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[Guide] All current ways to earn zSilver, learn them sooner and start earn more.

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by thisizmonster, Apr 17, 2017.

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  1. gereltod

    gereltod Active Member

    You sure you getting your possible daily zSilver points? Do you know that you can earn at least 1000 zSilver each day? Here is all possible ways to earn them. Start do them now when you wake up, or make alarm on your computer :)

    Free, guaranteed ways:
    1. Launch your Razer Cortex app, Rewards menu, do daily claim. 40 zSilver per day.
    2. Launch your Razer Cortex app, Rewards menu, play supported games. Maximum 900 zSilver per day if you play 5 hours.
    3. Head into https://arena.razerzone.com/, Rewards menu, do daily claim. 30 zSilver per day.
    4. Head into https://arena.razerzone.com/, eSports Elite menu, predict match winners. You can predict maximum of 10 each day. Depending on Pot size, all winners divide them. Usually 10-30 zSilver per match if your team win. Remember some holiday, they do x2 event.
    Paid or not guaranteed ways:
    1. Head into https://arena.razerzone.com/, Tournaments menu, participate Arenas. Depending on your place 1000/500/200 zSilver points.
    2. Add zGold into your razer Wallet. Then purchase games from supported sites. You get some zSilver.
    One time only ways:
    1. First time login to zVault, 2000 zSilver.
    2. Head into https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?account/achievements, complete forum related achievements then convert your achievement points to some zSilver.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2017
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  2. gereltod

    gereltod Active Member

    This might needed who doing Insider achievements.
    1. For "Read the Posting guidelines" achievement, click here
    2. For "Read the RazerStore Guide" achievmeent, click here
    3. For "Read the Razer Insider House Rules", click here
    4. For "Follow a Razer Official Staff", click here (he's one of most active staff)
    5. For "Follow Razer CEO, Min-Liang Tan", click here
  3. AlphaTay

    AlphaTay Member

    nice guide, well done.
  4. Carollzinha

    Carollzinha Active Member

    I already knew all these ways but I did like both your posts because I am trying to get these followers and likes aswell and I know how it can be hard with such a low community we having right now :frown_:
  5. gereltod

    gereltod Active Member

    Indeed, it's hard to do with current users amount, and topic limitation :slightly_sad: Anyway I also liked & followed you :)
  6. Electronetic

    Electronetic New Member

    Very helpful. Since Razer Cortex is no longer available for Mac users, earning zSilver is quite hard. However, with this guide, I've finally gained some zSilver. Thank you :smile_:
  7. Carollzinha

    Carollzinha Active Member

    Good point, I forgot to follow you.. thanks for remind me :relaxed:

    Well, I have seen A LOT of people begging for likes/followers in their signature (if saying it in a single post is against the rules why having in signature is not?)

    1) I never said it was right to post it in forum just said that everybody knows that (which still don't mean is the right to do)
    2) You totally right but I, personally, prefer to like a post of someone who is trying to help, like @thisizmonster did than liking posts from those who spam all over the forum with that epic signature "like and follow me"
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 7, 2017
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  8. gereltod

    gereltod Active Member

    Hey guys, stop arguing each others because of me. I'm editing my post for remove those lines.
  9. Carollzinha

    Carollzinha Active Member

    Now lets edit the posts we made + quotes LOL
  10. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    Arguing? Who's arguing? ;)

    But thanks still.
  11. ArtemisIkari

    ArtemisIkari New Member

    thank you for the help, for some reason the follow vips achieves are not activating but i have them followed , and ideas why i am not getting credit?
  12. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    Give it some time. Some of the achievements take a while to be logged by the system. If you don't get credit for them in a few days, drop one of the mods a private message and ask for some help.

    And welcome to Razer Insider, @ArtemisIkari!
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  13. Loreak

    Loreak New Member

    Thanks for this amazing guide!! So usefull!
  14. Clavas23

    Clavas23 New Member

    thanks to you, i just got a bunch more zSilver. For that, sir, you've got my "follow"
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  15. Armydrifter

    Armydrifter Active Member

    The want for the Chroma Mug in me says we need more free ways to get Zsilver without playing arena matches but the smart person in me is sad because I know they are doing way to much free Zsilver already. So Good bye mug since I wont have the 100k in time. But as stated this is well written so any new comers can see this.
  16. Carollzinha

    Carollzinha Active Member

    I could see myself in this part of your comment :joy::joy::joy:
  17. lordkingdoms

    lordkingdoms New Member

  18. ArtemisIkari

    ArtemisIkari New Member

    Thanks a lot you were right friend! Everything came in a few hrs.
  19. MagicMMO

    MagicMMO New Member

    Thank u ppl for help me!
  20. SkyMemories

    SkyMemories New Member

    Amazing guide. Thanks a lot, mate!
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