member

    The day I bought my Razer Naga 2014 to owning a black widow ultimate 2014, Deathadder Chroma, Deathstalker chroma, Razer Kraken pro. project Valerie made my jaw completely drop when I first saw it.
  17. Gunbust3rDX

    Gunbust3rDX New Member

    Messaged Razer on facebook asking about rules to one of your other contests. Got no reply and stealth banned, cant comment on anything or msg you there anymore. Classy.

    Fingers crossed ;)
  18. Giorgio6846

    Giorgio6846 New Member

    When i got my razer deathadder chroma i spend 1 day looking at the chroma and then buy the razer mamba tournament edition and the firefly and looking the rgb with the app of music visualizer or the app of csgo
  19. mikkihime

    mikkihime New Member

    When I had my first bf I wasn't that much into gaming yet. So, when he said he'd spent 500 bucks on a freaking mouse (Deathadder) I thought he was a moron...He later got me addicted to Dota 2 and WoW. And now here I am, 5 years later with all the razer gear I could get! Best feeling ever when I tripled my average number of kills on Overwatch after buying my first ever razer mouse (Abyssus)
  20. I saw the razer naga hex v2 in the store and I fell in love instantly
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