Giveaway | What's In Your Bag? - July 2017

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Deleted member 368765, Jul 21, 2017.

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  1. iredstone

    iredstone New Member

    i want a gaming pc plz because no gets me gaming pc so i have a cheap pc that i even games
    plz i get a gaming pc plz
  2. ThirstyMilk

    ThirstyMilk New Member

    i think these giveaways are a great idea
  3. donKanon

    donKanon New Member

    OMG! is awesome! :D I really feels that bag is complete for a very good game experience :D
  4. Cyb3rAssassin16

    Cyb3rAssassin16 New Member

    how will we know if we win
  5. Li0nh3art

    Li0nh3art New Member

    Awesome stuff! Good luck everyone!
  6. brian.edition

    brian.edition Well-Known Member

    I am signed in to Razer Insider (obviously, but it won't give me the 10+ creds, probably becaus my FB account runs on a diffrent email address) or is there another reason?
  7. marteeex

    marteeex New Member

    Nice, love it :D
  8. Rabbit23_no_id

    Rabbit23_no_id New Member

    How will we know the winner? Anyone tell me please.....
  9. Salimh464

    Salimh464 New Member

    It wont let me put in any entries D:
  10. Major-Koning

    Major-Koning New Member

    bonne chance a tous / good luck to everyone
  11. Hopefully I win! Wish y'all luck
  12. PutaoVaidoso

    PutaoVaidoso New Member

    Que ota?
  13. TylerMayes

    TylerMayes Member

    On the camera is a Canon EF 24-70mm F4.0L IS and the one to the side is the Canon EF 50mm F1.4
  14. Georgepap117

    Georgepap117 New Member

    Good luck to everybody!
  15. bryo962

    bryo962 New Member

    Gimme the whole bag!!!!
  16. MissSwaggy

    MissSwaggy Active Member

    Thanks razer for the chance again!
  17. WkMeUpInside

    WkMeUpInside New Member

    Thanks for the giveaway razer, and NICE bag dude :D
  18. Rabbit23_no_id

    Rabbit23_no_id New Member

    Can't wait ti know the winner, but i hope im the winner
  19. thwang

    thwang New Member

    Gaming community FTW !!!
  20. CAVEL

    CAVEL New Member

    My old Razer Mamba is quite lonely on my desk ;) and I would be so much happy if I could win the Deathadder as a great companion for her :)
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