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Have Razer Cortex Steam achievements?

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by thisizmonster, Dec 22, 2016.

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  1. gereltod

    gereltod Active Member

    I'm planing use Razer Cortex. But I need make sure if it have achievement track or not. You know those achievement tracking sites. When I look my game dashboard in Razer Cortex, does it show those game's achievement progress (pulling from Steam API) like them? And is possible achievement completion guide etc?
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  2. Dullahanx

    Dullahanx New Member


    Sorry, I do not quite understand what you mean

    Do you want to know if you use Razer Cortex next to Steam games, if you will continue to win the Steam achievements of each game?

    If so, then it will continue normal
  3. Vozone

    Vozone Razer Cortex Product Evangelist Staff Member

    Hi @thisizmonster, thanks for joining the beta!

    We don't have these features currently available in Razer Cortex but it does sound like an interesting idea.
  4. gereltod

    gereltod Active Member

    Sorry for bad English.

    My idea is Razer Cortex will pull all my Steam registered games into my Razer Cortex account. And there will be Library or Games menu. When I go to there there will be games and when I select specified game, there will be that game related stuffs. For example screenshots or whatever. Including that specific games achievement tracks from my Steam. And how to complete guide etc. Guide can be pulled from another API or player themself can create one for others.

    Not a must have feature, but I just love complete achievements. I find it it might useful for other players like me.
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