Help: Kraken Kitty and Discord Audio Issue

Discussion in 'Audio' started by SteelAlice, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. SteelAlice

    SteelAlice New Member

    Hello Razer Users,
    I recently bought a Kraken Kitty Edition and I love it! Except when trying to talk to people on Discord...
    The mic works great, everyone can hear me, but there is horrific audio crackling and general noise coming through the headset only on my end. All audio sounds good and crisp when I'm simply playing a game or listening to any other audio, but Discord Voice chat is almost painful to use because of the noise. (I even had to mute a game entirely to try and hear my friends better, and it didn't help.)
    I've checked as many of the audio settings as I can, turning some on, turning some off, in both Discord and Synapse. I cannot seem to find the right combination to make the Voice Chat come in clearly.

    Any suggestions?


    Update: I tried using the in-game voice chat function yesterday and got the same exact horrible noise coming through! So it's not just Discord... it's obviously the headset! The whole point of this headset is to be able to talk to others easily, so this is... confusing.
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  2. Valgaut

    Valgaut New Member

    I'm having the same issue with Discord, and there's a thread on the discord forums with people using Razer headphones having the same issue. Volume will get unbearable loud at times. Their "fix" was to uninstall Synapse, but i'm trying to find a correct fix.
  3. ToxicDj

    ToxicDj New Member

    Same problem here No clue whats causing it or how to fix it i also have a Nari ultimate and that Causes 0 issues
    it was the moment i started using my Kraken Kitty Edition that the Audio issues started.
    from loud crackling to even having my mic just cut off when i try to stream a game/browser or my screen
  4. ChloeKyria

    ChloeKyria New Member

    i have the exact same issue. the audio quality is awful on discord, plus i have some added issues. the audio is perfect when i'm just playing games; but as soon as i join a discord call, my in-game audio mutes entirely (unless i set the output audio in-game to the secondary output for the headset, which sounds like it's emitting from a toaster).
    i've been trying to find a solution for ages, but with no luck. glad it's not just me, though
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