Hammerhead Pro V2 Easy Mod

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Hindenpaul, Apr 16, 2017.

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  1. Oshamo

    Oshamo New Member

    So I had some trouble with the hammerhead v2 with it not staying in my ear and when it did, the textured metal was kinda uncomfortable for my ears.

    Then I remembered I had extra ear fins from my jaybird X2 earphones. If the fins haven't been stretched by using them on the jaybirds, they fit real nicely on the hammerhead pros. Interestingly, while they do "hook" to stay in my ears better, I think the extra space made by rubber ring has helped with the comfort too, keeping the metal from rubbing on my ears.

    Just thought this easy mod would be helpful for some with the same problem I had.
    Extra ear fins for jaybirds are a bit under 10 bucks on Amazon.

    IMG_20170416_002802408.jpg IMG_20170416_002929032.jpg IMG_20170416_002938184.jpg
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  2. JPFlySolo

    JPFlySolo New Member

    The design on that actually looks cooler. I think I want to do that with my other earphones too.

    Do you have the links for the extra fins for Jaybirds? Or is it easy to find on Amazon?
  3. Oshamo

    Oshamo New Member

    They're pretty easy to find on Amazon, you just type in jaybird ear fins and there's a lot of third party sellers. Here's a link anyway:


    I know they fit okay on the hammerheads, but I'm not sure about other earbuds. It kinda depends on the size of the buds.
  4. JPFlySolo

    JPFlySolo New Member

    Which size did you get? Or does it depend on the size of your earbud for Hammerhead?
  5. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    I had pretty much the exact same issue, the bulkier metal part that is on the V2's was bugging the crap out of my ears. So what I did was take the cushions off my shorted out original Hammerheads and put them on the V2's, now they feel great, lol. Really not sure why they decided to take the nice streamlined design of the original Hammerheads and add extra bulk......
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  6. Oshamo

    Oshamo New Member

    The fin sizes are the same for putting it on the earbuds, since it's just a rubber ring. The size refers to the fin size(not the attaching loop), which really should depend on your ear size.

    Maybe the older model cushions made that bulky bit a bit further from touching the ear, or that's what I'm guessing. It's kinda what the ear fins I added did, but they also hook in my ears so it's slightly more secure.
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  7. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    the older models just had less metal and were smaller towards the base, lol, but yeah the cushions definitely help space it out a bit.
  8. Oshamo

    Oshamo New Member

    Makes me wonder how many people tested these for comfort, because for my ears it was pretty painful after just 30 minutes. Maybe if they smoothed out the texture it'd be ok.
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