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Halo Master Chief Collection

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by holyy, Nov 12, 2014.


Master Chief Collection?

  1. good

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  2. bad

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  1. MyIntentions

    MyIntentions Member

    Same. Go to game with all my friends was Halo.
  2. Proxify

    Proxify New Member

    Just to revive an old thread... this game is still buggy.... bugs everywhere!
  3. DinRyu

    DinRyu New Member

    I like it but I've been reading all the headaches are from online play and the only reason I got an XBONE other than Titanfall
  4. thebred

    thebred New Member

    I had a lot of fun with the Master Chief Collection. It was worth investing in an Xbox - even if the multiplayer was horrible.
  5. jBrepins

    jBrepins New Member

    I would have to agree with MongoosePanda, sole reason for buying xboxs' even the xbox one.
  6. ashok565

    ashok565 New Member

    I am eagerly;) looking for halo 5 guardiens....
  7. athalack

    athalack New Member

    I think it's fantastic so far, especially because it lets you relive the glory years of Halo 2 & 3 (loved those to no end). Haven't played the beta, but very excited for Halo 5!
  8. Joshieprivy

    Joshieprivy New Member

    I dont know if its worth getting. Since it kinda sucked from the start.
  9. CraigDavignon

    CraigDavignon New Member

    really hoping they get all the MP issues sorted soon :heart:
  10. EmberVortex

    EmberVortex New Member

    Well I'm selling my ps3 and all its games for an Xbox one with master chef can't wait to play halo 2 again
  11. Proxify

    Proxify New Member

    343i did an AMAZING job with the remaster to Halo 2's campaign and multiplayer maps. It is spot on and they treated the story like the prestigious crown that it is. With that said... they did not give that same treatment to online gameplay. Just about anything to do with connecting to another console in any sort will cause the game to bug in SOME way.
  12. webVermilionbest979

    webVermilionbest979 New Member

    Always played at friend's since I recently switch over from playstation to xbox. Reliving the past and playing through the campaign is awesome.
  13. ByakuyaKur0sak1

    ByakuyaKur0sak1 New Member

    Halo was the first game I've ever owned on the Xbox. I'm glad to see it on the XB1, and enjoy playing the new MCC.
  14. DirtyRev

    DirtyRev New Member

    I've really enjoyed MCCAIN do far, just wish they made halo 1 and 2 able to be more than just 2 player co op
  15. TwoOsNgoo5e

    TwoOsNgoo5e New Member

    Campains = good. Matchmaking = terrible and slowly getting better. Most people are busy with the Halo 5 beta which is different but good. Many games have bugs at some point, but to launch with month long bugs is ridiculous.
  16. Wolf359

    Wolf359 New Member

    It's sad that the multiplayer issues still aren't sorted out. Even the Guardians beta has matchmaking issues, though it's hard to criticize it given that it is a beta. I hope 343 is in for a world of hurt if these issues occur in the final version of Halo 5's multiplayer. Given the resources they have this just isn't acceptable.
  17. Si3rraOne

    Si3rraOne New Member

    Halo is the best. The master cheif collection has remastered graphics, i heard they were great.
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