Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by xCryptik, Nov 10, 2021.

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  1. NewRazer0101

    NewRazer0101 New Member

    Nice keep up the good work you are doing.
  2. Mahid666

    Mahid666 New Member

  3. toiletmusic

    toiletmusic New Member

    Happy birthday! LAte to party, but loving it already
  4. I can definitely agree with the refer a friend thing. Granted, I'm kinda the big "Razer nerd" of my group, but I think the others are coming around and so something like that might help.
  5. AnipR15

    AnipR15 Active Member

    Make a VIP levelling system for Razer Gold Members, A member will earn some point for any transactions/purchase by using Razer Gold, Once reached certain threshold, the VIP level will be increase. And for any single of VIP Level there's some reward or privilege for the members.
  6. setnaing

    setnaing New Member

    i hope to be a crypto currency,if u can.
  7. Vellozza

    Vellozza New Member

    Saya menang 100k coin silver, dan mendapat kode untuk claim melalui email. Tetapi untuk claim tertulis pengisian gagal. Apakah saya usdah di beri code yang salah
  8. LeviJackerman

    LeviJackerman New Member

    It's always nice to get rewards from Razer. The reward I like the most is users can exchange razer products of their choice. Razer have been doing greatly all the time but maybe if there are more choices of products for us to select, it would be better.
    FanTeam GG and GAMMA are both that I don't think it would help much for us to earn silvers.
    1. FanTeam GG is confusing
    2. GAMMA requires lots of time mining but the rewards aren't high enough.
    Instant game tournament is a great idea but for some who wanted to earn rewards, at the same time enjoying the tournament, they couldn't. This is because it requires us to use Razer Silver or Gold to participate in order to win.

    Previously there is Mogul.gg that allows us to join tournaments for free and earn Razer Silver. I think that is something that shouldn't be removed. I highly suggest Razer to continue something like Mogul.gg
    Cortex Squad
    . I love it so much but unfortunately it is not happening monthly and also sometimes there are bugs for the time calculation.

    These are the suggestion I can think of right now. Hope @Dekades and the Razer representatives can have a look on my suggestions. :wink_:
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  9. WillianGold

    WillianGold New Member

    [Ao meu ver poderia melhorar a recompensa de prata ao se colocar raze gold.]
    Muito obrigado pela oportunidade
  10. Goldretired

    Goldretired New Member

    Happy birthday!
  11. ThePigCommandsMe

    ThePigCommandsMe New Member

    Considering the Razer is a gaming community encircling the Razer webcam, there should be at least SOME silver benefits for streaming and general USE of the product aforementioned
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