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Got a message from the Chief

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Nov 26, 2014.

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  1. There is always 9AM pacific which is 12 noon eastern. That is a time which will hit the most US users. But I am just guessing too.
  2. upPhloxever269

    upPhloxever269 Active Member

    Who knows. Hope we can be thankful ad enjoy some turkey and nabu
  3. TacticalKirito

    TacticalKirito Active Member

    Well that means I will only get 6 hours of sleep tonight after going to bed at 3am
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  4. Veling

    Veling New Member

    why you do this, i am not going to be able to enjoy thanksgiving, going to have to stare at my phone the whole time just trying to figure this out.
  5. AntiMingersElite_xf_rzr

    AntiMingersElite_xf_rzr Active Member

    Stalker :3
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  6. number12

    number12 Active Member

    Well 1 more hour to see if 12am PST.
  7. TacticalKirito

    TacticalKirito Active Member

    Teknokat keeps going on and off like he did just before he posted the message in this thread.
  8. TacticalKirito

    TacticalKirito Active Member

    So I think we might get an update sometime tonight
  9. sonicspin2

    sonicspin2 Member

    feel compelled to wait up to see what he does now
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  10. Me too!
  11. ph4n10m

    ph4n10m Member

    ooooooh! haha
  12. kiritokuro

    kiritokuro New Member

    this suspense. the tease. ohhhh the pain!!!!!!! take my money now please!!
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  13. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Honestly, just because the staff enjoys visiting the forums doesn't mean they have something new to share. LOL

    However, don't you think they'd also like to be with their families and enjoying Thanksgiving way more than making some deadline here? I might be willing to say *Maybe* something for Black Friday ... but on a full-on official US holiday that's designed for family time?? I doubt they'd be put in a position to be forced to work in the middle of the night for that. It's not entirely impossible, but I think it's highly unlikely.
  14. ph4n10m

    ph4n10m Member

    Something something cliche about us being their family :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  16. ph4n10m

    ph4n10m Member

    It is tomorrow!
  17. AntiMingersElite_xf_rzr

    AntiMingersElite_xf_rzr Active Member

    Today was yesterdays tomorrow so its today or its tomorrow xD
  18. TacticalKirito

    TacticalKirito Active Member

    It's almost tomorrow in California too
  19. MongoosePanda

    MongoosePanda Active Member

    6 minutes and counting :3
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  20. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Don't hold your breath ... lol

    (no wait ... about that... ;) )
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