GoPro hero 4 with seiren pro

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by Ash Campbell, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. Wanting to start recording videos both at home and when I travel. I'm not keen to buy a large camcorder or anything.

    So wondered if it's possible to link both the seiren pro and a GoPro hero 4 so I can record superb videos in 4k and with the mic.

    I haven't found anyone talking about this and wanted feedback from anyone with any experience with doing something similar.

    Hopefully this makes sense
  2. okonietoperza

    okonietoperza Active Member

    The answer is: Most likely no.

    Given that this mic requires specific drivers before it can even work in Windows, it's not 100% Plug & Play compliant. Another issue would be the power drain.
  3. Dunker_23

    Dunker_23 Member

    But I thought the Razer Seiren was plug and play.
  4. gbone93

    gbone93 Member

    I can't imagine it could work that easily. I'm not certain for sure, but I think that it has to run through the computer for USB, or if you are running in XLR it might need to have phantom power. I don't know if the average field recorder supplies phantom power or not. The Seiren is the coolest looking mic I've seen but for on the go recording, I don't know if you'd want to use it. It is very sturdy, but that also means heavy and well built. It's also like 11" tall or something close to that.
  5. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    You sadly can't connect a mic to your Go Pro so your best bet is to use it with your PC and sync the audio in the editing phase, you could also connect it to a laptop if the situation requires it.

    If not a wireless mic could help you get better audio you would need a device to connect it to.
  6. RScrub

    RScrub Active Member

    GoPros aren't that great as a face cam for streaming. My personal favorite is the Canon Vixia Mini X. I would like the Stargazer, but the 1080p30 is a dealbreaker. Not to mention the Vixia Mini X lets you input your own microphone in it, and has a flat design to sit on top of you're computer, and it has a wide fisheye lense to catch your face better
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