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High Fiving at LAN events and other meetups

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Spencer Lievens, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. Really looking forward to not having to note down gamertags and other information when meeting new gamers and instead just a simple high five to exchange data between the Naga X, amazing!!!

    I am not even interested in the calories, steps and fitness side of things but simply the gaming/social elements. This is the first smart wristband device that has not only interested me but made me want one, well done Razer.
  2. Yeah I think this could be a thing, If you see a other Nabu users. It is easy and neat
  3. I wonder how data transfer is handed? USB? Wireless? What is the storage capacity? Is there a limit on what data can be held on the device? Can it be just any files?
  4. You could have a gamer "CV" that you can share for other players to see your skill level, inventory on Steam, games you have etc.
  5. tauzins

    tauzins New Member

    i find it interesting that people find this so interesting as a selling point for the device.... no offense.
  6. What would you consider selling points tauzins?
  7. soloSunnyreview908

    soloSunnyreview908 New Member

    I think most people are looking for the fitness aspect.. Even gamers are not those fat type of WoW guy anymore. I am looking for the social aspect aswell, hoping lots of people nearby are getting one.
  8. I appreciate the fitness element but there are already a number of fitness smart devices available. I am more interested in gaming elements and other related functions. I mean, Razer is a gaming peripheral/device company.
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