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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by SquidTrooper, Jul 26, 2015.

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  1. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    Hello! I have returned!

    First of all, I would like to apologise for my absence on razer insider. I missed this place, I have had a very upsetting and depressing time outside of insider and I think it's about time I returned here.

    OK, so on with my question. What do you think of this 'Future Proof' PC build?

    If you see any improvements you think I could make, please let me know.

    BTW the overkill power supply is for later, I am planning SLI on the GPU. (please let me know your thoughts on that)

    My main concern is about the 4 SSDs in RAID 0. I have been doing lots of research on this. As you can see, I already have an SSD lying around and I am planning to use it in RAID 0 with others. I realise the risk of disk failure so is it worth adding a fourth? I would like to keep the space and preferably act all as one drive, I know adding a fourth won't do a lot and may not be worth it, but I do want the space and simplicity for acting as one drive. Anyway, you get the point, any experts know what should I do? Either use it in RAID 0 or ditch the fourth and just get 3, maybe even 2.

    Also buying 2 500gb SSDs isn't as easy, I already have one 250gb SSD and it's VERY hard to combine different types/capacities of SSD.

    Just got the red LED fans for bling factor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Thanks a ton. It's good to be back.
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  2. Alfihar

    Alfihar Member

    What are you doing with your computer which requires you to run SSD's in RAID?
    For general tasks and gaming this won't help much at-all, though for some things like video editing it can help a lot if you are working at high resolutions.

    Alternatively if you really need to have a lot of fast storage then running several SSD's may be worth it.

    Regarding the fans, you might not need to bother with putting fans in every possible position. As the top fan position (3x 120mm or 2x 140mm) is meant for a radiator and comes with a cover, so you shouldn't need to put fans there.

    You could just have 3x 120mm for the front intake and 1x 140mm for the exhaust, which should also give you positive pressure inside the case so dust isn't sucked in through gaps. Having fewer fans also means it should be a bit quieter.

    For the GPU and regarding SLI, what screen resolution will you be playing games at?
    As this would determine whether it's worth bothering with SLI or not.
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  3. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    Well, I have been making 3D games, which requires some power. My PC at the moment just isn't cutting it. I mainly want to obliterate the loading times for the transfers of those large files. One SSD for me hasn't quite cut it so far.

    For the fans, it was mainly just for more red lights cos they were cheap. I know, it's kind of a guilty pleasure. Thanks for pointing out that fact. Will update.

    I will be using a 4k monitor for this. Also, as I say, this is meant to be a 'future proof' gaming PC. I gave it a huge power supply in case of 3 way SLI for later, instead of chucking out the old power supply and all the money spent along with it. But it's probably not worth getting THAT large a power supply if it won't be for a while. I probably won't ever be going over a 2 way SLI so I will update that too. A singular GPU is fine for now

    Thanks for the reply.
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  4. Alfihar

    Alfihar Member

    Fair enough, sounds like you could do with them then.
    Just remember, make sure you have some automated way of backing up to a separate drive.

    I'd guessed that. You can also always add more later if needed.

    As you are going 4k, then you can benefit from SLI so it makes more sense.

    Yeah that power supply was probably a bit over specced.
    Though I did the same with my system (though I'll never be going SLI/Crossfire) as I bought a 760W high efficiency supply, but this was primarily so that the fan inside it doesn't turn on as the power consumption never gets anywhere close to the 70% threshold.
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  5. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Over specced? HA! I went with an Ax1200 PSU in my build, I'm dreaming of SLI at some point but not anytime soon.

    Looks like a good build, how about two 970 or 980 gtx cards in SLI instead of a single Ti?
  6. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    What about the Razer H440 case? I think it's amazing and given the fact we're on a Razer forum I assume you will too :)
  7. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    I know, that would be cool, but I personally prefer the red look. This was also £40 cheaper. I will be buying a blackwidow chroma stealth later (hopefully) for a more red setup. Just a personal preference.
  8. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    The VRAM will be important in future, that's really the main role of the card in most PC builds. Especially in 4K games. If I was doing 1080p gaming, SLI for GTX 970 would likely be a better investment.
  9. Alfihar

    Alfihar Member

    Well look at it this way. An Nvidia GTX 980 Ti/GTX Titan X consumes at most 250W,
    and they recommend at-least a 600W power supply for a single card however this is assuming the worst regarding all the other parts of the system.

    So for a Dual GPU system with 2x GTX 980 Ti/GTX Titan X you are probably looking at 850W maximum, though realistically you will almost certainly never get anywhere near that.

    You could step down to a GTX 980 with it's draw at maximum of 165W, or even a GTX 970 at 145W.

    How about a quad SLI setup then, well Nvidia recommends a minimum 1100W (though they list 1200W and 1500W models as well) power supply but that is for GTX 590's which use more power, so for a quad SLI system with GTX 980 Ti/GTX Titan X cards you should be able to use a lower rated power supply. Though to be honest this does feel like it's a bit low, so I'd be interested to see how much power a real world quad SLI setup with modern GPU's actually uses.

    I don't know how well these are calculated, but I'll put this link here anyway, which has a nice list of the power requirements for various systems containing single, dual, triple and quad SLI setups for a large selection of cards. To me this feels a little better than the Nvidia recommended PSU's which seemed a little low for quad SLI.

    Though at-least there aren't really many downsides to over-speccing the power supply,
    the only things are the additional cost, some of them are physically larger and that for a lot of the time (due to PC's not using much power when idling) the PSU won't be running as efficiently due to the small load.

    So I guess whether it's overkill of not depends really on how many graphics cards you think you'll be using. Going Crossfire with AMD would also require higher wattage power supplies.
  10. skythunder_no_id

    skythunder_no_id New Member

    My Rig is : GTX 970 16 GB RAM 500 GB SSD Intel Core i7 4x 3.6 GHZ And all dad shiz

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  11. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    I would go for a motherboard that has support for more SLI. Also, more spaced out PCIE slots for larger cards. Other than that, you have a very future-proof PC, having such a great GPU and SLI possibility.
  12. greatking0527

    greatking0527 Active Member

    Damn, soo much memory. You have like 4 ssds and another 3 tb hhd
    Have you consider using cpu or gpu liquid colling? Everything seems good!
  13. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    I have, I didn't want the maintenence requirement of a custom loop and I thought I could do better with a custom cooler GPU build overclocked by default than any kind of water cooling really.

    But yes, after doing more research on my components, I think it is worth water cooling my CPU. I will update it with a Kraken x61.
  14. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    The case only supports maximum 3 way SLI as it isn't full ATX sized and I don't really need anything else for the PCI slots. Thanks anyway.
  15. Neutrinos

    Neutrinos Active Member

    I think it isn't worth it to RAID 0 four SSD's, not only is it ineffective for the price, but also dangerous since you are increasing the risk for data loss in case one or more drives fail.
    If you've got the money, I think you should go for a PCI-E SSD.
    The main things you should be concerned about for future proofing your PC is getting the fastest CPU, GPU, RAM, and SSD you can afford, but just be careful when putting consumer grade solid state drives in RAID, as losing important data due to failure can be devastating.
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