GTA V PC Delay, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by sambogaming, Jan 14, 2015.


Is delaying GTA V PC a good idea?

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. Sherom

    Sherom New Member

    It's the same as The Witcher 3, I'd rather have a game delayed if the reason behind it is to make it even better. You know, I really appreciate when gaming companies admit they want to polish some details before release to make the player's experience something awesome.
  2. Kscannon

    Kscannon New Member

    I think, The delay is fine. Rockstar is putting a lot of effort in the the pc version and will it will run very well.
  3. TheMerski

    TheMerski New Member

    As long as they make sure it is a bug free and good looking game i am okay with it, i just hope that the industry wont do this standart, say a release date before all the other games of the genre and than delay it because it isn't finished.
  4. Lycurgus396

    Lycurgus396 New Member

    Very excited for the PC release, really liked it on Xbox and now with the mods it will be amazing!
  5. Mayhem489

    Mayhem489 New Member

    As long as it works in the end I am kinda fine with it.....kinda
  6. Definitely a good choice... or do you want a "finished" game like Far Cry 4? I mean come on... better give them time to actually fix major bugs and make a good game than a half finished one... same for witcher... cant wait but We have to and its better as that
  7. it depends on the computer you use
  8. JordeeUK

    JordeeUK New Member

    Ive been waiting for it for so long now that Ive reached the point where the interest has gone and Im ask myself if I really want it anyway? Or should I just stick to the games I already have.
  9. xarbero

    xarbero New Member

    I voted yes on this aswell, I would rather they delay it and give us a good game and not just a cheap port. People will be complaining either way, but i think they'd rather have them complaining about waiting then about bugs or illogical controls.
  10. TheJewDude

    TheJewDude New Member

    I preoredered it. hoping ti will be fun
  11. CB_Continuum

    CB_Continuum Member

    Delay the game if that means a better and more polished product. I'm sick and tired of unfinished messes i.e. AssCreed, Wash_Doge etc.
  12. RafeeJ

    RafeeJ New Member

    I feel that all the people who put no on the above poll, kinda just did it because they were impatient.

    You gotta remember that they have pretty much redone most of the games engine so PC users can have the best experience. They already know how touchy the PC gaming community can be, so they have to make the best GTA ever. Which means that there is a lot of pressure on them.

    If they fail, then... the whole of /r/PCMasterRace will be like: 'Told you not to pre order.' And that is a pretty big community, so they have to be blown away.

    I voted yes, I'd rather have a great game that works on day one than buy a game that barely works at all.
  13. miguel_rib

    miguel_rib New Member

    I'm loosing a little bit patience ..
  14. eldelementez

    eldelementez New Member

    I've been waiting for this since playing most of the story through on the 360/) on release. Delays are always frustrating but a buggy product is a hell of a lot worse
  15. zphexlord

    zphexlord New Member

    Well, i had gta v pre-ordered on PS3 and i received it at launch and i was not happy, it was delayed for half a year and still needed 'polishing'. Now if they wanna delay the PCversion another 2 months then i will be happy to pay £40 for the game and remember that we get another game for free and in game content ro compensate for the delay.
  16. Crizort

    Crizort New Member

    IMO I think getting a fully polished/complete game later is better than getting an unfinished buggy game sooner.
  17. KittenGiggle

    KittenGiggle New Member

    I always believe in delaying a game to 'polish' it but in this case I was quite disappointed that it was delayed because the game has been out and developed for quite some time. And though I realize that it wouldn't be easy to port the game to pc. I at least expected a bit more.
  18. In all honesty I was expecting it to be delayed a while but it has been pushed back rather far now, I think they've hit the point where they're going to have to deliver a really well polished product which I'm sure Rockstar are completely capable of doing. The longer they delay, the higher quality product people are going to expect and it'll backfire hugely if its anything less
  19. RyanMonkey7

    RyanMonkey7 New Member

    Already played it on the 360 and loved it, I'd rather it be delayed and hopefully bug free than AC:Unity all over again.
  20. tehayshun

    tehayshun Member

    Totally expected the delay since it feels like the wait for GTA IV all over again but I'm still hoping that Rockstar can deliver a good PC port
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