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GUNNAR eyewear - Designed by Razer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Jun 17, 2015.

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  1. emperorjak

    emperorjak Member

    Pretty good quality and seems to work in reducing digital eye strain. I have the Gunnar Haus model.
  2. Shin094

    Shin094 Member

    rpg for me (h)
  3. Ratmut

    Ratmut New Member

    These look so good. But I guess they are only for looks? Or is there the option for those who actually needs glasses as well?
  4. xGRaCe

    xGRaCe Member

    whats the purpose of thoose?
    thanks in advance
  5. Amazing! Design is flawless!
  6. can we buy this from singapore?
  7. MochaRaf

    MochaRaf Active Member

    I haven't seen any option to add prescription lenses over at the Razer website, but if you visit the official Gunnar website you can add prescription lenses to any of their glasses given that you have an actual prescription note dated within the last year. The Gunnar website also sells both Razer themed Gunnar glasses.
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  8. Do I really need these? anyways they still look cool!
  9. TenzorDK

    TenzorDK New Member

    Now we just need em in Red and in the EU ;)
  10. Theurgie

    Theurgie Member

    Do these really help when playing games?
  11. Well they look beast :D
  12. Nik1628

    Nik1628 Member

    I don't like it much because the color get yellow
  13. Threemoons

    Threemoons Active Member

    Anyone here actually get/use these with a perscription? I hate doing the "glasses over glasses" thing.
  14. Ashurii

    Ashurii Member

    I'm .. a huge nerd. I have probably 15 pairs of non-prescription glasses for fashion.. And I have a normal pair of gunnars... And what I do is, I use contacts. Some people make fun of me, but I get so many compliments on my glasses ;p

    Yeah, I'm a little upset they don't offer the crystal lenses for these but they're not FOR fashion.. They're made to protect your eyes from the harsh lights. And the amber lens is part of that unfortunately.
  15. Threemoons

    Threemoons Active Member

    Okay, found my scrip and my PD# to order a pair. QUESTION: Anyone here who has gaming glasses with AMBER lenses vs Crystal? How much color distortion do you get from the Amber? I know that theoretically the amber reduces eye strain but I don't want to diminish the gorgeousness that is a game like ESO or Witcher 3 or even Skyrim.

  16. rruuookk3840

    rruuookk3840 Member

    Do they really reduce eye strain or is it just you who think the glasses are helping? Is it really a product that helps people who spend a lot of their time in front of the screen ?
  17. Threemoons

    Threemoons Active Member

    Allegedly from all the reports I read, people who like them REALLY like them and insist that it's a revelation/life changing thing.

    I'll find out soon enough; pulled the trigger on a pair of prescription amber lenses in Razer frames. Will report back when I get em in a few weeks.
  18. boAgie_f

    boAgie_f Member

    I have Gunnar Gallaxy... but this one... is amazing! High recommended
  19. I love the design, but now I have to choose which to get, because budget life!!!
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