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[Help] Razer Core suddenly can't run games even on low settings

Discussion in 'Systems' started by The_Problem, Mar 12, 2018.

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  1. The_Problem

    The_Problem New Member

    So one day I hop on my system to play some Overwatch like usual and instead of getting 60 FPS I'm getting around 40 when I don't move anything and as low as 10 when I move the mouse or click on anything. I normally run Overwatch on high settings so I tried changing them to low and still got the same FPS issues. Anybody else having these issues and maybe know of a fix?

    My setup:
    Razer Blade Stealth i5-7200U
    Razer Core with a GTX 1060 3gb

    I'm running everything off on an external monitor so loop back shouldn't be an issue and have the most recent Intel and nvidia drivers and Windows 10 update 1709. Also spent at least 6 hours talking to support over the last few days which was my worst experience with Razer Support I have ever had. They couldn't figure out what was wrong and kept asking me what the problem was and kept asking me to try the same things over and over again.
  2. HyperZetflix

    HyperZetflix New Member

    Do you try to reinsert your GPU???
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