Hearthstone Fireside Gathering & Tournament | 21 JAN 2018

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    Hearthstone is back at RazerStore SF! We hope everyone has had time to get adjusted to Kobolds and Catacombs, and has found their way to the end of some dungeons!

    We are going to be hosting a Fireside Gathering with casual play on 1/21. We will also be organizing a Single Elimination tournament, all starting at 12pm.

    Single Elimination
    -Standard Format Card Selection
    -Conquest Format
    -Each player brings three classes with one deck of each class.
    -Players present their class selection prior to the start of the match.
    -Whichever player wins must then switch to a different class for the next game.
    -Once a player wins with a class, that class cannot be played again within that match.
    -The losing player can choose to either stay with the same deck, or switch to one of the other two classes.
    -Once a player wins with all three of his or her classes, that player wins the match.

    Come collect your Fireside Cardback if you haven't already, and unlock Nemsy Necrofizzle, a Fireside Gathering exclusive warlock hero!

    See you there!

    RazerStore San Francisco
    865 Market Street, Space 136
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    (415) 546-3136
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