Has anyone else had this happen with kraken v2 7.1

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by THEONECHACHI, Oct 18, 2018.

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    So to not drone out a pointless story. I got a Pare of Kraken v 2's and synapse doesn't see them what can i do to fix that and play with RGB lighting?
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  2. Ixith

    Ixith Member

    What version of synapse are you running? If it's Synapse 3 then I believe the Krakens v2 7.1s aren't supported by Synapse 3 yet and I think you'll need to also have synapse 2 which is a real pain.

    If that's not the case then I don't know. My stuff has always gotten recognized.


    nope thankyou
  4. pub1ius

    pub1ius New Member

    I would uninstall all the Synapse software you have on your computer. Run cccleaner's registry cleaner, reboot, check for more hidden instances of it you can remove, repeat with the registry stuff etc. Also uninstall the drivers for the Krakens already on there, the or whatever its called, all of that stuff. After you act like a medieval priest exorcising the demons of leftover and hidden pieces of the synapse software, unplug all of your Razer gear, reboot, and then plug in the headphones only. It will automatically install Synapse v2 and the proper drivers, and that Kraken0510Helper.exe file that controls all the sound eq and tweaks that make the Krakens sound good. After that, your going to install your other hardware, keyboard, mice etc, and go with Synapse 3 if you like it, or if your stuff is recognized by 2 and you don't mind using the older chroma editing software just keep on using that.

    I had to go through this entire pain process a bunch of times until I figured out the right order and how absolutely thoroughly I needed to remove all the leftover razer tidbits on my system after I uninstalled Synapse via the Settings menu. I needed the advanced macro software on Synapse 3 that control mouse movements, but unfortunately the Kraken's required Syn 2. Anyways after I have 3 running my Keyboard, Mouse and Mousepad, I'll make sure Synapse 2 does not autoload with Windows, but v3 still does. After rebooting open your task manager to check that Kraken0510Helper.exe is still loading and running even though Synapse v2 itself is not. And your all set. This is probably the most rambling incoherent post I've ever made, but I have been up for almost 50 hours due to work and a borked sleep schedule but I think I covered everything for running v2 and v3 smoothly and without a ton of conflicts.
  5. pub1ius

    pub1ius New Member

    Oh the lighting isnt that great on them, I mean in terms of what you can actually do. Just a simple LED on each side, also if your using the Audio Visualizer I highly recommend using the hyphen command thats is explained on the github to help smooth out the visuals on the headphones. Otherwise its just quick little flashes that aren't that great, and do not add much to the overall Audio Visual stuff going on.
  6. If that's not the case then I don't know. My stuff has always gotten recognized.
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