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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. From the first moment I laid my hand on the Razer Naga and felt the numberpad on my thumbs, I never wanted to use another mouse ever again...
  2. Gingersitefast461

    Gingersitefast461 New Member

    Ive had a naga for MMO gaming for years, and recently my inlaws were staying at my house and were checking out my rig and saw the weird mouse with the number pad on the side. My inlaws work in a field with a lot of data input, and were curious how it worked and if it was only for gaming type things, once I showed them they immediately bought 2 for themselves and have been using them, neon lights and all, for business related things for about a year. I still find it to be a really funny story.
  3. leetTuscanytech585

    leetTuscanytech585 New Member

    My favorite memory is getting my Razer backpack that has the rain shield underneath it. I use it every single day and it is perfect for when I am on the motorcycle and that shower pops up out of nowhere. Love Razer!
  4. puhfifer

    puhfifer New Member

    Absolutely love my mechanical keyboard and headset from Razer. Lots of good times raiding MMOs in comfort with them.
  5. tmuni

    tmuni New Member

    Mine has to be my first razer sabertooth. Had many fun tines using jt to play portal 2 on my pc
  6. Peridotgeoegg112

    Peridotgeoegg112 New Member

    Years ago while I was still raiding in WoW, I discovered the Razer Naga and it changed everything. Since then, I've upgraded to each new version and have never been disappointed.

    Thank you!
  7. The first time I ever had to buy a gaming mouse was orochi while I had to work for a full month and back then there was only dota 1 and I manage to get a triple kill for the first time I was overwhelmed with the kill I can still remember I was using gyrocopter to do the triple kill. I will always remember. Thank you razor for the most fulfilling memories of my gaming experience.
  8. catbusstop

    catbusstop New Member

    The build quality of my Razer gear is fantastic but any time I start Overwatch, watching the Chroma effects on my Blackwidow and Mamba TE bring a smile to my face.

    It's a highlight I enjoy over and over again :)
  9. egoon

    egoon New Member

    best razer memory start's as a bad 1. my headset razer kraken 7.1 broke 1 month after the normal warranty ended.
    So I was pretty down because of that, still sent a support ticket in. telling them what happened, (the usb just broke for some reason, it was all black like a short circuit, luckily my pc was fine) and to my surprise support send me a mail, normally this is outside the warranty but we will make an exception for you. and that way of support just is what makes this company great. I traded my then new headset in for a more audiophile 1, with a blue yeti mouse, but I still rock their keyboard and mouse for 5 years now! razer blackwidow ultimate stealth and razer naga 2012 edition!

    just love their products, good luck every 1!
  10. bourne4

    bourne4 New Member

    My favorite memory of Razer has got to be absolutely smoking all my buddies for the first time in an FPS because I switched to a Razer headset :D

    Love you guys!
  11. Razer Hydra always seemed like an awesome system. When I finally got it I was quite amazed while playing that Portal Pack. Unfortunately that was the only game that had full support for it... It is still fun to play thou and I use the Hydras as generic gaming joypad all the time.
  12. My best memory was when i first got my razer Nostromo and got to use it to live stream on twitch, it made things so much easier and then not long after I got razer surround pro version for free when it first came out, that was the first time i signed up for razer emails and from that i am now here entering the giveaway, the fun never ends with razer!
  13. ranhel

    ranhel New Member

    My first Razer product was Razer Kraken - it was the fist headset (after about 15-20) which I was able to use for more then 6 hours a day!
  14. mathei33

    mathei33 New Member

    My greatest memory was when I got my first Razer mouse and keyboard at my Birthday. The different to my old gear was amazing.
  15. fernplant

    fernplant New Member

    As a long time gamer I was skeptical of the hype over the mechanical keyboards. We've been using the standard keyboards for decades, why was mechanical superior? At the time all I thought it did was make a bunch of clicky-clacky noise to give the appearance that you're doing well in a game.

    I decided to try one out for myself, I bought a Razer Blackwidow and never looked back. I even tried to bring it into work but received too many complaints about the noise level and was banned from using it.
  16. I'm a smartphone / laptop geek since forever and have always loved swapping out my gear every few months. I got a Razer Blade laptop a month ago and I'm nothing but impressed so far. Best build quality I've seen in a gaming pc, amazing performance and portability. Love it and it looks like it's the first one that I'm not going to swap out anytime soon!
  17. JDSantos

    JDSantos New Member

    The day I could take the cable off my Razer Orochi for the first time! It was so damn tight! Still love the mouse :heart:
  18. MaeveRiesse

    MaeveRiesse New Member

    I got the first piece of my Razer set from my sister, whom I haven't seen for 5 years prior. It's a beautiful Naga Chroma I still use. Good times
  19. Hammersfall

    Hammersfall New Member

    It was my first Razer keyboard and mouse when I realized all mice and keyboards are not the same.
  20. webDarkKhakiauto705

    webDarkKhakiauto705 New Member

    Using Chroma on the Razer blade stealth's keyboard. All the different effects. Its the little things.
  21. Husker84

    Husker84 New Member

    The day I used for first time the razer naga with all of its buttons!
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