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[Giveaway] We are 500K fans strong on Razer Insider!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. TheAlmightyLeeLee

    TheAlmightyLeeLee New Member

    The day my blackwidow x chroma, mamba TE, man o' war, forged edition krakens, firefly and beanie arrived, couldn't wait to set them up and start messing with the chroma, now I find out there's a mug, I have to have it, 48k silver and rising, that mug shall be mine.
  2. aamyysshinn

    aamyysshinn New Member

    My greatest memory would when I won a Razer t-shirt by answering a trivia question correctly at the Razer booth at PAX West last year (I LITERALLY have the worst luck and never win ANYTHING). The question was "What is our CEOs name?" and I was the first person to raise my hand. I yelled "MIN LIANG TAN!!!!!!" Kid you not, I won the Razer Mamba gaming mouse right afterwards during the raffle... You are amazing Razer.
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  3. ChefGenie

    ChefGenie New Member

    Greatest memory was Christmas morning 2013, I opened two razer items. One, the razer naga (which i still use to this day) and the other was the razer anansi (still also use this) both these items have lasted me almost 4 years without any problems.
  4. Samboner

    Samboner New Member

    Back in 2004, My older brother got me into World of Warcraft so i could play with him while he was shipped over seas to Iraq. After his fourth week on tour I got a package in the mail. Inside was a Razer Copperhead! This was by far THE coolest mouse I have ever seen or used! I used it to play countless nights with my older brother and it stayed around for another 6 years! In 2006 I spilled a soda on some logitech keyboard i had.. After that i had no way to continue playing games with my older brother. 2 days went by and he called me asking if everything was okay... I told him what had happened. A few days later i received another package... it was a Razer Tarantula! Thanks to Razers amazing products I was able to stay in contact with my older brother who was on the other side of the world. Even now... i may have upgraded but im still using all razer equipment. deathstalker, mamba, firefly, and kraken (all chroma)

    Thank you for making my gaming life amazing, keeping me in touch with my brother, and filling my head with thousands of memories with razer devices at hand!
  5. Ongatar84

    Ongatar84 New Member

    Easily would have to be when i got my first Razer Naga. That mouse changed the way i play games forever and now i could never imagine playing without it. I definitely consider it my most necessary piece of gaming equipment ever.
  6. SilenceOfKokytos

    SilenceOfKokytos New Member

    I met Razer looking for a community and a place where e-sport are recognized, I really like the Razer community and the insight they give us when playing with their events and prizes
  7. victorchego

    victorchego New Member

    I remember the day I received my bundle with the Orbweaver, Nabu X, and a plastic mousepad. It was fun testing and configuring the two devices with my laptop and smartphone
  8. chesterpatrick

    chesterpatrick New Member

    It was always my dream to own a Razer Blade when I first saw it back in 2011 when I was in University. 6 Years later, I was able to order my Razer Blade late 2016 and it's just amazing as my goal/dream from years back has now been achieved.

    It took 6 years and it's alright, I've bought my brother 2 laptops before getting a laptop for myself.

    Opening the box of the Blade was just surreal!
  9. MisterPants

    MisterPants New Member

    Me and my roommate discovered the Razer Naga and needed to have it. We both ordered one and immediately macroed all of our abilities in WoW onto the mouse. When we showed off our new setup to our guildmates, their response was "Why would you need 12 buttons on a mouse?" and we both said "Is 12 buttons intimidating for your weak and feeble thumb?"

    Thanks Razer, we couldn't mmo harder without you.
  10. Sorpion

    Sorpion New Member

    This is a truly incredible milestone and I am glad to be a part of it. A big thank you to Razer, the staff, insider mods and the community for coming together to make this is a very fun place.

    My favorite Razer memory was when I got my first Razer gear , the Razer DeathAdder! I was simply blown away by how much more powerful and precise it was compared to the mouse I was using then . It really improved my game up to a point where my friends were in awe as how I had gotten so good and of course jokingly called me a hacker! I really loved that mouse but after years of tough use it finally gave up . I was quite sad at that point but I did look forward to getting a new one but didn't have it on priority as I did't have much time for myself to game.

    Now imagine my surprise when a close friend gifted me a the Razer DeathAdder Chroma for my birthday a few months ago! This brought back strong memories and feelings, I was so thrilled and I could not thank him enough ! This was like a resurrection of a long lost friend :)

    I was so happy that in turn I decided to gift him a Razer Kraken which he loved and uses till date !

    Razer you rock! Keep up the good work , truly for gamers by gamers :)
  11. I remember many years of playing as a console gamer, then getting my first gaming PC. Teaching myself many new types of games like World of Warcraft, and a huge fan of 1.6 Counter-Strike.. Razer has always been a leader in my books for truly solid and early innovative products. My Razer Naga is probably my first enjoyable memory! It taught me that hardware was a potentially huge part of the games I enjoy, and making myself a personal goal to better myself at the games I spend so much time on!

    My Razer Naga was purchased right around the same time I was accepted into a rather large World of Warcraft Raiding guild, we we're just entering the newly released 'Ice Crown Citadel', and I knew that I needed to focus for this fresh content pushing guild! Then also, getting my first surround headset from razer, for my FPS games! It's as though all my computer hardware started to evolve right before my eyes, into the necessary tools for a true gaming experience. :heart:

    I now feel properly equipped to play the games I've always enjoyed, and Thank you Razer!
  12. MaximumBunny

    MaximumBunny Well-Known Member

    I remember when I used Razer Surround for the first time with just an audiophile stereo headset without surround features enabled. CSGO sounded better than usual but what surprised me was that DOTA 2 actually had sound positioning too. I was never aware of that until Razer opened my ears. :D
  13. joshuasy13

    joshuasy13 New Member

    When i fist laid my hands on the Deathadder (now ive upgraded to a chroma version :big_grin_:)
  14. L3ngxu3

    L3ngxu3 New Member

    First of all, I would like to thank @kajira, @Lafar, @Destrok, and @Firebat246 for making Razer Insider a great place to stay. Without all of you, Razer Insider would probably not exists till 500k fans.

    Next, I would like to share my story of a game that I'm currently playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive...

    I was given a mouse from Lenovo company for purchasing their laptop. Unfortunately, this mouse only has probably 1000 - 2000 dpi. When I first started playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I only got probably 8 - 10 kills in a match which is understandable for a beginner. But as time passes, I realised that the mouse reaction is getting slower and slower. Then I decided to change to a practical gaming mouse which is Razer Deathadder Chroma since I've been a fan of Razer. Ever since then, my skills and the number of kills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has increased tremendously.

    Last but not least, I would like to thank Razer for making such a wonderful mouse. :smile_:
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  15. erksmit

    erksmit New Member

    i managed to kill someone through a floor in rainbow six siege, all thanks to my razer kraken for delivering spendid surround sound
  16. SonicRaven

    SonicRaven New Member

    When I got the Razer DeathAdder Chroma. Best mouse ever! Thanks Razer!
  17. PistachioBiscuits

    PistachioBiscuits New Member

    When I bought my Deathadder Chroma. Have been using it 2014 ;)
  18. RasydanYeow

    RasydanYeow New Member

    I remember the day I don't eat at school just to save money to buy razer naga epic chroma..hahaha...its was back in 2014 and it still good
  19. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    Really everyone thank you for all the kind comments. It really warms my heart to see this level of appreciation and dedication. I have never been more proud to be apart of a community as I am with Insider. Long live Razer!
  20. Buck0

    Buck0 New Member

    The dag that I got the razer naga, and had to use a book for the mousemat because I forgot about buying a mousemat. Was still a good player though
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