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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. LoreRavendark

    LoreRavendark New Member

    I remember getting my Naga and thinking it was the coolest mouse I had ever seen. Years and 3 new Naga's later, I still agree.
  2. dsvs_2

    dsvs_2 New Member

    I got my first keyboard, 2014 tournament edition checked the keys on the same, saw how the W A S D were placed and the feedback was amazing, have been buying razer products ever since.

  3. Cappa

    Cappa New Member

    Easy headshots through smoke in CSGO, the very first game using my Razer Kraken 7.1 Pro. From rank nova 1 to legendary eagle in 2 weeks, this gear and razer cortex are amazing.
  4. AZRockslide

    AZRockslide New Member

    I was looking for a good headset to use for Podcasting, and I knew I needed one with a noise canceling mic. I ended up buying the Razer Kraken Pro (have upgraded since to the Man 'o War) and never regretted it. I later bought myself the Tartarus to help wtih Mouse and Keybard gaming, as I had been a console gamer for too long to go back to WASD, and I could not be happier.

    Now I just need you to make a gaming trackball, and all will be right with the world. ;)
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  5. Northar

    Northar New Member

    My first keyboard for my first desktop is now a Razer Blackwidow and I love it
  6. frozennunu

    frozennunu New Member

    My greatest Razer experience was when I first saw my Ouroboros in its amazing packaging and got to feel the gaming experience of a high quality gaming mous instead of a touchpad.
  7. DRG197

    DRG197 New Member

    when i built my very first pc, i went out and picked up the death adder, it changed my life forever.
  8. Willock

    Willock New Member

    My best memory is the first time I saw the original Razer Blade back in 2014; it pretty much re-invented the gaming laptop from the chunky, plasticky, garish, overpriced & underpowered products that other brands were pushing into the high-quality, sleek, slim & mature Laptops that every other brand has copied. The industry owes a lot to the Razer Blade.
  9. The day that I ordered the razer naga! ЖВ
  10. Jorgga

    Jorgga New Member

    When i got my first razer mecahnical keyboard years ago. Currently using Razer BlackWiddow ultimate 2013 and its rocking!
  11. echevez1

    echevez1 New Member

    When I got my Razer DeathAdder Chroma. Man those colors were so nice and all my friends got on the Razer hype train
  12. BadSpirit

    BadSpirit New Member

    If not RAZER, I would never dream of Razer Toaster, RΛZΞR 4 L¥FΞ
  13. bushidorp

    bushidorp New Member

    Started with an Ornata for the office and I was officially sold. Promptly followed up the Ornata with a Blackwidow, a Mamba, and a Firefly for home! Every thing I've gotten has been great! Thanks!
  14. Shinesaki

    Shinesaki New Member

    I spent my first salary ever to go full razer, from keyboard to mug ! :smile_:
  15. Alucard666

    Alucard666 New Member

    My best friend gave me Deathadder for my 18th birthday present (8 years ago) and it serves me well since then. I use it every day! It was the best birthday present i could imagine :)
  16. The day I got my Razer Naga and realized how great it was to play an MMO with so many new buttons!
  17. Dantai12_no_id

    Dantai12_no_id New Member

    Razer Lachesis - Playing CS with this mouse was like night and day - it was sooo smooth.

    I was never good at the game at all, not even decent - but this mouse was so great to use it made me want to play better.
  18. cannonkiller

    cannonkiller New Member

    Razer deathstalker was my first Razer keyboard and is now my work keyboard. I had to buy the blackwidow chroma for my setup at home.:big_grin_:
  19. Kaptain-Kirby

    Kaptain-Kirby New Member

    Gotta be my Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma headset I got back in 2014 for Christmas. I was so overjoyed about it that I peed myself. Still using them this very day, treating them like diamonds on my desk. Thank you Razer for such an enjoyable product and a unique memory.
  20. Skates

    Skates New Member

    Mine is a bit different. I remember back in the day I ordered the Razer Barracuda soundcard and the headset to match it. After around 8 months or so, my $200 headset broke. I was crushed, but decided to ask Razer support about it.

    You guys were fantastic. Completely replaced my headset and it didn't cost me a penny. Didn't even ask for a an essay about what happened like some companies do. Just asked for a picture to show what happened so support could see and that was it. Such amazing customer service.

    I've been a super loyal Razer user since then. I love a company that shows me they care about how satisfied I am with their products and clearly, Razer cares!
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