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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. RoastierThanToastier

    RoastierThanToastier Active Member

    (I don't know if I already posted this I am having some connection issues but here you go)

    The time I got my first Razer product. the Deathadder Chroma. It was the best mouse I had ever used and it was what made me continue purchasing products. And now I have a full Razer setup. I love you guys, keep up the great work!
  2. sn0wwarrior

    sn0wwarrior New Member

    I was always fascinated by razer products but could afford them as a college student. I was able to get my hands on a used razer naga hex that was still in great condition despite having hours of use already. I fell in love with it instantly and have gone on to buy the naga hex v2 and upgrade every other peripheral i have to razer gear. You have a razer fan for life.
  3. coli77

    coli77 New Member

    My favorite Razer memory was my friends brother giving me his Razer Deathadder 2013, it gave me something to remember him by when he passed and I still use it to this day. Thanks for the great memories and many more to come Razer!
  4. oldman_ricardo

    oldman_ricardo New Member

    God, I was following this company not as long as some, but I was following it when they first announced their first Razer Blade. That was one of the most exciting for me as a consumer, to see such a cool product be released by this small company. I remember showing this off to my friends, and being disappointed that they've never heard of the company but now look at this! I'm beyond words to express how I feel seeing a company grow so much in such a quick time to be known as one of the top gaming manufacturers, and am proud to say that even though I don't own anything 100% Razer, I did purchase the Razer H440 for my pc. Keep it up guys!
  5. Shampen

    Shampen New Member

    Thanks for doing those awesome giveaways!

    My best moment was when I went to a friend's house and he had a razer naga epic chroma mouse, we played some LoL in a LAN and I immidiately felt in love with Razer products and this is when I learnt about Razer and all their awesome software (cortex especially) and hardware (everything!)

    I am now trying to get enough zSilver to buy a mouse or a keyboard (or maybe a headphone).

    The saddest thing I lived while beeing a Razer customer was to see that Arena is getting shut down :/
  6. gimmily

    gimmily New Member

    Watching the Video of Project Valerie was inspiring. I just wish I could afford to HAVE Razer gear. All my money goes into looking after my disabled partner. Pick me please, so I can join all the lucky Razer owners!
  7. Hazzabear123

    Hazzabear123 New Member

    I am a gamer nerd but my favourite razor moment was when I first heard of razor back in 2008 and what products they gave and software, truely a moment @Firebat246 @Lafar@razer @Razer Insider
  8. bigigaming

    bigigaming New Member

    my very first Razer product was the Kraken 7.1 chroma. i use them every day and i don't even need everything else for music and games! I loved the very first time i opened the package is was a great unboxing experience!
  9. Mogstache

    Mogstache New Member

    Got it from giveaway which is Razer Man O War elite, Razer Lancehead and Razer blackwidow V2 (Yellow Switch). All of it is still in my head...
  10. tyler2

    tyler2 New Member

    Seeing the Project Valerie and being amazed that a laptop could have three screens.
  11. Mr0zio

    Mr0zio New Member

    When I received my first razer keyboard. It was the Ornata Pro and my daughters gave it to me for fathers day. They saw how frustrated I would get with my (then 10 year old Alienware) older keyboard and wanted to do something for me that I would enjoy during my very limited down time. I have the best kids on the planet.
  12. Azureaper

    Azureaper New Member

    When you open a new game and the Blackwidow has special colors programmed in it.
  13. SennaE

    SennaE New Member

    Man Razer is just the best company ever! My greatest memory was getting my firefly and mamba and setting up chroma! #memories
  14. sergeantbunny88

    sergeantbunny88 New Member

    My favorite memory was getting my first Razer product called Raze Firefly and I LOVED it. ever since then every time i see a razer product and i want it then i buy it immediately.
  15. McSqueeze

    McSqueeze New Member

    My most memorable moment was the first time I hour a Razer Naga. I was playing wow and had some trouble finding keybindings for all my skills, and well, long story short, I don't have that problem anymore. Not only that, but if I'm playing on someone else's computer or any non naga mouse, I feel like I am playing with a handicap.
  16. Heavyoak

    Heavyoak Member

    gotta be the saltness that I hear over my headset when im able to jump,shoot,and taunt at the same time , and its all thanks to my Razer Nostromo.
  17. nextpagepls

    nextpagepls Member

    the day i got my first razer diamondback and really love using it and been stuck with razer forever until now.
  18. Highbane27

    Highbane27 New Member

    For me was when I got my first mouse, deathadder.
  19. Matt_41_no_id

    Matt_41_no_id New Member

    This one time I started to argue with a bunch of people at my school about laptops. They were adamant about how the MacBook Pro was the best laptop. After a long and annoying argument, I showed them the Razer Blade line. I showed them the specs and compared them to the Macbook (The Blade's was obviously better and could play games too). They still said macs were better despite that. Whatever though, I've always wanted to buy one just so I can be smug and enjoy my sweet laptop.
  20. Justinlol

    Justinlol New Member

    It was when I got the first ever Diamondback that was released because that was a mice like no other at that point in time. To this day I have the naga, blackwidow, seiren and leviathan for my set. Good times
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