Discussion in 'Audio' started by Dekades, Dec 3, 2020.


    DW_RAZER New Member

    They look awesome. I'd love to get some soon
  2. Aussieboy29

    Aussieboy29 New Member

    I wish I saw these before buying galaxy buds
  3. kevjohn

    kevjohn New Member

    I really liked my previous Hammerhead Wireless earbuds however they had connectivity issues with my old iPhone X. I can't say if it were the earbuds or the phone, but if the audio quality was very good for the price. I since upgraded to an iPhone 12 Pro, and was gifted Airpods Pros, so even though I would like to try these, it's not worth it for me.

    Based on the audio of the previous Hammerhead wireless earbuds, I would bet that these are going to be phenomenal anyway.
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  4. LletyaRuin

    LletyaRuin New Member

    aiming for this next month
  5. Tsimbalaif112

    Tsimbalaif112 New Member

    wow ! how cool is that :) i dont need em for me, but my little brother would be amused :) i need mouse and gaming headset ! :/
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  6. heychikading

    heychikading New Member

    that's a cool design, planning to get this one
  7. Teslamotorslover06

    Teslamotorslover06 New Member

    I love Apple but in my opinion these are definitely better than the Airpods Pro.
  8. Yeah I agree
  9. OceanDK

    OceanDK New Member

    I had a hard time finding wireless erbuds for latency free PC gaming..
    Razer saved my day.. The only earbuds that can be used for PC gaming.
    I first tried the older non pro version as it was under ½ the price of the pro. But these gave me instant pain so I had to go with the pros as they got a traditional/better fit.
    Sure the pro are nice but dont think the price matches. Noise cancelling is an absolute joke.... Makes no difference at all.. Cant hear when its turn on/off.. same thing.
    So I could have settle for the way cheaper non pro if Razer had just made them with the traditional fit :slightly_sad:
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