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  1. Achimel

    Achimel New Member

    My first gaming mouse was the Razer Tron Mouse. From there on out, I've been using only Razer - I'm now running a Razer Naga and Razer DeathAdder. I love both of them and they're absolutely amazing for whenever I'm playing MMOs and FPS games!
  2. Wondor

    Wondor New Member

    My fist great memory of Razer is about the Naga elite how comfortable it was and thanks to it I had no more wrist pain from that day while using the mouse.
  3. boardBlondurban246

    boardBlondurban246 New Member

    I remember when I got my first Razer taipan, it was amazing! It works perfectly and I can count on it when I need it most! I got it for Christmas and the following day I got my first legendary in wow for my ret paladin. It was EPIC!! Thanks for the chance Razer!!
  4. Ricardo Grego_no_id

    Ricardo Grego_no_id New Member

    i bought the carcharias headset and it blowd up my computer xD
  5. Jakacomms

    Jakacomms New Member

    Congrats on the 500k.
    One of the latest Razer mind blowing memory I got is the CES reveal of the amazing Project Valerie... That is one hell of a laptop, it's every gamer dream... It literally made me drool.

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  6. I have all my gear from Razer, most of them is not so impressive than competitors.
    But the mouse Deathadder is just MASTERPIECE.
    I have 3 of them in case they will stop production :cool_:
  7. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    My best Razer memory has to be when I got my first Razer product, the Deathadder Chroma. The mouse and all his features through the Synapses, has definitely improved my gaming, especially since I can go from 400 dpi to 9350 dpi on the fly. Best purchase ever!
  8. VuYeK

    VuYeK New Member

    The greatest moment with Razer for me was when I learned how to use Macros in Razer Synapse with my DeathAdder. MMO Playing never was so simple :D.
  9. TheRoonDogg

    TheRoonDogg New Member

    Hands down my best Razer experience has been using my Eidolon drone. I know alot of the plebs have been convinced it was merely an April Fools jokes from a few years back, but as one of sire Min-Liang Tan' close inside besties, I can confirm that this tiny drone is real AF, and has been haunting my neighbors cat for well over two years now. I've even started integrating it into live streaming, as it's aerial presence and camera make for a far better broadcast camera of the rats scurrying about in the nearby alley then just watching me play games and drink beer in the wee hours of the morning. It's video games, AND the nature channel! Thanks Razer!
  10. IronDruid

    IronDruid New Member

    The best experience and most memorable that I've had was actually recently at the razer afk event at the nvidia campus. Had such a great time hanging out, playing games and getting to talk to some of the guys that work for razer. Seems like a dream job. I've always wanted a razor laptop so was great to be able to play on a razer blade and experience how beautiful the laptop is up close. Unfortunately my coding school requires that I have a MacBook so for now I'll have to be okay with my awesome razer peripherals. However, after school, I with definitely be selling and trading it for a razer blade. No question about it
  11. The horror of losing my Kraken Pro when my Son ripped the cord out of the computer. I bought a second one anyway because it's a great headset. He broke that one too. :slightly_sad:
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  12. Fannibal4Ever

    Fannibal4Ever New Member

    Having my first Razer Abyssus was the best feeling playing League of Legends . I can play for 9 hours straight without feeling pain in my wrist.
  13. drg83

    drg83 New Member

    My first Razor mouse came with my first ASUS gaming machine. Then came a pair of stereo, rechargeable speakers and now a set of headphones. The quality is the thing although I was baffled by why the mouse was a Razor until I got used to it. I'm sold.
  14. gakinohime

    gakinohime New Member

    I have the Chroma series gadgets -- Razer Blackwidow Chroma, Razer Naga Epic Chroma, Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma and the Razer Firefly -- all given to me by my then boyfriend on different occasions. It was kind of sweet because he was a SteelSeries guy but he was giving me Razer because it was my preference.

    One day I asked him to play at my place so he got to use the Razer Naga Epic Chroma. I showed him how epic this mouse was like all the buttons he could configure to make one's gaming life more efficient and fun. Lo and behold, he bought a Razer Naga Chroma after that.

    Anyway, we already broke up but the joy of looking at the rainbow of lights from all these Chroma gadgets is irreplaceable. They still light up my world. :)
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  15. lszlzsz

    lszlzsz New Member

    Brief dream thoughts of new Razer gear using intel i9's & HD touchscreens/amd threadripper & radeon Vega,lions-tigers-and bears-oh my,azra's having the flying monkeys bring the broom around,my Oz-my Oz-my Oz-Ohmm-Ohmm-ssZlhzhlm*
  16. JETpolyOnyx683

    JETpolyOnyx683 New Member

    Has to be when recommended by a friend and after reading/watching reviews I bought myself the Transformers Decepticon Razer DeathAdder, then came the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013. After my OCD kicking in the purple Decepticon DeathAdder did not please me aesthetically so it had to be out with the Decepticon DeathAdder and in with the original black and green DeathAdder 2013. These were all peripherals in a gaming computer my friend made me, after a few years I decided to give computer building a go myself and built one and what better way to house all the components.. I got myself the NZXT H440 RAZER EDITION!!! So may I thank you Razer for making amazing equipment that has led me onto PC Gaming (was previously a full time console gamer)

    IMG_0087.JPG IMG_0084.JPG
  17. Sucalakafufu

    Sucalakafufu New Member

    I recently decided to get the Razer Diamondback Chroma mouse to round out my chroma set. My desk is now fully chroma with the Diamondback being added to my Blackwidow X Chroma and Firefly mouse mat. It's so pretty.
  18. BaddestTalisman

    BaddestTalisman New Member

    I remember first switching to a razer mechanical keyboard. changed my life!
  19. Woulfe

    Woulfe New Member

    Had to be Razer Cortex Game Booster. Before I could afford to build my awesome gaming machine, that program helped to boost up my old laptop to run at least some of the games of the time.
  20. I bought a DeathAdder Chroma like 2-3 years ago, and the accompanying FIrefly to go w/ it- I'm way stoked on the products and might get a Mamba in the future for that Tilt-Click scroll wheel. Love the products;

    I absolutely NEEDED the X-Y axis separator in Synapse(Which Logitech's software REMOVED some time ago for no-reason).

    I've been considering branching out to different companies (Logitech, Corsair, Bloody, Zowie, etc)- But I think Razer's given me the most functional of any PC products i've owned.
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