How do you deal (or not) with Bad Manner Players/Gamers?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by Adrestia716, Jan 22, 2015.

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  1. I tend to just mute the players that troll and think its funny to annoy everyone. It usually works pretty well :)
  2. Pretend the enter button on my keyboard is not working and just not reply them.
  3. RhosKW

    RhosKW New Member

    I will just troll them back.
  4. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    Ignore/mute, and hit report and move on. But sometimes in mmos if they annoy me too much I start kiting high lvl mobs at them
  5. Because of that I rarely play with people outside of my guild let alone go on voice-chat...
    Otherwise I just ignore them and only report them if they push it too far. I don't want to give them the satisfaction of spoiling my fun. ;)
  6. Rodetovenaar

    Rodetovenaar Active Member

    I tend to avoid games where I know it's prevalent, which is sad, since that is a lot of competitive games. Muting works, but, I will also usually report them. Then I just find another game to go play.
  7. Razer|Chrono_xf_rzr

    Razer|Chrono_xf_rzr Member Staff Member

    In Dota2, I usually use the "mute all chat" function, which is really bad since I won't be receiving messages from my other teammates too :slightly_sad:
  8. firstknight

    firstknight Member

    Mute them and enjoy the game...
  9. unli355

    unli355 New Member

    I actually find league to be one of the less toxic games, in my personal expirience i've been flammed in cs, dota and even minecraft way more then lol.
    Most of the times when theres a toxic player, theres always others defending you.
    Even when i played for the first time ive managed to play with supportive players that helped me. Maybe i'm just lucky with queues.
  10. VelocityRed

    VelocityRed Active Member

    Ignore and/or mute. Not worth the time to deal with these people.
  11. BobbyMike

    BobbyMike Member

    My strategy is to first mute the offensive one, then if it continues and affects game play I find another server. Life is too short to have to deal with jerks. I play games to have fun, not get pissed.

    When I was an admin (on a TF2 server) I felt like I spent half my time banning cheaters and jerks. Blech.
  12. Barefeats

    Barefeats Member

    Ya in league mute button is your friend, the biggest problem league has is its own popularity. The fact that it is so popular means you get a lot of the kind of people who would never have played the game if it never got so popular and with those people you tend to get the people who don't treat the game as the game but terrorizing the players as the game, hence... ELO hell... came to be
  13. Have a good laugh at them, maybe give them a good serving. Get some great banter going!
  14. This is a very interesting topic, both in a social and in a professional way, since it concerns a huge and colorfully mixed slice of the community of gamers. Most of the times, our ideal would be playing (a multiplayer game, that is) with people around our age or at least mental age, we expect them to be as mature as we are, but occasionally, often depending on the specific game's community, our expectations drop low.

    Socially speaking, there are too many things to consider to deeply go through the psychology of a "toxic player", although aside from understanding, which is not something we're called to do, dealing with them is still somehow an inevitable priority.

    Personally, as long as the game environment is stable and not disrupted in its equilibrium, there's no real reason to act against every single word, but there's a potential reason to politely state an opinion followed by a proper solution on the matter discussed. In case of harassment however things are a bit different.
    If the matter is something personally addressed, or if the harassment is actually poisoning the community, a polite warning plus an actual report is supposed to be the most appropriate way of dealing with it.
    You don't need mercy or pity, just politeness and honesty as long as the words to express them (forgive any hints of chivalry).

    And again, as many of you already know, not everyone will have ears to listen or eyes to read your words, but stating the issue, at least before reporting, is still (personally) better if not more polite, that keeping any silence, respecting everyone involved.
    This will also encourage criticism and heal potential bad behaviors by developing a general sense of awareness, instead of spreading hate.

    This might not be easy for everyone, but as some of these people are dedicated to their miserable cause, sometimes even ignoring them won't be enough; this just because we players answer for all of those who reacted to the "toxic" provocation in a bad way, fueling their mindset.
    And aside from any supposed rage, don't let your finger or mouth slip out of your control, you're in charge and you have all the rights to stand for yourself and the others.
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  15. couchstyle

    couchstyle Active Member

    I laugh at them, rage just fuels gameplay sometimes. Honestly once you stop caring about a game and stop taking it so seriously, anything people say or call you just melts off.
    And when that happens the game becomes far more enjoyable and even more entertaining.
  16. original2k

    original2k Member

    so i pretty much avoid games that draw those kind of players, to me it takes away from the experience of the game, so if i really enjoy the game, i'll just mute offensive players myself, i pretty much never use a mic.

    i grew up when arcades still existed, it's really funny how reckless people talk online in comparison. i just think of all the people you run into at an arcade, you may get some fun gamesmanship but never a direct, ignorant and offensive threat or personal attack.

    i'm in the mindset that you just have to be above that stuff, i don't have time to argue with a person i don't know or can't see, so i don't let them hurt my gaming experience
  17. SH4D0WZ0MB1E

    SH4D0WZ0MB1E Active Member

    First off, OMG that video at 6:30 -_-

    Now on to the topic at hand. While I do believe that trash talk is part of any competitive environment, there is a line that you shouldn't cross. If I run into people that are just being arrogant a**hats or are yelling at people I usually just ignore them. I try to stick up for the other players when I can.

    I also have a pretty good troll-sense and I just ignore them and also tell everyone else to ignore them as they are just trying to start arguments and get a reaction out of people because they want the attention. If there is a report feature I use that as well.

    I will admit that sometimes I do troll the trolls/ragers. I remember this one time in LoL this player was trying to rage at me, but he was using a bunch of spelling mistakes and grammar errors that didn't allow him to make much sense. So I called him out on it by acting all confused and had him looking like an idiot.
  18. Dont even respond, the minute you do, you lose. Their whole gameplan is to make you respond, then they have you. If you play along and act confused (like in your whore comment), your just as guilty. Ignore/mute immediately. In all honesty though, the minute you want to take peoples right to be an asshole away, you become worse than them.

    in LOL for example, i have the /all chat turned off, as its always just trash talking, which i cant be bothered with. If someone on my team is being an asshat, I either ignore them or mute them. I used to troll them back, but that ruins the game for everyeone else.

    One thing in your original post that bothered me, Cheese builds in SC are NOT bad manner. They are legitimate strategies that either win or lose the game right there. Trying to win a game using the mechanics of said game can not be BM.
  19. SH4D0WZ0MB1E

    SH4D0WZ0MB1E Active Member

    Um...I don't quite get what you are trying to say. We should allow people to act like a**hats? How does that solve anything?
  20. Freedom of speech. If you want to take that away, you might as well go burn some books.
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