Going to Buy Razer Blade 2017 need advises

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Suuns, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Suuns

    Suuns Member

    Greetings everyone,

    Going to buy Razer Blade 2017 at the end of August.
    Hopefully 4k will get release date till then for me to reconsider, but if that does not happen, Ill buy current one.

    But, I have never owned a Razer product so any tips before I buy would be welcome,
    Like which store, to what to pay attention to, what to test and what to make sure of.

    I am currently in San Francisco.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I have an alienware. I didn't even know that razer had expanded to making laptops when I purchased it, so I can't give you any first hand experience with a blade.

    I will advise that you look up every video on youtube that you can find and read every review you can google and remember to take all the negative reviews with a grain of salt because there are so many Logitech and corsair fanboys who want to put down razer just to be vindictive.
  3. RazerReviews

    RazerReviews Member

    I would just order it from razer online store because right now you can get abunch of free stuff like the following: a razer lancehead mouse, razer kraken pro v2, 240$ worth of games including rocket league and csgo, a full license to FL stuido 12 producer edition.

    anyways it seems like if you get it straight from razer you get the most benifits, hope i helped with were you should get it.
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  4. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    I am not sure what you are asking for. Since you did not list how you are going to use the laptop, we will guess. If you are looking for something to surf the web with, then just get a Chromebook. If you are looking for a good laptop with a good GPU that can game and be work and game laptop, then you will be happy. I really like the Core a lot. I have a light laptop on the go and a GTX 1070 with a 34" monitor on my desk. The only issues that I have had was with the Core when it first shipped. Now it is rock solid. If I had to change anything, it would be the screen. The 14" is good enough, but I am use to 15.7". I will most likely suck it up and get a Pro next month.
  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member

    Check its built first and hope to get LG screen which has less issues than other one (AUO). If Razer release 4K one you're good (Igzo had less screen issues), If you go for FHD, look for the sale on Amazon or other store because it's already over half year machine, Razer Store would maybe make a deals with some pheriperals gifts and games.
    Since you live in SF? Go to Razer Store there, and ask the staff everything you want to know plus you can try it there.
  6. Suuns

    Suuns Member

    Thanks for the replies!

    Do you guys know when this ongoing deal with razer end? (the razer online store one)
  7. SavvySavoyer

    SavvySavoyer New Member

    Just wait some month honestly. Cannonlake (intel 8th gen) is just around the corner. And Volta might appear in conjuction with it...
  8. Active13245

    Active13245 Active Member

    May I ask why are you waiting for the 4k version? Are you interested in the screen or in the spec bump? If I were you I would go with FHD version. 4k on 14" laptop?

    To be honest more profitable for Razer would be investing in Ryzen processors. They will release mobile version next month probably. In desktop department Ryzen 7 crashes i7-7700 in performance. You have 8 cores and 16 threads, cuts through 4k videos like crazy. With games few fps more on Intel side doesn't change my mind. And with AMD you are not afraid about platform. Those stupid i9 and coffe/cannonlake have different platform, so you can't even uprade :)
  9. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member

    Razer always put the deal until period time that mentioned and take a break until next deals come, from last deals maybe it's around 2 weeks break until new one.
    If you're waiting for new tech in gadgets today, you will always waiting because it will be very quick until new technology come. And new CPU will be adopted first to PC, low powered U-CPU and later high end CPU like in Blade 14, CPU on Kabylake 2017 would probably last 2 till 3 years until it become "slow", and with TB3 connection on it you can even upgrade future GPU if 1060 couldn't manage your games anymore.
  10. SavvySavoyer

    SavvySavoyer New Member

    First, Ryzen isn't kinda of a Mobile processor (The SKU is really uncommon to work with, only Asus did it), also, Ryzen doens't actually crush the i7 (see the bench and value comparations), and finally, Razer is financed by Intel Capital, so... That's is that.
    I know how "waiting" can be... But considering the time frame. Coffelake will be a quite good improvement, and also, Volta is quite near, not like half a year, more like 3 months and the leaked benchs shows quite a improvement. Is just a warning.
  11. Active13245

    Active13245 Active Member

    Just like I said they will release mobile version soon, you would know if you would read what I'm writing. And yes, it beats i7. While i7-7700 get 1000 in cinebench, ryzen 7 1800 gets 1500 ;) For price of Ryzen you get performance of a 1000$ Intel CPU (i7-6900k). If you say that Razer is financed by Intel then...sad news for pro users.
  12. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member

    I see, but once coffeelake come, poeple will start talking canonlake, and...;) Well buying a gadget is like betting now, but I see your point, estimation is also important. Kabylake Blade 14 is improved model from Skylake Blade with pascal GPU, and Razer had time to learn it for maximizing the performance and minimizing the issues on current model, and upcoming CPU and GPU are completely new design which means there are possible issues as Blade 14 late 2016 that adopted new GPU at the time (weaker speaker than previous model, uncontrollable fans activity, downclocked GPU performance than competitors).
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  13. jefferywang

    jefferywang Active Member

    hahahahaahhahahaha! I think I am the one you need.

    I had razer blade and razer blade pro.

    ok. if you worry about price.
    I would recommend you buy it at Microsoft store. the student discount will give you 10% off
    plus! you would buy accidental drop warranty for 2 year(need 150 dollars) does it cover your razer blade stop working by overheating ? no! that is manufacturing warranty for just 1 year since you purchase it or received it

    or 4K monitor..................I will not recommend you buy it.... because .that is not gonna useful ok ? (the touch screen feel good)
    4K monitor will lost more battery life. and 14 inch screen doesn't really fit all big game. .... sometime yourr game will Narrowed down(full screen but get a super small text, you could change the compacity if you want), that is really uncomfortable for me.
    you could buy a 4K external monitor if you want a high resolution.

    for warranty.........
    once you got razer blade, check any detail to find does it has any issue like stranger fan noise(not big fan noise)
    check monitor has/has not death pixel or bright bleeding, check touch pad botton(that part feeling cheap. so don't use it a lot,It will loose)

    then you had purchased it the 11th month. you could request razer support help you clean your fan before warranty expire. tell them, I wanna prepaid shipping label . and shipping box(all free) make sure they repair your computer not give you a refurbished razer blade.
    once you got a repaired razer blade. check it before you regret.
    like does shipping box got damage? don't just think your laptop didn't get damage by outside then your blade will be safe. no! I have this issue before. I open inside of razer blade (careful, don't do that. that might void your warranty.) there are 2 plastic component got cracks.....I begging razer give me a chance to fix it for free. finally, they do me a favor....(they told me If I have any issue. should detect it early and report this issue to razer. )

    that is all my experience about razer system
    honestly, Razer system department is a really good customer service company. I believe it better than apple.better humanity and online service.

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  14. Suuns

    Suuns Member

    This is the one thing I don't want to be wrong at.
    The LG screen. Will I be able to check if it is an LG screen and otherwise return the product and get the new one in case I order it online? (for the ongoing free stuff).
    Also could you be more specific on how can I check if I got a LG or AUO? Thanks
  15. Mannymal

    Mannymal New Member

    I recommend the Microsoft store because they have the best extended warranty you can buy. 2 years and covers spills and other accidental damage.
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  16. Suuns

    Suuns Member

    my question still stands :slightly_sad: Post #14
  17. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member

    It's a gambling to get LG, but it seems you could check it with screen Bleeding, I'm seeing not yet someone said here their LG screen has bleeding.
    How to check, open the screen nicely and ask him politely are you LG or AUO;) kidding, you can check it on device manager under monitor right click generic pop monitor, look at details tab scroll it to like display instance patch, if it shows DISPLAY/LG... then it's LG, same with AUO, .../AUO...
    Unfortunately, I think you have also return the free gifts if you want RMA the system, unless you got luck with a friendly CS staff that handle your issues.
  18. kaliforniz

    kaliforniz New Member

    I just received my Razer Blade today and it is a LG. Now I called last week to make sure and this is what they said. "Currently the Blade laptops' LCD that are purchased from our store are manufactured by LG.2:05:29 PM". But I did not know they were releasing the 4k so i might return it for that.
  19. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    So how does the screen look? If the screen looks good, then why not keep it?
  20. kaliforniz

    kaliforniz New Member

    Well isnt the 4k a better screen? Or am i wrong about that?
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