[Guide] Install Fedora on Blade 14 (2022) - RZ09-0427

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  1. Summary
    I wanted to summarize my experiences setting up Fedora 36 on my Blade 14 2022, which in general, is pretty positive, although not totally painless. Most of the services are running out of the box with the Fedora 36, and sofar looking stable, however, some features like powermanagement I have yet to mess with.

    Working out of the box:
    • hybrid graphics with wayland
    • audio

    Working with hacks:
    • wifi
    • bluetooth

    Not tested:
    • hibernate/sleep
    • RGB
    Before you start
    The installation of Fedora 36 does not contain functional firmware for onboard wifi. If you do not have access to another connection, make sure to download the updated firmware beforehand.

    Bios settings
    Secure boot needs to be disabled if you plan to use the non-free nvidia drivers.

    Boot from the Fedora install medium and finish the deployment. Fedora 36 uses an 'OEM style' installer that will deploy the packages to the system first, let you reboot, and have you finish the configuration (like setup of username) on first boot.

    After the installation is finished, we need to enhance the firmware for the ath11k so it recognized the vendor id. As long as there is no support in the main branch of ath11k firmwares (see https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=215946), you can find a patched version here: https://github.com/wimvanboven/razer-blade-14-2022-ath11k/tree/master/WCN6855/
    Add the files to /lib/firmware/ath11k and reboot/reload modules.

    To configure bluetooth, https://github.com/wimvanboven/razer-blade-14-2022-btusb and follow instructions in the readme.
    The patch requires dkms to be installed (sudo dnf install dkms).
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Thread Status:
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