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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Iweber81, Oct 8, 2021.

  1. Iweber81

    Iweber81 New Member

    Was hoping you guys could help me decide which laptop model is best for me. I am a console gamer (I know flame away), moving to PC. I was hoping to use this thing for work (video editing), as well as a replacement for my xbox. I want the RTX3080 for obvious reasons but it looks like there are a ton of different display options. I plan to use my Samsung TV as my display so I am not worried about he laptop screen itself but I wasn't sure if one of the models would be better for that. Probably a stupid question, but I am new to PC gaming, sorry. I also would like to be able to charge the thing with a USB-C port, seems like not all models have that capability. I was also looking at the 14 (for the AMD option), but it looks like you cant get more than 16GB of memory, so that may not be an option.

    Next, how does everyone feel about the i7 vs the Ryzen 9 5900HX? It seems like the AMD CPU beats the i7 in almost every benchmark. However, the 14" size and cooling limitations suggest that you would probably get more speed out of the i7 in the 15 Advanced. Not to mention pairing that with and extra 16GB of memory. That said, I really wish Razor would put the AMD in the 15, would make my decision a lot easier.

    Also, some comments on this forum suggest that I should get the 15 Advanced - 11th Gen i7, 32GB, QHD, RTX3080, etc. Those specs are available on two units. RZ09-0409CEA3-R3U1 & RZ09-0409CED3-R3U1. The only difference I can see is the display being 165Hz or 240Hz. Is this worth the extra $100? I am also a little concerned that the specs pages on the 240Hz option list out USB-C with power delivery and the 165Hz option does not. I assume this is just missing information as both options have the same general input - output layout. But I could be wrong here. Also don't see G-Sync on the 165Hz option. Is this correct?

    Lastly, can anyone confirm that the HDMI port is running off the RTX GPU? Or, is it running off the integrated card? I've had issues with this on a non-gaming laptop. You couldn't necessarily run an external monitor or TV off the NVIDIA GPU because the ports were all connected to the integrated card. Thoughts on this?

    Thanks again for everyone's help!
  2. joikansai

    joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    That’s a lot of questions;) Well I can only answer some because I don’t have current advanced model. Nope for gaming Intel still better even on productivity the 11gen finally can compete or even beat AMD. AMD still win though on power efficient since they use 7nm vs intel that’s still on 10nm. That leads to better battery life. However 11gen intel CPUs (not sure if Razer locked it or not) could be undervolted for better thermal and performance that leads to beats 5900HX on synthetic benchmarks like cinebench etc.
    For g sync (I believe it’s not native but adaptive one) I’m not so sure but if it has advanced optimus it’s probably has adaptive sync, since disabling optimus you can get directly performance from gpu on internal monitor, that lead to nvidia control panel for internal monitor setting like resolution, if there’s g sync then it’s adaptive sync panel. So tldr you should have the unit to check it, or from other user with this related unit. Btw advanced 15 has also usb c power delivery like blade 14, but it’s only for charging on light use case like paperwork or browsing that doesn’t wake nvidia gpu, the vbios will limit the performance under usb c power delivery, so it’s laggy for gaming, maybe games like solitaire or chess not.
  3. garrat11

    garrat11 New Member

    To be honest, it is hard to get everything in one laptop. On top of that, you didn't mention your pocket limit because gaming laptops can go heavy on pockets. There are alot of variants in Razer Blade 15. The primary difference you will see would be Refresh Rate, GPU, SSD. The rest is same for all the variants like Intel Core i7-11800H, Screen size, SSD enabled, QHD display. You can grab any of Blade 15 that sets in budget and fulfils your requirement.
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