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Help configure chroma discord

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dr_Axton, May 11, 2019.

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  1. Dr_Axton

    Dr_Axton Member

    So, I'm trying to use the discord extention, but it looks like my discord goes into the loop when I sellect "connect to discord events": every 5 seconds I get the "connect to discord ChromaSDK" but nothing changes whether I press cancel or authorize. Any help?
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  2. Razer.Lauriat

    Razer.Lauriat Title: Entitled

    Hmm. Can you share a screenshot of this?
  3. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    You try just to reinstall "connect" module ?
  4. Dr_Axton

    Dr_Axton Member

    there is no error message, just this damn pop up appearing next to instant once I click OK

    I doubt that's an issue because I've reinstalled synapse 3 quite recently and connect works with every other app with no problem

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  5. Barnes36

    Barnes36 New Member

    Reinstalling correct module didn't worked?I m bit surprised if it didn't worked
  6. Dr_Axton

    Dr_Axton Member

    neither synapse nor chromadiscord reinstallation helped

    after reinstallind discord I've noticed that it now does the reopenning animation when the message pops up as well
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  7. Razer.Lauriat

    Razer.Lauriat Title: Entitled

    Are you using Synapse 3? Is the Chroma Discord App enabled under Chroma > Apps?
  8. Dr_Axton

    Dr_Axton Member

    Yes, and the app shows up in synapse
  9. Razer.Lauriat

    Razer.Lauriat Title: Entitled

    Just tried this on my end. The pop-up would indeed keep on reappearing. Sadly, I couldn't figure out what's causing this loop and can only end it by quitting from the system tray. Please send me your e-mail address via PM. I'll have our Dev Team work on this for you.
  10. InfidelEraser

    InfidelEraser New Member

    I am getting the same error, could you keep me updated too please?
  11. Reinstalling correct module didn't worked?
  12. ludo7620

    ludo7620 New Member

    Same problem here
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