[Guide] New Trophies - Earn zSilver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Remamian, Mar 27, 2017.

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  1. Mystarlite

    Mystarlite New Member

    Hello. I am going through this post but did the Getting Started and haven't gotten anything yet nor do i have any trophy to click to claim. Also, when i link my facebook it disassociates my RaZER ID so i can't even get to the rewards page and when i associate my RaZER ID it disassociates my facebook so it's only one or the other for me :slightly_sad:
  2. Desilexy

    Desilexy New Member

    Glad to see it is normal for some of the rewards to be delayed. Great tutorial!

    I was having the same problem but have found that many people state it could take some time, even a couple hours before it registers that you have completed a task. Hope this helps!
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  3. Mystarlite

    Mystarlite New Member

    Thankies, i've claimed trophies for other things already - even the one for having a headset. I've had many products since the RaZER barracuDa headphones and sound card but years ago something happened to the site and i haven't bothered to re-register all my products. I even have the original RaZER ARMADILLO but i know how how i'd register that.
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  4. Rose501

    Rose501 New Member

    Thanks for the info!
  5. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Another thing to look for at the side where the button could be to claim the zSilver does it say the date and "Auto-Claimed" by chance? I have many where that is the case.
  6. BotanyofPickles

    BotanyofPickles New Member

    So I did all the the requirements for the Getting Started reward the first day I made this account and still have not received it. Can anyone help?
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  7. LomaZine

    LomaZine New Member

    nice information :heart:
  8. Desilexy

    Desilexy New Member

    I too have received credit for everything but the Getting started. Starting to wonder if it's a tech issue.
  9. Mystarlite

    Mystarlite New Member

    Odd. If i log in with my facebook i get another account and the Time Flies trophy for being more than 2 years old on here. Is there a way to merge my accounts? That may be why i can only seem to associate either my RaZER ID or my facebook to this account and not both. I'm also getting e-mail notifications to both my e-mails when i currently don't have my facebook associated with this one.
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  10. WolfK.

    WolfK. Active Member

    +1 for the guide, but some of them are really hard ...
  11. It doesnt earn very much, but its good for active razer fans.
  12. Mizza_Party

    Mizza_Party Member

    T-thanks, Remamian s-senpai. This was r-really helpful, what did i s-s-stutter?
    Now have a great day.
  13. L3ngxu3

    L3ngxu3 New Member

    Thanks for that...just earned 1 zSilver for posting this :smile_:
  14. Remamian

    Remamian Well-Known Member

    *Oh gosh! Oh geeze! Pizza noticed me... quick act cool, i got this*

    I love you!

    *Oh no, gracious me! I messed up!*
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  15. SasoS

    SasoS New Member

    Getting started didn't work for me. Waiting now for 3 days!
  16. Remamian

    Remamian Well-Known Member

    Do you have a ZVault setup and linked to your insider? When you go Here does it say:

    " Your zVault Session has expired. Please log out and log in again to Insider. "

    Also the above location does it say 'claimed' or a date or 'claim' next to getting started?
  17. SasoS

    SasoS New Member

  18. Xanmania

    Xanmania New Member

    Thanks for the guide.... I have done the "Getting Started" one a long time ago, but never got the points.
    Also the "Follow VIPs" doesnt seem to to be giving me my precious zSilver.

    Any one have any ideas?
  19. MichirapperXd

    MichirapperXd New Member

    A mi no me sale esto y tengo todos los requisitos
  20. SasoS

    SasoS New Member

    OK I setuped my photo in Cortex and then I went here on the forums. Bam getting started is completed!
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