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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Razer Naga changed my World of Warcraft gaming forever. So many buttons at the tip of my thumb! I could not play Wow without it!
  2. ddarlin93

    ddarlin93 New Member

    when i first got my keyboard, its a blackwidow chroma TE was the first time I spent a lot of money on gaming gear. It was and still is my first mechanical keyboard. I love how it feels, and I remember just opening typetest websites just to type and hear the clicky noise of the keyboard. I also spent nights just watching and playing with the chroma light show.
  3. MrMeckus

    MrMeckus New Member

    I remember getting my first Deathadder and never trusting any other mouse again. It just doesn't feel the same without it.
  4. My favorite moment was definitely throwing on the Razer Kraken and getting my first surround sound experience!
  5. SanderEv66

    SanderEv66 New Member

    My favorite Razer moment was when I first tried your Chroma SDK in one of my own applications. I love software development, but I never actually controlled hardware using my own code.

    Using the C# library I made some nice effects and I am loving it every day ;)
  6. byteAmaranthvine122

    byteAmaranthvine122 New Member

    The first Razr Naga that I bought changed my MMO Gaming life and I could never go back now! Also, my first pair of 7.1 Kraken Headphones changed the way I heard gaming when playing FPS. Footsteps sound different and absolutely give you an advantage because you can really tell directionality with 7 channels!

    Thanks Razer! :D
  7. Nuggetahkiin

    Nuggetahkiin New Member

    The moment I unboxed and setup my razer firefly, so I could finally complete the quadfecta of chroma goodness with my kraken v2 (may it rest In peace), Blackwidow chroma and Razer deathadder chroma(currently updated to mamba and couldn't be happier!). I love the lightshow in latenight gaming
  8. Rolton

    Rolton New Member

    Received a Naga as a gift from my brother for Christmas. WoW was never the same after that. Still rocking it to this day *helps on MOBAs too*
  9. Laui_2000

    Laui_2000 New Member

    First Razer mouse I got was the Razer Diamondback in red when I was 13. Saved up for a while to be able to afford the mouse. Spent hours using that mouse for frags and stuff. That mouse lasted me a good 7 years. Thanks for the memories Razer!
  10. Brett_Hamilton

    Brett_Hamilton New Member

    I always remembered the first day I wanted the Razer Blackwidow Keyboard when I was at my friends flat and from then on I always wanted one. I finally got one a few years ago, while I was visiting my Grandad in hospital I recieved an email saying any Razer product 40% off or something and only had 2 days to use it. I bought the Blackwidow on my phone there and then. Still love the sound it makes.
  11. dragonacc

    dragonacc New Member

    Always been a fan of Razer's laptops. Have convinced several people to choose one instead of a Mac, but Project Valerie took things to a whole different level! I'm not sure I would ever be able to justify buying one if you release them because I'm sure the price (likely justified) will be quite high. It's definitely my dream machine though!
  12. SombresSanGabriel

    SombresSanGabriel New Member

    Mine would be when I got my Diamondback 3G
  13. KickAssDonkey

    KickAssDonkey New Member

    I always played games but I was never a very audio focused person... ever since I got my (now discontinued) Razer Electra even listening to music became a different experience. The bass and clearness on the sound were supperb and I worn out the earmuffs. I used to think Razer was the of "Apple of Gaming" but I was wrong :thumbsup:
  14. UrusaiBaka

    UrusaiBaka New Member

    Well it's been a year now since I bought Razer Kraken Pro's I'm thoroughly enjoying them. I suppose that's a plus, thanks for a good product. I think that was enough.

    I mean playing SMITE has felt so much richer with higher quality sound, on both PC and Console.

  15. SimingAngel

    SimingAngel New Member

    I walk through Razer factory store everyday, and asking myself: "When can I have this truck full of Razer gears in my battle room" :v. GG Razer, take my money and do it T_T
  16. o0schmitty0o

    o0schmitty0o New Member

    My first two purchases were the Razer Tartarus and the Taipan. I ran that mouse into the ground til it was falling apart then decided to upgrade. Ever since those first purchases all my peripherals have been Razer. I play Dota almost everyday and I wouldn't do so without my mouse.

    Other than that just gotta put a huge thanks out to all the mods @kajira, @Lafar, @njbmartin, @Destrok , @Vaypron and @Firebat246. Thank you for keeping this place running smoothly.

    Bring cortex to Mac!
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  17. honesetly while its not my first razer product i got a razer mouse first, ive ahd some much pracitical use out of my razer blackwidow chroma becuase its honesetly one of the only keyboards on the market that offers exactly what i need
  18. FoxTango

    FoxTango New Member

    My greatest Razer memory would have to be when I bought the DeathAdder back in 2013. I had been using an Apple Mighty Mouse up until the switch and – my goodness – what a difference. Razer mice make it so much easier to play PC games and more fun.

    However, the DeathAdder has not been the only Razer product I have owned. The Ferox desktop speakers and Nabu social smartband are just a few of the products I've purchased and used regularly in the past.

    Recently, I've purchased the Orochi Chroma and Leviathan Mini Bluetooth speaker. Also great investments.

    Only problem: What am I going to with all of these stickers? Hmm...

    Can't forget about the awesome apparel, as I own two shirts.

    Thanks, Razer. You guys rock! I look forward to more exciting products in the future.
  19. BobFizzle

    BobFizzle New Member

    When my first Razer product, the Abyssus, arrived in the mail. That was 6 years ago, and it lasted me a good 3 years before it finally gave. Now I have a Naga Hex, a Black Widow Chroma, a Wildcat, a Kraken, and a DeathAdder that I travel with.
  20. Burnout135

    Burnout135 New Member

    For me it was the old Barracuda HP-1 headphones. They would break really easily but I'd keep buying them for the sound.
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